Top 5 Zinc Manufacturers In India Updated List 2022

Are you looking for Best Zinc Manufacturers in India? In this article, I have listed some of the best companies after thorough research on the web and various portals.

The demand for zinc is growing very rapidly, as zinc is used to manufacture batteries, paints, rubber, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, inks, soaps, and many other things.

More than 70% of zinc is extracted through mines and 30% of zinc is extracted through recycling. The largest producer of zinc in the world is Nyrstar, a company that works with an Australian company. And Hindustan Zinc is World’s 2nd and India’s Largest Zinc Producer.

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Zinc Industry In India 2022

Before starting the list, let’s know some industry research on the Zinc Industry In India. India exported more than $700 Million worth of Zinc in FY 2020-21.

According to the report, India produces about 1.35 million metric tonnes of zinc on an annual basis. The major use of zinc is to prevent corrosion.

In India, only Hindustan Zinc produces 12 Million Tones of Zinc annually.

Automobile and Electronic equipment manufacturing companies use Zinc for coating their materials. So, that they can protect the products from early spoilage.

Largest Zinc Mines In India

There are hundreds of small and big zinc mines in India. Rajasthan is the second region in the world where major-quality zinc is found along with high-quality zinc ore.

Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, and Maharashtra These regions in India produce 98% of the lead and zinc in India.

1. Rampura Agucha Mine (Biggest Zinc Mine In India)

Rampura Agucha Mine
Rampura Agucha Mine

The Rampura Agucha Mine is India’s largest and the world’s 2nd largest Lead and Zinc producing mine. It is located in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. 88% of Zinc in India is extracted from this mine.

The average mining of Zinc from this mine is about 6.15 million tonnes per annum. The primary mining of Zinc in this mine is underground and open-cast.

2. Sindesar Khurd Mine

Sindesar Khurd Mine
Sindesar Khurd Mine

The Sindesar Khurd mine is a 90% underground silver and zinc mine area. The mine produces an average of 5.1 million tonnes of zinc annually. As per exhaustive research, the expected silver and zine ore in this mine is 37.3 million metric tonnes.

Sindhesar Khurd Mine is located at Fatehnagar, Dariba Road, Mataji Ka Khera, Rajasthan, India. Also, the production of zine ore at this mine continues to grow, with the total mining expected to increase by 7 million tonnes in the coming year.

3. Zawar Mine

Zawar Mine
Zawar Mine

Zawar Mines is a group of 4 mines in the lead and zinc-producing region. The mine is located in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The total zinc ore in this mine is estimated to be 84 million metric tonnes.

The total zinc ore extracted from this mine in FT 2020 is 4 million tonnes. The mine has several expansions under process, which are expected to produce 8 million tonnes of zinc annually over the next five years. Also, an 80 MW thermal power plant is located in the area.

What Company Produces Zinc List 2022 Updated

Zinc Producers In IndiaTotal CapacityFounded In
Hindustan Zinc (HZL)117,738 crore1979
Ambuja Zinc LTD.10 crore1987
Mewat Zinc LTD.9 crore1991
Rose Zinc LTD.1.89 crore1990
Sunrise Zinc LTD1.35 crore1993

5 Zinc Manufacturers In India List

There are hundreds of zinc miners in India. But only a few companies are legal and large zinc manufacturers in India. After doing a lot of in-depth research on different companies. I have short-listed some big companies on this list.

Also, if you have any kind of suggestions or questions regarding this list, kindly comment below. I always try to reply to each and every comment. Now, let’s start the list.

01. Hindustan Zinc (HZL)

Hindustan Zinc Limited is India’s largest and second-largest zinc producer in the world. Also, Hindustan Zinc has a major monopoly in this industry. In India, only Hindustan Zinc produces 78% of zinc. The company’s total zinc production capacity is about 12 million tonnes per annum. The total current market capitalization of the company is 117,738 crore.

I have already told you above, that Rajasthan is the largest zinc-producing region in India. The company’s mines are located in all the four largest mines of Rajasthan, namely Rampura Agucha, Sindesar Khurd, Rajpura Dariba, and Jawar.

The company was started by the Indian Government. After that, the company was sold to Vedanta Limited in 2003. 64.9% of the stake of Hindustan Zinc Limited own by Vedanta Limited and 29.5% stake own by the Indian government.

Vedanta Limited is an Indian company started in the year 1979 and it is the largest mining company in India for Zinc, Crude oil, Iron ore, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Electric power.

02. Mewat Zinc LTD.

Mewat Zinc Limited is the producer of Zinc, Zinc ingots and sheets and zinc oxide, and other Alloys. It is an Indian privately owned company started in 1991 and own by Jai Prakash Gupta who have more then 36 years of experience on Business and Industry.

The company have total market capitalization is about nine crores. Also, the company is listed on BSE 513496.

03. Ambuja Zinc LTD.

Ambuja Zinc is an India based no-government company started in 1987. It is a non-listed public company headquartered in Patna Bihar. It is a Zinc producers in India, manufactures various types of Coating, Paint and Zinc sheet for various purposes.

According to the company, the total market capitalization is about 10 crore. The company produces 6.8% of Zinc of the total zinc production in India. The company received 3.96 crore paid-up capital in the exchange of 39.6% shares.

04. Rose Zinc LTD.

Rose Zinc LTD is an Indian company that started in 1990 and is headquartered in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The company produces Electrolytic Zinc. According to the company, the total turnover per year of the company is about 50 lakh.

The company manufactures various materials like Zinc Ingots, Zinc Sulphate, Mono Zinc Sulphate, Zinc Alloy Ingots and other integrated zinc products. Majorly, the company produces Zinc from recycling method.

05. Sunrise Zinc LTD

Sunrise Zinc Ltd is a privately owned Indian Zinc products manufacturing company stared in 1993 form Goa. The company mainly manufactures non-ferrous products, electrolytic zinc, 1100 TPA of copper sulphate, 3500 TPA of G.O.B. zinc.

According to the company, the total market capitalization is about 1.35 crore. The company is listed on BSE-531345 and NSE-INE541D01019. The current share price of the company is between 1 to 2.5 rupees.


How many zinc companies are there in India?

There are 4-5 big zinc producers in India which hold 99% of the total Zinc production. By the way, Hindustan Zinc is India’s largest Zinc producer.

What is the price of Zinc?

There are various forms of Zinc are available for various purposes. According to various companies, the recent price of Zinc Ingots is between 255 to 400 rupees per kg in India.

Is Hindustan Zinc a monopoly?

Yes, 78% of the total zinc production in India holds by Hindustan Zinc Limited. Also, it is the 2nd largest Zinc producing company in the World.

Which countries are rich in Zinc?

China is the largest Zinc producing country in the World.

What is zinc used for the Industry?

The major use of Zinc is for coating iron products to prevent corrosion.

Final Words

Mining is the process by which we extract various useful elements from the earth. But the ming process is so harmful to our environment and to workers who work in the mines. That’s why the mining industry is very limited in India legally. Creating a mining process takes lots of research and paperwork from the Government.

Only 4-5 companies in India that produce Zinc in India who is approved by the Indian Government. Hindustan Zinc Limited has a monopoly in Zinc production in India.

I hope you like this Zinc Manufacturers in India list, if you have any kind of queries do let me know in the below comment also share the list with your friend and social media.

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