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Wipro Limited Business Profile

The 80+ industry solutions and IPs, robust alliances with technology dealers, and undisputed global presence allow them to do what’s in the best interest of their clients. Hence, providing a base for your business. Go through the company profile below.

Introduction of Wipro Limited

Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational company rendering innovation-led strategy, technology, and business consulting services to various organizations. The company was established in 1945 by M.H Hasham Premji, now headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Wipro’s Application Strats (Asset Management Services) are at the high-end of cloud, mobile, and analytics to create dynamic, scalable, and effective digital solutions.

The company is recognized globally by International Financial Corporation (IFC), The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and Institutional Investor Advisory Services (IiAS) for its top ‘Leadership’ Category in Governance practices, a strong commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship in 2022.

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How Wipro Limited Started

In 1945, the budding family oil-making business actually took the shape of a professional and diversified company.

1945 – 1965
As part of the family business, M.H Hasham Premji expanded the grain trade by opening a manufacturing facility. Commenced his first project “Western India Vegetable Products” along with the support of his wife, Dr Gulbanoo Premji, who acted as the Chairperson during the era.

1966 – 1978
After Mohamedhusain, his son, Azim H. Premji, was called to take charge of the management. Western India Vegetable Products was at its peak, shifting in the heart of Bombay. The company formally registered itself and was abbreviated to Wipro.

1979 – 1990
In August 1979, a small team of Infotech specialists were recruited by Wipro. By 1989, Wipro had expanded its product line to include computer systems, consumer products and industrial equipment.

1991 – 2005
Wipro partnered with several IT services and leading technology companies. In 2000, Wipro had its first one billion-dollar revenue, enlisted on the New York Stock Exchange, and shifted its headquarters to Bangalore.

2006 Onwards
Since the millennium began, Wipro’s growth has been characterized by major acquisitions, investments, and technical innovations. In July 2020, Delaporte was appointed CEO. The company is now celebrating its 75th Anniversary of the making.

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About Wipro Limited Founder and Their Team

Wipro was established around 75 years ago by Muhammed Hashim Premji, a prominent businessman and was titled “Rice King of Burma. Following is their leadership team:

Executive Directors

Rishad Premji (Executive Chairman)

Thierry Delaporte (Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director)

Non-Executive, Non Independent Director

Azim H. Premji (Founder Chairman)

Independent Directors

  • Ireena Vittal
  • Tulsi Naidu
  • Patrick Dupuis
  • Päivi Rekonen
  • Patrick J. Ennis
  • Deepak M Satwalekar

Wipro Limited Revenue and Products

The annual revenue of Wipro as of 2022 is USD 10.4 BN (FY22 REVENUE). 

Wipro mainly deals in product engineering, business processes and IT services expertise in order to provide high-quality software services to its clients. 

It also indulges in Game Engineering, Art Work, Game Localization and Personalization, Verification and Platform Migration.


  • Applications
  • Artificial & Augmented Intelligence
  • Business Process
  • Business Solutions
  • Cloud
  • Consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data & Analytics
  • Design & Experience
  • Digital Marketing & Interaction
  • Engineering
  • Infrastructure
  • Sustainability
  • Talent Cloud

All Subsidiaries of Wipro Updated 2023

Below are the subsidiaries of Wipro 2021-2022:

  • Appirio, K.K
  • Capco (Canada) LP
  • Cloudsocius DMCC
  • Designit AS
  • Designit Colombia SAS
  • Designit Denmark AS
  • Designit Germany GmbH
  • Designit North America, Inc
  • Designit Oslo AS
  • Designit Peru SAC
  • Designit Spain Digital, S.L.
  • Designit Sweden AB
  • Designit T.L.V Ltd.
  • Designit Tokyo Ltd
  • HealthPlan Services Insurance Agency, LLC
  • Healthplan Services, Inc
  • Infocrossing, LLC
  • International TechneGroup Incorporated
  • International TechneGroup Ltd
  • International Technegroup S.R.L
  • ITI Proficiency Ltd
  • Mech Works S.R.L.
  • Rainbow Software LLC
  • Rational Consulting Australia Pty Ltd
  • The Wipro SA Broad Based Ownership Scheme Trust
  • Topcoder, LLC.
  • Wipro 4C Danmark ApS
  • Wipro 4C NL(4C Nederland B.V)
  • Wipro Appirio (Ireland) Limited
  • Wipro Appirio, Inc
  • Wipro Appirio UK Limited
  • Wipro Arabia Co. Limited
  • Wipro Bahrain Limited Co. W.L.L
  • Wipro Chengdu Limited
  • Wipro Corporate Technologies Ghana Limited
  • Wipro Dalian Limited
  • Wipro Designit Services Inc. (Former name – Rational Interaction, Inc.)
  • Wipro Designit Services Limited
  • Wipro do Brasil Servicos de Tecnologia Ltda
  • Wipro do Brasil Servicos Ltda(Formerly IVIA Servicos De Informatica Ltda)
  • Wipro Do Brasil Sistemetas De Informatica Ltd
  • Wipro do Brasil Technologia Ltda
  • Wipro Doha LLC
  • WIPRO Europe Limited
  • WIPRO Financial Services UK Limited
  • Wipro Gallagher Solutions Inc
  • Wipro Holdings Hungary Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
  • Wipro Holdings Investment Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
  • Wipro Holdings UK Limited
  • Wipro Information Technology Egypt SAE
  • Wipro Information Technology Kazakhstan LLP
  • Wipro Information Technology Netherlands B.V
  • Wipro Insurance Solutions LLC
  • Wipro IT Services Bangladesh Limited
  • Wipro IT Services Austria GmbH
  • Wipro IT Services Poland SP Z.O.O
  • Wipro IT Services SRL
  • Wipro IT Services Ukraine LLC
  • Wipro Japan KK
  • Wipro Networks Pte Limited (formerly 3D Networks Pte Limited)
  • Wipro Opus Risk Solutions LLC
  • Wipro Outsourcing Services (Ireland) Limited
  • Wipro Overseas IT Services Pvt Ltd
  • Wipro Philippines Inc
  • Wipro Promax Analytics Solutions Americas, LLC
  • Wipro SA Broad-Based Ownership Scheme SPV (Rf) (Pty) Ltd
  • Wipro Shanghai Limited
  • Wipro Gulf LLC
  • Wipro Poland SP Z.O.O
  • Wipro Solutions Canada Limited
  • Wipro Technologies Australia Pty Ltd
  • Wipro Technologies Limited
  • Wipro Technologies Peru SAC
  • Wipro Technologies S.A
  • Wipro Technologies S.RL
  • Wipro Technologies SA DE C V
  • Wipro Technologies SDN BHD
  • Wipro Technologies VZ CA
  • Wipro Technologies WT Sociedad Anonima
  • Wipro Technology Chile SPA
  • Wipro Trademarks Holding Limited
  • WIPRO UK Limited
  • Wipro VLSI Design Services LLC (Formerly known as Eximius Design LLC)
  • Wipro Weare4C UK Limited
  • Women’s Business Park Technologies Limited
  • Encore Theme Technologies Private Limited
  • PT WT Indonesia
  • Wipro 4C Consulting France SAS
  • Wipro 4C NV
  • Wipro IT Services UK Societas
  • Wipro Portugal SA
  • Wipro Technologies Nigeria Limited
  • Wipro Travel Services Limited
  • WIPRO VLSI Design Services India Private Limited
  • Wipro HR Services India Private Limited
  • Wipro LLC
  • Wipro (Thailand) Co Limited
  • Wipro IT Services LLC
  • Wipro Technologies South Africa (Proprietary) Limited

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All Types Of Jobs Opportunities On Tata Consultancy Services

Looking for challenging opportunities to actualize your burning desire to excel in IT? Wipro is the place for you. That’s just the beginning of what Wipro can offer you in a career.

Wipro has over 2,40,000+ Employees worldwide, and 1,110+ Clients Served in 67 Countries with a Gender Ratio of 64% Men and 36% Women.


  • Technology Careers
  • Delivery Careers
  • Digital Careers
  • Consulting Careers
  • Sales Careers
  • Digital Operations & Platforms
  • Corporate Functions Careers

Check out their website careers.wipro.com to apply for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Wipro Limited

What is the main work of Wipro?

Wipro Ltd is an Indian IT firm offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services around the world.

What is the full form of Wipro?

Western India Palm Refined Oils Limited.

Who is the CEO of Wipro?

Thierry Delaporte (6 Jul 2020)

Is the job secure in Wipro?

Employees say it’s a pleasure to work at Wipro. Dedicated to the needs of its employees with a great HR policy. Ensures work-life balance and 100% job security for every employee.

Does Wipro have a dress code?

Yes, except for Fridays when smart casuals are permitted.

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