United States Best Propane Companies

By Vishal Mathur

Top 10 Best Propane Companies in USA 2022

Propane is a valuable energy source that finds various uses in our day-to-day life for household, commercial and industrial needs. It is extensively used for space and water heating, cooking, refrigeration, metal melting, warehousing, and as fuel for farm irrigation engines, vehicles, and buses, to list a few. And to top it off, propane is readily available and safe for the environment. Take a look at the "Top 10 Propane Companies in the United States in 2022."


AmeriGas is the biggest propane provider in the United States. They offer propane tank installation, construction, recertification, and system maintenance and repair services. The company is available round the clock in case of emergencies. They provide flexible propane delivery options including automatic delivery, will-call delivery, and fixed cycle delivery.


Ferrellgas provides solutions that suit the needs of homeowners and businesses. They offer the option to purchase or rent aboveground and underground tanks as per market prices. Delivery options include auto-fill with digital tank monitoring and will-call delivery.

Blossman Gas Inc.

Blossman Gas is an industry-leading family-owned propane company with 78 outlets across the nation. Propane tank installation, leak testing, and system inspections are some of the services they offer. They have several pricing options, listed as follows: fixed pricing, market pricing, and budget planning.

Lakes Gas Co.

Lakes Gas is the largest propane provider for residential, commercial, and agricultural needs in the Midwest. There are three delivery options available- skipping a delivery, automatic delivery, and will-call delivery. The company offers a Gas System Safety Inspection (GSSI) at the time of propane tank installation.

Suburban Propane Partners

Suburban Propane has over 90 years of experience providing propane, heating oil, refined fuels, natural gas, and electricity. They offer 24/7/365 emergency service, free automatic delivery, and a budget payment plan with no extra enrollment fees.


MFA Oil is a farmer-owned cooperative that has been up and running since 1929. They are a full-service propane provider so you don't have to worry about maintenance and repair of your propane tanks. All of their employees go through propane safety training and have state certifications.


CHS distributes fuel under the brand name Cenex in 19 Midwestern and Western States. They also supply fuel and lubricants in addition to providing propane. The Cenex Electronic Tank Monitoring Service sends the signal to the company when it is time to refill the tank and also lets you check the propane tank level electronically.

United Propane Gas

United Propane Gas is a Kentucky-based company that has 67 outlets in 12 states covering the Midwest Region. They have a toll-free emergency service number available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company also offers financing options when buying a tank from them.

Paraco Gas

The company dates to 1968 when it first started as a welding and gas supplier in the New York City area. The company places a heavy emphasis on safety, which is its top priority. All the members of their in-house team are members of the National Propane Gas Association and undergo extensive safety training.


ThompsonGas is among the top 10 propane providers to residential and commercial customers in the United States. It offers wireless tank monitoring services, 24/7 emergency service, and flexible delivery options nationwide.

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