[Top 5 In 2022] Airlines Company In India

1. IndiGo Limited

Indigo Limited is an Indian airline company started in 2006, headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Indigo is one of the largest airline companies in India. Which provides most of the domestic passenger services. According to the company, it operates over 1500 flights per day covering 70 domestic destinations and 24 international destinations.

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2. Air India Limited

Air India Limited is an Indian airline company which was started in 1946 and run by the Indian Government. The company was started by J.R.D Tata in 1932 for personal passenger airline service provider and after using it for a few years, the company was owned by the Government of India in 1946.

3. SpiceJet Limited

SpiceJet Limited is an Indian airline company which was started in 2005. It provides low cost airline services to the passengers and about 630 flights are flown by this company daily and covers about 64 destinations in which 54 are domestic and 15 are international. It is the second largest airline company in India, which is the largest passenger service provides airline in India.

4. Go First

Go First is an India based airline company which was started in 2005 by Wadia Group. It is one of the fifth largest airline companies in India with an overall passenger market share of 9%. It is one of the cheapest airline service provider and has over 330 flights per day covering 36 destinations including 27 domestic and 9 international destinations.

5. AirAsia Investment Limited

AirAsia Investment Limited is an Indian airline company which was started in 2014 and Tata Sons holds about 83.67% stake and the remaining 16.33% share is owned by a Malaysian company. It provides domestic and international airline services and about 7.2% of total passenger market share in India.