Top 10 Jute Bags Manufacturers In India 2022

Krishna Jute Bag

Krishna Jute Bag Co. is one of the top best jute bag manufacturers in India that has been producing and exporting high-quality jute goods ever since it was founded.

Nuzhat Jute Bags

With an experience of more than 12+ years, Nuzhat Jute Bags was started in 2010.

Prince Bag House

This family-owned business, known as Prince Bag House was founded in Pune in 1998.

Jamia Jute Bags

Jamia Jute Bags was founded in 2014 and specializes in bags made of jute.

Rays Handcrafts

The draw of the world is Indian handicrafts. Handcrafted things are those created using environmentally friendly materials, natural fibers, and creative designs and applications.

PM Jute Industries

Products made of jute have gained popularity since they are durable and accessible at low costs. PM Jute Industries was established in Satara, Maharashtra, India, in 2019.

Bangalore Fort Farm

Bangalore Fort Farm Limited was founded in Bangalore in 1966 and is famous for manufacturing jute bags of the highest quality.

Raj Packaging

Raj Packaging was founded in 1997 and is a well-known manufacturer of nonwoven bags, jute bags, canvas bags, cotton bags, and other types of bags.

Gloster Limited

Jute manufacturing has been a focus of Gloster Limited since its founding in 1913. The business exports all of the Jute & Jute Allied Products that are produced.

Sun Jute Bag

Sun Jute Bag Manufacturers is one of the top jute bag manufacturing companies in India.

Jute Bags Manufacturers In India