10 Seed Companies In India [2022]

Agriculture is the oldest source of food for human civilization.

1. Advanta India Limited

Advanta India Limited is seed producing company in India that started in 1994 in Mumbai.

2. JK Agri Genetics Ltd.

JK Agri Genetics Limited is an Indian hybrid seed production company that was started in 1989.

3. Agro Biotech International Exports Pvt. Ltd.

It is an Indian multination seed producer company established in the year of 2010 from Kerala.

4. Ajeet Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

Ajeet Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian seed-producing company started in 1986 from Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

5. Ajinkya Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

Ajinkya Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is an India-based seed-producing company established in the year of 1999.

How many seed companies are there in India?

There are hundreds of seed-producing companies in India. Some are private companies and some are government-owned companies.

Which company seeds are best?

According to the market share and the presence of the company, Advanta India Limited, and JK Agri Genetics Ltd. are the leading companies in India in the hybrid seed sector.

Who owns Monsanto?

Monsanto is an American agrochemical company stated in the year 1991 in the USA.