Top 10 Logistics Companies in India 2022

The list given below is going to help you look out for top logistics companies in India.

Aramex Logistics

Aramex is said to be one of the best logistics companies in India.

Mahindra Logistics

Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL) provides tech-based solutions for logistic needs.

GATI Logistics

GATI Limited is a pioneer in express distribution services in India.

Allcargo Logistics

Allcargo Logistics has its headquarters in Mumbai and is known for having an extensive global network.

Delhivery Logistics

Delhivery Logistics is one of the most popular and largest Logistics providers in India.

Aegis Logistics

Aegis Logistics highly provides services to India’s oil chemical and gas industries.

DHL Logistics

DHL is known as the global leader in the Logistics market.

Container Corporation of India

Also known as CONCOR, it is one of the top logistics companies in India.

Safexpress Logistics

Safexpress Logistics is an old name in the market serving this industry for the past 2 decades since 1995.

B2B Logistics

B2B Logistics is a leading logistic and freight company in India.