[Top 10 In 2022] Glass Companies in India

The list given below is going to help you look out for glass companies in India.

1. Asahi Glass

Asahi Glass, also known as AIS, is a big name in the Indian market for glass manufacturing.

2. FUSO Glass

FUSA Glass was founded in 2001 with headquarters based in Mumbai.

3. Saint Gobain

Saint Gobain is a world-famous company that has been operating since 1665.

4. La Opala RG

La Opala RG is one of the largest players in the Opal ware market for India.

5. Borosil Glass

Borosil Glass had been set up in 1962 with a vision to be a scientific glass producer and get its recognition on international level.

6. Haldyn Glass

Hadlyn Glass was incorporated in 1991 in Gujarat and was formerly known as Haldyn Glass Gujarat Limited.

7. Empire Industries

Empire industries were founded in 1963 and were initially known as Empire Dyeing.

8. Pragati Glass

Pragati Glass was set up in 1982 in Mumbai. It provides glass bottles and also manufactures bottle

9. Piramal Glass

Piramal Glass is another Mumbai-based glass company that was founded in 1984.

10. Hindustan National Glass

Hindustan National Glass is a leading and one of the best glass industries in India.