[Top 4 In 2022] Agriculture Company In India

1. Bombay Burmah Trading

Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited i.e. BBTCL is and Indian company, which was started in 1960s. The company is one of the second oldest companies in India, which was started by the Wallace Brothers of Scotland. The company started its business from Tea.

2. Nath Bio-Genes (I) Ltd

Nath Bio Genes Limited is an India based agricultural research company that helps farmers to improve farming in India. Nath Bio Genes has more than 1000 acres of research area and almost 30 testing labs all over India. More than 5 lakh farmers working with the company and increase there farming productivity.

3. Goodricke Group Limited

Goodricke Group Limited is an Indian agricultural company based in West Bengal. This company was started by UK based company Camellia Plc. It is one of the largest tea producing companies in the world. There are four companies registered under this company, which are Goodricke Group Limited, Stewart Holl (India) Limited, Amgoorie India Limited and Koomber Tea Co. Pvt. Limited.

4. JK Agri Genetics Ltd

JK Agri Genetics Ltd. is an Indian agricultural company stated in 1990s. The company works in the field of production, processing and marketing of the hybrid seeds. With the help of innovations and research they produces high quality hybrid seeds that grows fast and give high crop.

What is the biggest agricultural company?

UPL Ltd. and Bombay Burmah Trading Ltd are the largest agricultural companies in India according to the market cap.

Who is the richest farmer?

Pramod Gautam is one of the richest farmer in India