[Top 4 In 2022] Aerospace Company In India

1. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL LTD.)

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is an Indian company which was started in 1940 from Bangalore. This company manufactures Systems and Accessories of Aircrafts, Power Plants, Jets, Military Helicopters, and Rockets for the Indian Defense Sector. The company is India’s largest aerospace manufacturing company.

2. MTAR Technologies Limited

MTAR Technologies Limited is an India based Non-govt company which was started in 1970. The company works in the fields like Civil Nuclear Power, Space Agency, Defense and Aerospace, Clean Energy, and other advanced machines. MTAR works with ISRO, NPCIL, DRDO, Bloom Energy, Rafael, Elbit, among others.

3. Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd. (TAAL)

Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Limited is an India based company which was started in 1994 from Pune. TAAL is the first company in India that manufactures and maintains non-military aircrafts. The company provides services like Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance and Aviation Infrastructure Airfield and MRO in India.

4. National Aerospace Laboratories

National Aerospace Laboratories is India’s only and largest civilian sector aerospace government company, which was started in 1959 by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Delhi, its head quarter shifted to Bangalore in 1960. The company manufactures aircrafts for India. Recently NAL working on a 300 crores 70 seater passengers aircraft.