United States Small Business Ideas for Teens in 2023

United States Small Business Ideas for Teens

United States Small Business Ideas for Teens in 2023: Are you also that overachiever who has a knack to hop on many different fields before you become an adult and know your real call, or maybe you want to earn some extra penny for yourself but you feel you are underage for that so now let me tell you there is no such thing as perfect age, most of these big entrepreneurs who are a big name in businesses they all have started rather young, they have had many small businesses before they landed on their successful one, the experience they had gained while working on their unsuccessful small business has helped them immensely to build their main one.

Also teenage is the best time to start because that is the time when you can experiment the most and there is no fear of failure nor do you have any responsibilities to cater to, so it is the best time to learn and up your skills.

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List of Top 10 United States Small Business Ideas for Teens

Academic Tutor

Academic Tutor

If you feel you excel in a particular subject or you feel that you know the right way to prepare for a particular exam then you can pass on that knowledge by tutoring the students who require that.

Average salary: 23-30$ per hour



This is another business that has its market and definitely has a huge scope, the highest fees that you can be offered can be of either wedding photography or product photography.
But here you will have to invest some amount before you start on camera equipment and lens, you can definitely look for renting a lens in your initial years.

Average salary: around 42,770 $ annually


Transcribing means listening to a recorded audio/video and then typing what we hear word-to-word. A transcriptionist requires accuracy, discretion, confidentiality, and high typing speed, and to be able to meet deadlines, the only equipment required is a computer or laptop.

There are various niches to work in like legal, medical; financial you can choose your field of interest. Many websites take a small test to understand your ability to work on their platform like gotranscript.com and rev.com , if selected you can earn well by a work-from-home job.

Average salary: depends upon different websites that offer work in transcribing but on averagely you can expect around 20 $ on an hourly basis.

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Content Writing

Content Writing

A content writer is a person who does creative writing, that is they write informative and engaging articles about a topic, product or situation.

A content writer requires a high level of proficiency in written English, good research skills, and a good typing speed.

There are various niches to work on like lifestyle, travel, tech writing, education, finance, and marketing.

Average salary: 22$ per hour

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Though both the terms ‘content writing’ and ‘copywriting’ are the same but yet different based on purpose. Content writing comes in play when you have to educate or inform about any topic, product or situation while copywriting comes into play when we write about something with the main motive of advertising and selling.

The main goal of a copywriter is to convert the organic traffic coming to read a piece of content into leads. A copywriter usually writes a short form of content and a content writer writes a long form of content.

Average salary : 55,300 $ Anually


One of the online business ideas for teens is to be a proofreader. A proofreader again comes within the market of written form of content, what they do is they go through an article/ copy write-up and they check for spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, plagiarism, and any discretion of data surrounding that particular topic.

There are plenty digital media houses / independent content writers who need proofreaders and make sure there are no errors and you can work for such people and earn some pennies.

Average salary: 23$ per hour

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Starting a Small Business

Now when we say small business it is a very broad term it encompasses literally any business which is in its baby steps, if you love jewelry then you may start a jewelry brand, if you have a passion for fashion then you may try your hands in apparel fashion, if one can make some really beautiful cakes then they can be a cake designer and so on.

All of these require a little investment but if taken the right steps at the right time then it may go to a level unleashed. You never know you could be the next generation mega entrepreneur by just that startup idea that has not been seen before.

Tech Consultation

If you are tech-savvy and have the right knowledge about technology and its branches you can become a tech consultant. Every company hires consultants whom they can refer to when in need, you basically need to resolve issues of these tech giants.

Tech consultants basically work by affiliate marketing and connections. Nowadays there is a dire need for them because of needs that the market wants to be catered for like cyber security, technology management, network administration, and computer programming.

Average salary: 87,894 $ Annually

Graphic Designing

Have you ever looked at those colorful logos or artsy banners anywhere, and have you ever wondered who is the man behind these, so here is your answer they are graphic designers. They are basically advertising via visual communications. As kids, we are always interested in art so being a teenager we can monetize it and earn some money.

Average salary: 50,000 $ annually

Social Media Influencers

With the ever-increasing demand for internet everyone is literally scrolling their screens and you can definitely use it for your benefit when it comes to advertising and marketing social media influencers have passed over celebs now.

As a social media influencer, you have to become a brand in order to attract other brands when you have a good number of following brands recognize you and offer you to promote their product/ brand itself.

Average salary: it really depends upon your engagement with your audience and number of followers it may be as low as 0 $ when you are starting out but when you really get to hold on then the sky has no limits.

Conclusion of United States Small Business Ideas for Teens

I hope this list provides you clarity of what are the options you can have and what you can actually pursue. Don’t just stop here go and research and look for the best option. Also as a teen remember your main aim is to study while working, studies should always be a priority business can be secondary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I sell as a teenager?

Whatever your age you can sell anything and everything though you may need a prior investment for that

What business can I start with 5000$

One can start with any business little brainstorming is required skills that do not require much investment including content writing, copywriting proofreading

What are side business ideas?

Anything from teaching to being a photographer you can explore any field its always about your caliber and about your own capabilities

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