Top 5 Best Tractor Company In India [Updated 2022]

Tractor Company In India

In today’s article we see the Top Tractor Company In India. In the Agriculture, Mining, and Construction field tractors are the most used and powerful machine. Tractors are designed for the high performance at very low speed which is ideal for Farming. Ploughing to the large land in one of the biggest task for any human. It takes lots of human effort and time as a result the cost of farming increases. Due to the tractors we can plough the large land at very low time period.

There are hundreds of Tractor Companies In India. But we have listed Top 5 Best Tractor Manufacturing Company in India here. The top and high performance according to the sales and consumers reviews and experience. According to the report in India 78% of the total number of tractors are use in the Agriculture. Therefore, all most all companies focus on the better performance, high efficiency, easy to maintain and cost effective tractors.

Tractor Industry In India

In the last few years, the demand for tractors in India has increased very fast. According to the sales report of the Indian company, about 600,000 to 700,000 tractors are sold annually, this number is the highest from any other country in the whole world.

We all know that when one round ends, another round begins. What I mean to say, is that due to heavy use of tractors many laborers lost their jobs. But this cannot be considered completely true because the methods of farming changed a lot due to different types of machines are invented for farming.

Due to the high demand of the agricultural tractors. The Indian Government introduced an International Automotive and R & D centers. According to the report, the Indian Government encourage the Indian company to manufacture low cost high efficiency agricultural equipment.

Government Banks and NBFC (Non-Banking Finance Company) also provide the best financial policies to the Indian farmers. So that they can buy the tractors as well as other machine for agriculture at the global interest cost. You can see the list of all the Indian Banks who provide the finance for the Indian Farmers.

  • SBI’s Stree Shakti Tractor Loan (SSTL)
  • State Bank Of India
  • Axis Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Bank Of Baroda
  • Oriental Bank Of Commerce
  • HDFC Bank
  • Bank Of India
  • Central Bank Of India

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Top 5 Tractor Manufacturing Companies in India List

Tractor Company In IndiaEstablisationCEO
1. Mahindra Tractor1962Rajesh Jejurikar
2. TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited1960Mallika Srinivasan
3. Sonalika International Tractor Limited (ITL Industries)1969Anand agrahagri
4. Escorts Tractors1944Ajay Mandahr
5. New Holland Agriculture (Under CNH Industrial)1895Rakesh Malhotra

Our team research some of the Best Tractor Brands in India according to the market size and consumers feedback. If you have any other queries about Tractors then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment. Our team try to respond you as soon as possible.

1. Mahindra Tractor

Mahindra Tractor is an Indian Multinational company stated in 1945 by the Mahindra & Mahindra Limited from Punjab. According to the report Mahindra is one of the leading tractor manufacturing company in India and largest tractor producer company in the whole world. The company have more then 8 production factories and have the presence over 40 countries. Mahindra Tractors contributes about $19 billion to the Mahindra & Mahindra Limited group.

Recently, Mahindra Tractor received the Deming Award and the Japanese Quality Medal. According to the report in 2019 the company is the first tractor brand who produced more then 30 lakhs tractors. The company published the August 2021 total sales. According to the company they have sold (Domestic + Exports) 21360 units in the August 2021 month which is less then the last year August 2020 sold unit is about 3,098 units.

Company Details

  • Official Website –
  • Headquarter – Mumbai
  • Establishment – 1945
  • Market Cap – $19 Billion
  • Current CEO – Rajesh Jejurikar
  • Parent Company – Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Founders – Ghulam Muhammad, Jagdish Chandra Mahindra, Kailash Chandra Mahindra
  • Toll Free No. – 1800 425 65 76
  • WhatsApp No. – 919920703703
  • Email –

All Tractor Modals of Mahindra


2. TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited

Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited is an Indian Multinational company stated in 1960s from Chennai India by the parent company Amalgamations Group. TAFE is the third largest tractor producer in the whole world and the second largest tractor producer in India. The company have the yearly turnover is about 10,000 crores and yearly unit sales is about 1.8 lakh domestic and International. Recently the company acquired IMT brand which is a Serbian tractor manufaturer company. Also the company manufacture many equipment which is used in the agriculture like Pump, cylinders and plantations machines.

TAFE is received many awards like TPM Excellence Awards, Farmer Choice of the Year Award, and Most Stylish Tractor of the Year for the outstanding performance in the agriculture industry. The company have more then 1000 deals all over the world and TAFE export the tractors over 100+ countries. One of the top modal of TAFE Tractor is Harvester. According to the farmers Harvester is save lots of time and save the cost due to the multipurpose machine designed by the company.

Company Details

  • Official Website –
  • Headquarter – Chennai
  • Establishment – 1960
  • Market Cap – 10,000 Cr
  • Current CEO – Mallika Srinivasan
  • Parent Company – Amalgamations Group
  • Founders – S. Anantharamakrishnan
  • Phone – +91 44 6691 9000
  • Email –

All Tractors of TAFE

  • TAFE and MF 241 DI
  • Massey Ferguson 1035 DI Maha Shakti Tractor
  • Massey Ferguson TAFE 30 DI Orchard Plus
  • TAFE Eicher 548
  • TAFE Massey Massey Ferguson 7250
  • TAFE Eicher 557
  • TAFE Massey Ferguson 9500
  • TAFE Eicher 5660 SUPER DI
  • TAFE Massey Ferguson 2635 4WD
  • TAFE Eicher 312

3. Sonalika International Tractor Limited (ITL Industries)

Sonalika International Tractor Limited is a India based multinational tractor manufacturing company stated in 1969 from Panjab by the Sonalika Group. Sonalika tractor is one of the leading company in India for heavy duty tractor producer. Also the company exports tractor over 130+ countries all over the world which makes the company number one tractor exporter in India. Sonalika is famous for there high efficient multipurpose cropping machine among the farmers. According to the company Sonalika sale more then 1.4 lakh tractors yearly all over the globe and have the turnover is about 7,700 crores yearly.

Sonalika have Government of India and Ministry of Science and Technology Department approved R & D centers with 300+ specialist engineers who test there tractors on various levels and work on the new innovative machines for the farming for both Domestic and International. The company manufacture 20HP to 120HP powerful tractors.

Also the have more then 65 training centers in India in which they provide proper guidance to how to use the Sonalika tractors and other machine properly. Also nowadays they provide the innovative and cost effective farming tactics.

Company Details

  • Official Website –
  • Headquarter – Hoshiarpur, Punjab, (India)
  • Establishment – 1969
  • Market Cap – 74,979 crores INR
  • Current CEO – Lachhman Das Mittal
  • Parent Company – Sonalika Group
  • Founders – Lakshman Das Mittal
  • Toll Free No. – 1800 102 1011
  • WhatsApp No. – +91 7717308282
  • Email –

All Tractors Models of Sonalika

  • Sonalika GT
  • Sonalika DI
  • Sonalika RX
  • Sonalika MM+
  • Sonalika Worldtrac
  • Sonalika WT
  • Sonalika Tiger 60
  • Sonalika Worldtrac

4. Escorts Tractors

Escorts Limited is a Haryana based Indian automotive multinational manufacturing company stated in Faridabad in 1944 by H P Nanda. Escorts produces Agricultural, Construction, Railway Equipment and other automobile machines and export to more then 40+ countries. In the starting the company majorly manufactures the X-rays and Agricultural machines.

The company have highly developed R & D centers with highly skilled manpower, according to the company they can test under the norms of Bharat TREM, EPA and European (Euro). The Escorts Limited give there consumers best financial service with relationship with IndusInd Bank to promote the agriculture industry in India. According to the sales report of the Escorts Limited, the company sales 70,000 to 80,000 tractors units per year including domestic and international.

Company Details

  • Official Website –
  • Headquarter – Faridabad
  • Establishment – 1944
  • Market Cap – 7083.85 Crore
  • Current CEO – Shenu Agarwal
  • Parent Company – Escorts Group
  • Founders – H P Nanda
  • Toll Free No. – 0129 – 2250222
  • Email – Here

All Tractors Models of Escorts Tractors

  • Farmtrac
  • Powertrac

5. New Holland Agriculture (Under CNH Industrial)

New Holland is an American Multinational company stated in 1895 from New Holland. The company produces construction and agricultural machines and export to more then 175+ countries. In 1999 till now the company owned by the CHN Industrial company which a Dutch Italian based agricultural automotive manufactural company. The company have more then 17 manufacturing plants and have the biggest R & D center all over the globe.

New Holland manufactures all type of tractors as well as bigger harvesting machines like TC5.30 and Austoft 4000 (Sugarcane Harvesters). According to the total tractors sales report of Indian New Holland sale 30,000 to 40,000 tractors unit per year, it means the company have over 4% of the total sales market share in India.

Company Details

  • Official Website –
  • Headquarter – New Holland
  • Establishment – 1895
  • Market Cap – €25.03 billion (Of the parent company CNH Industrial)
  • Current CEO – Rakesh Malhotra
  • Parent Company – CNH Industrial
  • Founders – Abe Zimmerman
  • Toll Free No. – 1800 419 0124
  • Email – Here

All Tractors Model of New Holland

  • New Holland NX
  • New Holland Tx Plus
  • New Holland TX Super
  • New Holland Tx Special Edition
  • New Holland Excel
  • New Holland TX All Rounder Plu
  • New Holland Tx Heritage Edition

FAQs On Best Tractor Company In India

Which is the No 1 tractor in India?

Mahindra Tractors is one of the largest tractor manufacturing company in India. The company sold 20,000 to 25,000 units every month domestic and international. Also TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited is the second largest tractor manufacturing company in India and third largest tractor manufacturing company in the whole world.

How many tractor companies are there in India?

According to the report more then 200 tractor manufacturing companies in India. But there are ~15 to 20 companies captured the 90% tractor market. In which Mahindra and TAFE dominant the tractor market in India as well as whole world.

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