Top 10 Best API Companies In India [Updated 2022]

API Companies In India

The given article points out some of the best known pharmaceutical companies in India. It highlights companies that indulge in manufacturing vaccines, bio-pharmaceuticals and medicines.

API is entirely known as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. API is the mixture of substances that is used in finished pharmaceutical products.

With the increasing number of health issues, there is a dire need for pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical companies to produce befitting medicines and solutions to these problems.

API companies largely engage in manufacturing medicines and vaccines, but recently it has also started conducting further research in the field of science and technology which leads to health growth in India and also all around the world.

API in India is a leading market in the industry. The sudden outbreak of pandemic has boosted the production and research in pharmaceutical companies. Major countries boycotted China, which is the largest producer of medicines, thus the pressure to supply was on the leading companies like India.

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List of Top API Companies In India 2022

Cipla Limited

Cipla Limited is a multinational India company which has its headquarters based in Mumbai, India. It was established in 1935. It is a well known pharmaceutical company which manufactures varied medicines.

It also became the only Indian company to bag a spot in the Forbes Magazine. It aims at providing medicines with cutting edge technology and innovation to meet everyday needs of the patients.

Besides India, more than 100 countries have invested their trust in Cipla Limited. It produces advanced medicines to treat respiratory diseases like Asthma, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, weight control, depression and many more.

Aurobindo Limited

Aurobindo Limited is another multinational pharmaceutical company which was founded in India. It was set up in 1986 in Hyderabad. It is known for its manufacturing of generic pharmaceuticals. It is among the top pharmaceutical companies in India.

It has its presence in about 155 countries across the globe. It has also built 7 Research and Development Centres which help in future research and advancement in the field of science.

It has also received a number of awards and recognitions for its products and employee management. Aurobindo Limited has also contributed in pandemic times to get a solution for the disease. 

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is also a multinational company which has its headquarters in Mumbai. It was incorporated in 1983. It is majorly known for production and selling of pharmaceutical formulations.

The company has a large portfolio of 2000 products in over 100 countries. It is one of the best API companies in India. The company has a mission to globalise, harmonise, and simplify the manufacturing process to obtain high quality medicines.

Bigger the companies, the higher are the employment opportunities which also results in growth of API companies.

Lupin Limited

Lupin Limited is an Indian pharmaceutical company which was founded in the year 1968 with its headquarters based in Mumbai. It is a multinational company and among the top pharmaceutical manufacturing companies globally and nationally.

The key areas of focus for the company are paediatrics, diabetology, anti-infectives, asthma and other cardiovascular diseases. It is also known for producing generic pharmaceuticals or drugs.

The company has set up its business throughout the US and Europe and is highly preferred there because of its premium medicines.

Teva API India Limited

Teva API India Limited is an Israeli multinational company specialising in pharmaceuticals. It specialises in generic and biopharmaceuticals and aims at making the company a global leader in the market.

It is even expanding its business in proprietary pharmaceuticals which is at the early stages. It was founded in 1944 and has its headquarters in Jerusalem. The company has been expanding its business on international levels.

Divi’s Laboratories

Divi’s Laboratories is an Indian pharmaceutical company based on producing pharmaceutical ingredients. The company is headquartered in Hyderabad, India and was founded in the year 1990.

Divi’s Laboratories is an active producer of pharmaceutical ingredients and has a presence in about 95 countries providing high quality medicines.

It operates with 3 R&D centres and 3 manufacturing units which comprises about 17000 employees. In the generic field, the company offers a portfolio of 25 products.

Granules India Limited

Granules India Limited  was incorporated in 1984 and set up its headquarters in Hyderabad. It is known for producing a great amount of medicines which are used for viruses and illnesses.

It produces paracetamol and ibuprofen which is widely used in India. It is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in India.

It has an active presence in more than 75 countries worldwide. It operates with about 35000 employees which work in 7 manufacturing units across India. 

Ipca Laboratories Limited

Ipca Laboratories Limited is a leading producer of pharmaceutical medicines in India. It functions with core values of integrity, security, quality, dignity and responsibility.

Ipca has emerged as one of the top exporters of pharmaceutical goods in India. It also believes in maintaining sustainability, for which it uses micro level approaches to combat the problem. 

Pfizer Limited

Pfizer Limited is one of the world’s best bio-pharmaceutical companies. It was incorporated in 1849 which makes it one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies.

It has put in all its dedication, creativity and science in developing medicines. It widely manufactures vaccines and bio-pharmaceuticals aiming to improve and expand patient’s lives.

Solara Active Pharma Sciences

Solara Active Pharma Sciences is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in India. It is an entrepreneurial business which secured its spot in the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in India.

The company has more than 140 scientists who indulge in making vaccines and medicines. It also consists of 2 R&D centres for research purposes. Also comprises 5 manufacturing units to cater to the needs of the world.

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FAQs On API Companies In India

How many API companies are there in India?

There are more than 1000 manufacturing facilities for pharmaceutical companies that engage in producing vaccines, bio-pharmaceuticals and medicines for viruses and illnesses.

Which is the best API manufacturing company in India? 

Some of the best API manufacturing companies in India are Cipla Limited, Sun Pharmaceutical Limited, Lupin Limited and Aurobindo Limited.

Who is the largest producer of API in the world?

China is said to be the largest producer of API manufacturing globally. Initially, countries like Japan,Europe, and the US ruled the pharmaceutical market by owning more than 90 percent shares. 

 Conclusion Of API Companies In India

Some of the reputed pharmaceutical companies have been highlighted above which are completely based on its popularity and reach.

The pharmaceutical companies are the backbone for the health industry and these companies have contributed tremendously in production of advanced medicine and technologies to cure diseases and sickness. 

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