Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in Mumbai

Shipping Companies in Mumbai

Mumbai is considered a metropolitan city in India that is highly commercial. Mumbai has been an active participant in the shipping procedure since the 17th century. Shipping goods was usually done by cargo or freight which were further classified into various types.

Typically, cargo shipping takes place via sea routes and is used for trading with foreign countries whereas freight shipping can be conducted by rail or trucks which carry out interstate or intercity shipping.

Shipping companies in Mumbai are considered the best, most efficient, and fastest for their transport services. The shipping companies mentioned in this article give the readers a gist about cargo and freight shipping that is carried out in Mumbai.

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Shipping Companies in India

The import and export of excessive goods were affordable largely through shipping. Thus, shipping became a popular means of transportation for goods. The Britishers introduced this method of trade which was later adopted by the Indians and carried forward.

The long coastline of India provides the country with ample space to conduct shipping services for cargo. The extensive rail network of India provides good access to freight shipping. The shipping industry has been in profit since its emergence as India actively trades with foreign countries and for intercities.

India enjoys a global market share of 30% in the shipping industry around the world. It is witnessing steady growth in the shipping industry. Currently, India has more than 200 shipping ports and also the potential to grow in this market with its advantageous coastline.

List of Top 10 Shipping Companies in Mumbai

The Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd

The Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd

The Great Eastern Shipping Company undertakes offshore and onshore shipping for the last 6 decades. It is one of the largest shipping companies not only in India but also in Mumbai. The company is headquartered in Worli, Mumbai, and has been functioning since 1948.

The company was established to expand the trading business by two families in Mumbai. The Great Eastern Shipping Company has control over 69 ships that carry out trading for crude oil, gas carriers, dry bulk commodities, and petroleum gas.

The offshore business looks after its production activities through its subsidiary company. It is one of the most preferred shipping companies that has gained its clients’ trust with successful and satisfactory services.

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The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd

The Shipping Corporation of India

The shipping corporation of India is a government-run shipping company that was established in Mumbai in 1961. It functions under the ownership of the Ministry of Shipping. It provides an extensive range of services through tankers, bulk carriers, containers, break bulk, dry building, shipping consultancy, coastal and passenger services, and many more.
Thus, The Shipping Corporation of India is a go-to company for maritime solutions. Besides these enlisted services, the company also provides maritime training for candidates applying for the crew.

Ellora Logistics Private Limited

Ellora Logistics Private Limited has been in the shipping industry for about 2 years and operates with highly professional workers providing professional services that cater to international benchmarks.

In a few years, it has established itself as one of the top shipping companies in Mumbai. It serves as a one-stop destination for local and global clients. Right from production to the consumer, Ellora Logistics provides complete service. It also undertakes international courier services for many countries.

Maersk Shipping Company

Maersk Shipping Company is one the most sought-after companies in not only Mumbai but also India. It has a wide network for overseas trade and interstate shipping. It has been operating in India for the past 20 years.

It recently built a new warehouse in Mumbai that looks after the smooth delivery of products. Its transportation service varies from ocean transportation, land transportation, and air transportation. Globally as well, Maersk is considered one of the best shipping companies and is a leading contributor to the shipping industry.

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Essar Shipping

Essar Shipping

Essar Shipping is a subsidiary group of Essar Group that provides logistic and shipping solutions. It is one of the largest shipping companies in Mumbai. The company was established in 1976 and has been working towards modernizing its ships and equipment.

The company also engages in international trading for the oil and gas business. It has received notable recognition from the American Bureau for its excellence in maritime trade. It has an active presence in about 8 countries worldwide and operates from various Indian cities like Mumbai and Goa.

Lilly Maritime Pvt. Ltd.

Lilly Maritime Pvt. Ltd was established in 1996 in Mumbai. It provides professional services like ship management, port operation, responsible ship recycling, ship repair, etc. The company has extensive size, infrastructure, and services.

It aims to become the best in the shipping industry. Lilly Maritime has three types of vessels to carry out its trade. Offshore vessels, coastal vessels, and ongoing vessels are available with the company.

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Mediterranean Shipping Company

Mediterranean Shipping Company is an international shipping company that has been based in Switzerland since 1970. The company has established itself in Mumbai as well. The company has an active presence in 6 countries spread across different continents.

It serves many international companies with its services through Dangerous cargo, food-grade cargo, special cargo, short sea shipping, flexible and reliable services, and customs procedures. It is a trusted company for international companies as its years of experience have helped the company to reach the top.

Greenwich Meridian Logistics

Greenwich Meridian Logistics is a Mumbai headquartered shipping company that was established in 2002. It is a private company that provides sea freight services through cargo ships, special containers, standard containers, and containers designed for industry products, the company also provides door-to-door services.

The positive interactions with clients and satisfactory reviews have made the company one of the top shipping companies in Mumbai. They also use Flexi tanks to transport dangerous goods and high cube containers that are more voluminous.

BHN Shipping Company Pvt. Ltd.

BHN Shipping Company is a subsidiary company of BHN Group. BHN Shipping Company is considered one of the largest shipping companies in Mumbai. It was incorporated in 1999 with its headquarters in Mumbai.

The company handles ship management, crew management, and port management efficiently to carry out its trade. It also provides maritime solutions and consultancy along with educational programs to encourage youth.

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Five Stars Shipping Company Pvt Ltd

Five Stars Shipping Company is a private shipping company that was established in 1985 in Mumbai. It has been in the shipping industry for quite a few years which has helped it gain experience in the workings of the industry.

Five Stars Shipping Company aims to make itself an industry leader through its persuasive qualities and excellent services. The company also provides advantageous career opportunities for the IT section and crew staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many shipping companies are there in Mumbai?

Mumbai has about 400 shipping companies whereas India is home to a large number of shipping companies.

2) Which is the top shipping company in Mumbai?

The Great Eastern Shipping Company is the best in India. It is one of the largest shipping companies not only in India but also in Mumbai.

3) Is shipping charges expensive in Mumbai?

Shipping charges are quite minimal for small and averaged size products whereas the shipping cost increases with large or bulk products. The average charge for the shipping of smaller goods is Rs. 30-40.


The article lists out the best shipping companies in Mumbai based on their services, infrastructure, provision of job opportunities, and size. These shipping companies are the most sought-after in the city and cater to their client’s needs with excellent services.

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