Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

Pharmaceutical Companies in Baddi

Pharmaceutical products are evolutionary in their effectiveness. The companies work hard to improve the quality of life for people by manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical products.

The Pharma industry in India has existed for centuries but it has witnessed a dynamic change in the past few decades. Currently, pharma products are exported to nearly all countries from India.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is advancing with ever-changing technology. The industry has witnessed major growth in Hyderabad with most pharmaceutical companies in Hyderabad. One of the budding states that aim to become the next pharma hub in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

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Pharmaceutical companies in Baddi

Baddi, a small town in Himachal Pradesh has more than 1000 pharmaceutical companies. These companies aim at manufacturing pharmaceutical products along with other herbal and ayurvedic products.

As the demand for these pharmaceutical products keeps increasing, companies are trying to keep up with the demand. The pandemic acted as a catalyst that boosted the pharmaceutical industries in Baddi. The companies worked diligently and restlessly to provide relief materials and healthcare products during the pandemic era.

It has become the industrial town of Himachal Pradesh owing to its pharmaceutical success in the past few years. The town not only contributes to the state’s welfare but also significantly helps to increase the GDP growth of the country.

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List of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

Panacea Biotec Ltd

Panacea Biotec Ltd
Panacea Biotec Ltd

Panacea Biotec Ltd was established in 1984 in New Delhi and started as a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical formulations. Currently, it is one of the best vaccine manufacturers in Baddi. It produces both generic and novel vaccines.

Due to its interest in research and development, it collaborated with a Russian company to manufacture Sputnik V in India. It majorly engages in the production of biosimilars, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals.

It also provides services like transplant, nephrology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, oncology, and formulations for diabetes. It aims to provide its local and international clients with the most qualified products and medicines.

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Lifecare Neuro Products Ltd.

Lifecare Neuro Products Ltd. is a multinational pharmaceutical company that is best known for its services and medicines in neuropsychiatry. The company was founded in 1994 in Baddi and in about two decades the company already serves 10 countries on a global scale and has established trusted clients throughout.

Lifecare Neuro Products has gained immense success owing to the ownership of about 400 registered products and is also certified by WHO. It manufactures an extensive amount of pharmaceutical products such as antidepressants, antidiabetes, vitamins and minerals, dermatological products, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and many more.

Lifecare Neuro Products is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Baddi due to its extensive range of products that do not compromise quality.

Logos Pharma

Logos Pharma

Logos Pharma is another pharmaceutical company that was established in Himachal Pradesh. It was incorporated in 2010 and has vowed to deliver quality products ever since. The company also has an international infrastructure for producing capsules and tablets.

Logos Pharma has always put healthcare first and to ensure its statement, it provides its products at an affordable rate and also through its CSR activities. The company supplies about 230 tablets and capsules along with antibiotics, orthopedic, anti-allergic, metabolism, migraine, and nutritional products.

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Zenacts Pharma

Zenacts Pharma is a recently established company that came into existence in 2013 with a manufacturing unit in Baddi. It is one of the leading producers of tablets, vaccines, capsules, and other pharmaceutical products. In less than a decade, it has received a tremendous amount of awards and manufactures over 500 brands in medicine and healthcare.

Zenacts Pharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Baddi that manufactures products like syrups, ayurvedic products, cough and cold medicines, creams, and ENT products. It also provides services like third-party manufacturing or contract manufacturing which has proved advantageous.

Abbott Healthcare

Abbott Healthcare

Abbott Healthcare is a multinational pharmaceutical company that has its roots in the US. The company was established in 2012 in Baddi and has provided satisfactory results over the years.

Abbott Healthcare manufactures metabolic nutrition for adults, children, and infants, Pediasure for children, and Pedialyte for children and infants. It aims at providing nutritious products, healthcare services, and providing quality of life.

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Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is an Indian pharmaceutical company that also serves international countries. It was established in 1977 specializing in providing advanced therapies. The company works towards building a name in providing dermatology, ontology, generic medicines, antibiotics, and respiratory solutions.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has built 14 manufacturing units across the global level. The manufacturing unit in Baddi was established in 2005 that manufactures cream, lotions, and respiratory products.

Neptune Lifescience Pvt Ltd.

Neptune Lifescience Pvt Ltd is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India and also in Baddi. It promises top-notch quality products with complete assurance. It was established in 2006 with headquarters in Solan. It manufactures tablets, syringes, capsules, ointments, and gels.

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Cipla Limited

List of Top 15 Pharmaceutical Companies in India 2021
Cipla Limited

Cipla Limited is a multinational pharmaceutical company that is headquartered in Mumbai but has its manufacturing units in Baddi. It focuses on two prime aspects which are prices and quality. It does not compromise with either of them. Cipla has been in the pharma industry for almost a century and thus, has an extensive range of products and services to offer.

It provides therapies for HIV, oncology, hypertension, obesity, and respiratory diseases such as asthma, and diabetes. It also provides generic medicines for children, adults, and infants.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in India as it was established in 1959 in Ahmedabad. It has years of experience and it also gave them the benefit to expand its business overseas. It is a subsidiary of Torrent Group.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals specializes in therapeutic services for cardiovascular diseases, women’s healthcare, and gastrointestinal issues. The manufacturing unit established in Baddi provides formulations to many international companies. It is also FDA-approved for the production of high-quality medicines.

Able Pharma

Able Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company that was incorporated in 2006 in Baddi. It has paved its way to become one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Baddi. It specializes in the production of eye, nasal, and ear formulations for its contribution to this field, and it has received many recognitions and awards. It manufactures about 110 formulations including eye drops, ear drops, and nasal sprays.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which is the best pharmaceutical company in Baddi?

LifeCare Neuro Products is the best pharmaceutical company in Baddi as it is one of the companies that started its journey from the small town and made its way to international establishments.

2) How many pharmaceutical companies are there in Baddi?

Baddi is home to over 3000 pharmaceutical companies including its manufacturing factories. It is estimated that one-third of the population is engaged in the pharmaceutical business in the town.

3) Why is Baddi famous for its pharmaceutical services?

The government had sanctioned Baddi as a tax-free city. Thus, it led to a growth in the export of varied products as there was no excise duty required to be paid. Pharmaceutical companies profited from this exemption.


Thus, we have listed the top pharmaceutical industries operating in Baddi. These companies promise high-quality products and services for all their international and local clients. The future of pharmaceuticals as an industry relies on the development of these companies and the government is supporting the growth of pharmaceutical companies not only in Baddi but also throughout the country.

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