Top 10 Best Pesticides Companies In India [Updated 2023]

Pesticides Companies In India

The list given below is going to help you look out for the top 10 pesticides companies in India. We have compiled a list of organic pesticides companies that could be fit for you to opt for. The list given below includes pesticides companies making products in India that are used for agriculture purposes only.

Agriculture is the prime occupation of India with more than 80% of the rural habitat involved in it. Food being the essential need of humans, there is always a need to provide some security to not hamper the crops. Agrochemicals, in simpler words, chemicals used for agriculture protect the crops and also increase crop production which serves beneficial to the farmers. Pesticides are one of the agrochemicals used in farms to attract, repel or kill pests. 

The pesticide industry is one of the necessities in India which is known to provide food for a large chunk of the population. It is the largest producer of pesticides in Asia and the twelfth largest across the globe. Pesticides are used extensively, thus, it requires a large number of pesticide manufacturing companies in India to cater to the needs of farmers.

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List of Top 10 Best Pesticides Companies In India

1. Dhanuka Agritech Ltd

Dhanuka Agritech Ltd

Dhanuka Agritech Ltd is known as one of the leading producers of pesticides in India. It bagged its name in Forbes magazine’s category of ‘200 Best Under A Billion Companies in Asia- Pacific and was also awarded by FICCI as the ‘Company of the year’ in 2018. The company was started in 1985.

The company is widely engaged in manufacturing pesticides including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, miticides, various stimulants in the form of liquid, gas, and powder. The company has more than 7000 distributors for about more than 7500 dealers. For production, Dhanuka Agritech has 40 warehouses to produce the required product.

2. Bayer Crop Science Ltd

Bayer Crop Science Ltd

Bayer Crop Science Ltd is another top pesticides company in India known for providing farmers with tailored solutions to protect and grow crops. It was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. Bayer Crop Science is a subsidy of Bayer Group India.

It offers crop solutions for varied crops such as mustard, pulses, rice, soybeans, cotton, fruit millets, etc. Besides providing high-quality pesticides, the company also engages in supplying seeds for the plants.

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3. UPL Ltd

UPL Ltd Pesticides Companies

UPL Ltd, fully known as United Phosphorus Limited is a multinational company engaged in manufacturing and marketing agrochemicals. The company was set up in 1969 which is a Mumbai-based company. The company has a huge market and an active presence in 130 countries.

It ranks among the top 10 pesticides companies not only in India but also as one of the top 10 agrochemical companies in the world. The company is said to be a prime pioneer in the global food system and has been expanding through its innovative development for producers, retailers, consumers, and the market. It has a wide branch of production in different sectors. 

4. Sumitomo Chemical Ltd

Sumitomo Chemicals is an extended arm of the Sumitomo Fertilizer Ltd which was started to prevent air pollution. Sumitomo Chemicals was established in the year 1913 and has its plant-based in Mumbai. Sumitomo Chemicals is involved in marketing, manufacturing, and importing products for crop protection.

The company has also established itself in Africa and spread out in a bunch of other countries. It also produces bio-pesticides which serve the aim to be environmentally friendly. It is one of the best agrochemical pesticides companies in India.

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5. Meghmani Ltd

Meghmani Organics Ltd was founded in 1986 and has been set up in Gujarat. It provides crops for crop protection and yielding crops. It is one of the largest manufacturers of pigments and agrochemicals in India. The agrochemicals segment produces technical and formulated pesticides. The company manufactures pesticides for crop and non-crop uses like wood preservation and public health.

6. Bharat Rasayan Ltd

Bharat Rasayan Ltd is a branch of the Bharat Community, a name known nationwide. It was established in 1989 and has its plants in Haryana and Gujarat. The company manufactures a wide range of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, acaricides, etc.

Alongside the agrochemicals sector, the company has its foot in the agricultural sector as well. It contributes to floriculture and horticulture. Bharat Rasayan Ltd is a flagship enterprise functioning along with two more companies namely Bharat Insecticides Ltd and BR Agrotech Ltd. 

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7. PI Industries Ltd

PI Industries Ltd was established in 1946 under the name of Mewar Oil & General Mills Ltd. It is the pioneer for Granular formulations in India and it is the largest seller for the same. The company has access to more than 80000 retail points in India in all the prime locations as well as some remote areas. It is one of the top pesticides companies in India known for its excellence in agrochemicals and engineering services. 

8. Insecticides India Ltd

Insecticides India is an Indian pesticides company that aims at encouraging agriculture in India and empowering farmers to gain prosperity. It was set up in 1996 with its headquarters based in Delhi. It is one of the leading names in the pesticides companies in India. Insecticides Ltd is known for producing all varieties of pesticides including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, weedicides, etc. It has more than 120 formulation products.

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9. Rallis India Ltd

Rallis India Ltd is a company established in 1948 in Mumbai. It is a subsidiary of the Tata group which primarily manufactures pesticides, seeds, and herbicides. It has its presence nationwide with about 1500 distributors for about 4000 dealers across India. It has one of the biggest firms in India with about 11 corporate offices in different states spread across India.

10. Aimco Pesticides Ltd

Aimco Pesticides Ltd is one of the top agriculture pesticides companies in India. It was established in 1987 with its headquarters based in Mumbai. It manufactures high-quality pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other chemicals which enhance crop production and help farmers yield optimum crops. It is a multinational company providing for 30 countries worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pesticides companies are there in India?

There are about 150 industrial units that manufacture pesticides in India whereas about 500 industrial units look after the formulation of pesticides.

Which is the most commonly used Pesticide Company in India?

The above-listed companies are some of the best pesticide manufacturing companies. They are known for their high quality and excellent pesticides and seeds nationwide and across the globe. Some of the most commonly used pesticides companies are Dhanuka Agritech, Aimco Pesticides, PI Industries, Rallis India Ltd.

What are the 4 types of pesticides? 

The 4 most common types of pesticides are:
1. Herbicides- to kill plant weeds
2. Fungicides- to avoid the growth of fungus
3. Bactericides- to kill bacteria
4. Insecticides- to repel insects


All the companies mentioned above are top-rated and best companies in terms of manufacturing pesticides. The list given above is just a random categorization that is not based on pricing. The data for top agricultural pesticides companies has been gathered from various sources and the article above aims at highlighting these companies’ performances based on current reach and effectiveness.

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