Top 10 Best Oxygen Companies In India [Updated 2022]

Oxygen Companies In India

Oxygen companies majorly invest in manufacturing oxygen gas and medical oxygen which was in great demand in recent years with the outbreak of pandemics. Medical oxygen cylinders were one of the primary requirements for patients.

And several hospitals and organizations were struggling to get hold of oxygen cylinders. India had a surplus of the given commodity which suddenly changed into a scarce and top priority of the government.

Due to the inconvenience, many companies have come forward to assist and rebuild the surplus life-saving gas which once existed. The companies highlighted below mention medical oxygen manufacturing companies.

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List Of Top Oxygen Companies In India 2022

Bhagawati Oxygen

Bhagawati Oxygen is one of the leading gas manufacturing companies in India. The company is considered one of the best. It engages in producing varied industrial gas manufacturing, technology, system, and equipment.

It was established in 1972 with its headquarters based in Kolkata. The company wishes to be the best-in-class gas manufacturer with a reputable portfolio. The company engages in the production of various gases like oxygen, acetylene, ammonia, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. It is the pioneer of manufacturing industrial gases. 

National Oxygen

National Oxygen Limited is an Indian-based company that operates to provide oxygen for industrial purposes. It was incorporated in 1974 with headquarters in Chennai. It is a leading producer and supplier of gases like oxygen and nitrogen in liquid and gaseous form to industries and hospitals.

National Oxygen aims at providing relief for covid patients which started its supply of oxygen gas during the pandemic and have still been continuing with it.

Gagan Gases

Gagan gases is a public limited company that was established in 1986. It is highly engaged in manufacturing LPG gas. The company has also set up oxygen plants. It is one of the top oxygen manufacturing companies in India.

It is best known for its production and marketing of commercial and industrial LPG. During the pandemic times, the company also contributed to the production of medical oxygen cylinders for Covid infected patients.

Linde India

Linde India was set up in 1935 in Calcutta. It has been highly invested in manufacturing gases like hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, and other such gases. Linde India has been a major supplier of oxygen cylinders for medical purposes during the covid times.

It also engages in manufacturing industrial gases. It is a leading manufacturer of industrial gases and owns the largest air separation plant in India. In 2015, it set up its first dedicated cylinder filling site for healthcare medical gases. It has been awarded for its supply of diversified gases in the industrial and medical sectors.

JSW Steel

The company was incorporated in 1982 with headquarters in Mumbai. It is a steel-making company.

JSW Steel has recently started supplying oxygen for medical purposes. Earlier, it engaged in the production of oxygen for industrial purposes as steel requires a high amount of oxygen.

The state, as well as the country, has been heavily dependent on JSW for manufacturing oxygen as it has now become one of the leading producers for India.

Everest Kanto Cylinders

Everest Kanto Cylinders Limited is a private multinational company majorly contributing to the production of CNG gas and steel gas. It was incorporated in 1978 with its headquarters based in Mumbai.

The company has an active presence in 4 countries across the world. It is known for its oxygen gas production during the pandemic. These companies have helped by providing oxygen cylinders to hospitals and organizations. 

Industrial Oxygen Company

Industrial Oxygen Company is an Indian gas company that produces air separation plants, industrial gases, nitrogen plants, and low-pressure gas cylinders. The company was set up in 1963 in Mumbai.

It has established manufacturing units in 11 cities of India. The company has also been registered as an SSI unit in India. Alongside oxygen gas, it also manufactures gas cylinders. 

Reflex Industries

Reflex Industries was founded in 2002 in  Chennai. It is a pioneer in refiller and refrigerant gases. The company focuses on producing HFCs also known as hydrofluorocarbons and CFCs.

Some of the complementary businesses are air conditioning, refrigerators, and commercial aircon. The introduction of HFCs led to appreciation letters from the government for contributing to eco-friendly causes. Reflex Industries is one of the top and best oxygen companies in India. 

Hariom Industrial Gases

Hariom Industrial Gases is a leading producer of industrial gases like Argon gas and Oxygen gas. Oxygen gas serves multiple purposes for customers.

The company was incorporated in 2006; It is a recent company that has built its headquarters in Mumbai. They also trade legal oxygen gas. It was a private company that is now under the control of the government. 

Reliance Industrial Liquid Oxygen

Reliance Industrial Liquid Oxygen was formed to support the oxygen supply in medical services. It has been said to contribute to 11% of the country’s medical-grade liquid oxygen supply.

It is considered one of the top oxygen companies in India and also the best liquid oxygen company in the country. It solely engages in producing oxygen supply for medical use.

FAQs On Oxigen Company In India

Which is the best oxygen manufacturing company in India?

Some of the best oxygen manufacturing companies in India are Bhagawati Oxygen, National Oxygen, and Reliance Industrial Liquid Oxygen for liquid oxygen. 

For what purposes is the oxygen required?

The oxygen manufactured in companies is required for most medical purposes to provide an artificial or secondary form of oxygen through cylinders whereas it serves another purpose of providing oxygen for industrial use.

Which state has the maximum circulation of oxygen?

Maharashtra has the most number of oxygen plants and has the maximum circulation of oxygen followed by Gujrat.

Conclusion Of Oxigen Company In India

Manufacturing Oxygen serves a great purpose in the medical field and the scarcity of which was witnessed in the Covid years. This led to the emergence of a number of oxygen manufacturing companies.

The oxygen companies listed above are provided through various sources. The supply of oxygen at this stage of evolution serves purposefully. They are solely presented to curate the top companies that engage in manufacturing oxygen. 

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