Top 10 Best Logistics Companies In India [Updated 2022]

Logistics Companies In India

The list given below is going to help you look out for top logistics companies in India. We have listed the top 10 logistics companies which could be fit for you to opt for. 

Logistics is the transportation of goods and information from one place to another. Transportation, supplies, inventory, packaging, door-to-door services, warehousing, and sometimes social security as well come under the logistics department. It refers to the overall process that goes into acquiring, storing, and delivering to the person.

The growing technology and innovations in the transportation sector have boosted the growth of logistics. It is a growing sector due to various reasons. One of the reasons would be online shopping where the pandemic pushed people to switch online and logistics being a part of the process witnessed immense growth.

The growth rate of logistics in India is about 13-14% of GDP which is comparatively more than the other developing companies. It is estimated to reach about $255 billion by the end of 2022. The rapid growth of the industry could help bring down the rate from 14% to 9% by better employment services and through the reliance on transportation for export.

Logistics is responsible for handling the majority of delivery services for online businesses. The rise of E-commerce businesses paved the way for Logistics companies to grow as well in India. 

List of top Logistics Companies in India 2022

1. Aramex Logistics

Aramex is said to be one of the best logistics companies in India. It is a UAE-based company that has been operational since 1997 and provides logistics all around the world. It offers a wide range of innovative transportation and core services like order tracking, bundling, cash on delivery, and co-packaging services. It has been providing services at national and international platforms including express import and export services. It offers complete services for small businesses, e-commerce, information management, etc. Currently, it has more than 10,000 employees in India covering 8000+ pin codes.

2. Mahindra Logistics

Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL) provides tech-based solutions for logistic needs. It was founded in 2000 and is an extended arm of Mahindra Group of Companies. It aims at providing operational hospitality, robust risk management, restructuring efforts internally, and environment-friendly services. It has been working on reducing its carbon footprints and encouraging communities.  It has a strong presence in the Supply Chain and Logistics Department. MLL also provides special People Transport Solutions like taking the employees back and forth from the workplace to their home. It is one of the few companies to provide such services.

3. GATI Logistics

GATI Limited is a pioneer in express distribution services in India. It was incorporated in 1989 and is the transforming force for Logistics companies in India. It also provides commendable and customized supply chain solutions across diverse industries. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and currently provides more than 17,000 pin codes. GATI services include schedule-based delivery, time-bound services, heavy-weight shipments, courier services, and customized weather-resistant packaging.

4. Allcargo Logistics

Allcargo Logistics has its headquarters in Mumbai and is known for having an extensive global network. It is the world leader in integrated logistics solutions and the only company to provide a wide range of EXIM supply chains. It has been functional since 1993 and has a presence in 160 countries till date delivering across 19,000 pin codes. Allcargo Logistics is one of the top logistics companies in India due to its international benchmarks and excellent services for supply chain and logistics.

5. Delhivery Logistics

Delhivery Logistics is one of the most popular and largest Logistics providers in India. It has been handling the e-commerce of over 7,500 businesses in India. Delhivery provides reverse and exchange logistics alongside cash on delivery. It has a pin code reach for more than 18,000 and about 10,000+ employees equipped to handle heavyweight, dangerous, and high-value items. It is one of the fastest logistics providers offering same-day and next-day delivery services. It was founded in 2011 and gained huge profits during the pandemic era.

6. Aegis Logistics

Aegis Logistics highly provides services to India’s oil chemical and gas industries. It was established in Gujarat in 1956. The company is also known for the transportation of liquid chemicals. It holds its position as one of the top logistics providers in India. It even has terminal ling facilities for chemical storage. Besides providing logistic services, it also manufactures Kerosene oil and Oleochemicals

7. DHL Logistics

DHL logistics is expanding its business in India through its benefit of a wide distribution network on global platforms. DHL is known as the global leader in the Logistics market. DHL is one of the oldest logistics companies which started in 1969 and established its presence in 2001 in India. Currently, it reaches 26,000 pin codes with 21,000 employees in India. The well-connected network has its perks like less wastage during the delivery process and also works on complete optimization of the companies’ impact on the environment. The company offers many sub-branches based on the services that customers require. DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight, DHL Supply chain, and DHL e-Commerce Solutions are some of the divisions of DHL logistics/

8. Container Corporation of India

Also known as CONCOR, it is one of the top logistics companies in India. It has been operating since 1988 with its headquarters based in New Delhi. It is heavily engaged in the transportation of containers at the national level whereas internationally it engages in providing train services, road services, cargo shipments, etc. 

9. Safexpress Logistics

Safexpress Logistics is an old name in the market serving this industry for the past 2 decades since 1995. It caters to the needs of 2400 employees and has a reach of about 28,000+ pin codes. It recently opted to provide services for e-commerce businesses which boosted its growing company. It is providing excellent services to its customers through proof of delivery and secure transportation which could be tracked. Safexpress is one of the top 10 Logistics companies in India.

10. B2B Logistics

B2B Logistics is a leading logistic and freight company in India. It was established in the year 2014 and has been rapidly expanding its scope of operations and offerings ever since. It is a small-scale industry providing excellent services with just 25 professionals operating from Mumbai. Their vision is to provide reliable solutions to all logistic requirements. Special attention is paid to the reliability, safety, and efficiency which place them under the category of growing and leading Logistics Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best logistics company in India?

The best logistics company in India could be based on personal preferences. The list stated above covers logistics companies based on different criteria. Some of the best logistics companies would be Aramex Logistics, DHL Logistics, Delhivery Logistics, and GATI Logistics.

How many logistics companies are there in India?

There are more than 350 registered logistics companies in India. It even includes small and medium-scale businesses. It contributes to 14% of GDP, thus the logistics market is estimated to be large.

How to choose the best logistics company in India?

Choosing the best logistic company for your suited business is necessary. One can look out for the same by focusing on the terms of service, speed of delivery, the pin code reach, track record, shipping cost, reviews, etc which one wants to consider before choosing the right company. The list of top 10 logistics companies given above could help you based on your requirements.


The top 10 companies given above have been randomly categorized based on their services and popularity. All of these specialize in different fields with the Logistics industry. Thus, the list given above is just a random categorization that is not based on pricing, financial contribution, or any other factors. They have just started to outline the final decision of logistics companies based on their area of specialization for you to choose for yourself!

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