Top 5 Best Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers In India [Updated 2022]

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers In India

Are you finding the Top Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers In India?

You are in the right web page in this article we will see the Top Company, Industry, Facts and Reports on Li-Ion battery. So, let’s start.

Lithium Ion Batteries is latest high-end technology to store the electricity. Lithium Ion battery are used in various devices like Mobile, Electric Bike or Cars, Camera, and other electronic devices. These batteries have numerous advantages such as very low rate of self-discharge and can long lasting. Also these batteries have no toxic substances as a result we can easily decompose these batteries. The charge capacity of the Li-ion batteries higher then other Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries. It can store high electricity in very low space therefore, these batteries used widely in Mobiles, Laptops and other electronic devices.

According to various research and the report from the big companies, In the next 20 years we will see almost 60% to 70% electric vehicles. The Tesla which is one of the first and biggest Electric Car manufaturer introduced various types of futuristic electric luxuries cars. And the company working on the other commercial electric vehicles. The main thing in the electric vehicles is the Lithium-Ion batteries. Due to the Li-Ion technology, all these achievements have possible.

In India, the electric vehicle industry growing very fast and the next 5-10 years the industry will grown to there highest pick. Also the Indian Government promoting the Electric Vehicles. Due to high demand of the Electric Vehicles the Li-Ion battery is used in it is also in very high demand. In Indian there hundreds of companies who manufacture batteries, They are working of the Li-Ion battery technology.

Lithium Ion Battery Industry In India

The total market share of the Li-Ion battery was about $1.66 Billons in 2020. And in 2026 the market will grow up-to $4.5 Billons estimated. Due to the pandemic the market slop had decreasing in the period because of the brake in the supply chain. But nowadays the market is increasing day by day exponentially.

The Government of India has estimated that the 30% of the total sales of the vehicle will be Electric Vehicle by 2030. Also the Government promoting the R & D on the Li-Ion battery because as the result the costing of the Electrical Vehicles will be decrease in the upcoming time. One of the biggest company for the electrical equipment manufaturer Panasonic built a specialized segment with Tesla for manufacturing of Li-Ion batteries Tesla Giga Nevada, is the largest Li-Ion battery manufaturer in the whole world.

Top Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers In India 2021 List

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers In IndiaEstablisationCurrent CEO
1. Exide Industries1995Subir Chakraborty
2. Tata Chemicals Limited1938R Mukundan
3. HBL Power1977Jagadish Prasad Aluru
4. Bharat Power Solutions Lithium Ion Battery (BPS India)2009Dev Prakash Mishra
5. Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. ltd1988Vipul Sabharwal

In India there are hundreds of battery manufacturing companies. But due to the new revolution in the Electric Vehicle industry there are some of the big companies are stated to manufacturing the Li-ion batteries. So, let’s see the list of Li-Ion Brands In India.

1. Exide Industries Lithium Ion Battery

Exide is the largest battery manufaturer in India. Exide Industries is an Indian multinational company stated in 1947 from Kolkata by Rajan Raheja Group. The company have 7 manufacturing plants in India in which 2 factories are dedicated to the home UPS. Apart from this the company exports the unit to more then 45 countries all over the globe.

Due to the out-standing performance and consumers demand the company have received ISO 9001 certificate by Germany and ISO -14001 certificate for the eco-friendly production processes. Exide works with various electronic devices manufacturing companies and according to the companies Exide have the complete solution for the battery sizing, optimum room layout, installation, operation and maintenance.

The company manufactures the batteries for various industries like Commercial Vehicles, Railways, Defence, Mining, Telecom, Infrastructure and Power plants. Exide have the largest certified battery R & D center in India, it stated in 1976 and in 1977 the company is certified by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

Company Details

  • Official Website –
  • Headquarter – Kolkata
  • Establishment – 1947
  • Market Cap – ₹9,186 crore
  • Current CEO – Subir Chakraborty
  • Parent Company – Rajan Raheja Group
  • Toll Free No. – +91 33 2302 3400
  • Email – Here

2. Tata Chemicals Limited Lithium Ion Battery

Tata Chemicals Limited is an India based multinational company stated in 1938 by the Tata Group from Mumbai. It is the largest chemical company in India who works in the various industries like Fertilizer, Batteries, Cleaning, Coatings and Crop Nutrition, and Medial chemicals. Tata chemical is the 3rd largest detergent soda manufaturer in the world. The company majorly works with B2B business and export the chemicals to 4 continents over the globe. In Pune the company have the largest nanotechnology and biotechnology R & D center.

Recently, Tata chemicals introduces Li-Ion battery which produces high power and high efficiency to store the electricity. In the Tata motor’s cars and other vehicles uses the Tata chemical’s manufactured batteries. According to the company Tata Motors working on the Electric Vehicles and in the coming time we see the Li-Ion used Tata EVs.

Apart from this, the company have 3 other R & D center for various research in India. According to the reports the company works on 20+ futuristic nanotechnology, power solution, and other chemicals. The company have more then 13 manufacturing plants all over the globe. InsperiCo is a Trademark of the Tata Chemicals in which the company works on the recycling of the Li-ion batteries.

Company Details

  • Official Website –
  • Headquarter – Mumbai
  • Establishment – 1938
  • Market Cap – ₹10,667 crores
  • Current CEO – Ramakrishnan Mukundan
  • Parent Company – Tata Group
  • Founders – J. R. D. Tata
  • Email – Here

3. HBL Power Lithium Ion Battery

HBL Power Limited is an Indian multinational company started in 1977. HBL works in the Power Generation technologies like Solar, Power Plants and Batteries. In the starting the company manufactures batteries for Commercial Aircrafts and Defence sector. Now, HBL is one of the leading battery producer in India. Also HBL have the manufacturing plants in America and Europe and exports batteries to more the 35 countries. Nowadays, the company stated to manufacture Li-Ion batteries for electronic equipment and vehicles with the partnership with various B2B businesses.

Company Details

  • Official Website –
  • Headquarter – Hyderabad
  • Establishment – 1977
  • Turnover – 1200 Crores per year
  • Current CEO – Aluru Jagadish Prasad
  • Founders – Aluru Jagadish Prasad
  • Toll Free No. – +91-891-2543255
  • Email – Here

4. Bharat Power Solutions Lithium Ion Battery (BPS India)

Bharat Power Solution is an India based company started in 2009. The company manufactures batteries for Inverter, Vehicles, Solar Power Storage etc. The company majorly work with B2B business and they have 80% of the market in domestic and rest 20% out of India. Bharat Power Solution manufactures Li-Ion batteries for Electric Cars, Busses, Telecommunication Systems, House hold electrical equipment with price range of ~ Rs100 to 2.5 lakhs.

Company Details

  • Official Website –
  • Headquarter – Uttar Pradesh
  • Establishment – 2009
  • Yearly Turnover – 10 to 25 crores
  • Current CEO – Deepak Sharma
  • Founders – Deepak Sharma
  • Toll Free No. – 08048419970
  • Email – Here

5. Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. ltd Lithium Ion Battery

Luminous Power is a well known brand in India. It is an Indian company stated in 1990s in Haryana. The company manufactures House hold electronic equipment, Commercial power storage solutions, Inverters, and Vehicles Batteries. There are 7 manufacturing plants in India and export the products to more then 36 countries over the globe.

Company Details

  • Official Website –
  • Headquarter – Haryana
  • Establishment – 1990s
  • Yearly Turnover – 3,500 to 4,000 crores
  • Current CEO – Arun Nagpal
  • Parent Company – Schneider Electric
  • Founders – Rakesh Malhotra
  • Toll Free No. – +91 8906-008-008
  • WhatsApp No. – +91 7042-833-939
  • Email –

FAQs On Lithium Ion Battery

What is bad about lithium-ion batteries?

We all know everything in the planet have advantages and disadvantages. The Li-Ion batteries are revolution in the world of transportation and other electrical used. Because the Li-Ion batteries have the high efficiency to store the electricity. But the main disadvantages of the Li-Ion batteries is it is costing compared to others. And when the plates of the batteries will damage then it can’t be use again. Also when then battery will completely discharge then the battery will damage.

What is the cost of lithium ion battery?

The costing of the Li-Ion battery is depends on various factors like Manufaturer, Power, and Usability. In India the Li-Ion battery charges are ~2500 for the 100 watts per hour.

How long do lithium-ion batteries last?

The lifecycle of the Li-Ion batteries is estimated about 300 to 500 charge cycle which will be 3 to 6 years.

Who is the largest manufacturer of lithium batteries?

Panasonic and Tesla’s partnership manufacturing company Tesla Giga Nevada is the largest Lithium Batteries manufaturer in the whole world.

Are lithium ion batteries made in India?

Yes, the Li-Ion battering made in India. Due to the new revolution in the world of the vehicles lots of the Indian companies are manufacture the Li-Ion batteries.

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