Top 10 Best Led Light Manufacturers In India [Updated 2022]

Led Light Manufacturers In India

In this article, we will discuss some of the Top Led Light Manufacturers In India. LED is equipment which we use as the light source. Some years back we use the light bulb which was made of filament but today we mostly use led light. Because LED light consumes very little electricity compared to filament light and provides much more light than that. It is also very good for our environment because we need very little energy to use it and it is more cost-effective.

LED works on Light Emitting Diode Technology. It is a semiconductor in which when we supply current, then it produces light. It is a very simple technology that any company can easily use. That’s why many small companies are making LED bulbs and we are seeing many different types of LEDs in everyday life. We can see this industry for MSMEs.

The LED light users in India grows rapidly. A few years ago the LED technology was not adopted by Indian companies. So more of the LED lights are imported from other countries like China and USA. The Indian government is introducing and promoting the Self-Reliant India Movement on a big scale. That is why we are adopting the technologies and manufacturing most of the LED lights in India. But not 100%, according to the report in the coming time we produce more LED lights because some of the big companies like SYSKA, Havells, Surya and others invest a very big amount in the LED industry.

Led Light Industry In India

In the last few decades, the use of LED bulbs becomes so much that its market alone is about $15 billion dollars. And this number is increasing very fast every year because we use LED bulbs in many types of decorations, houses, roads, and others. Also LED bulbs to come in many colors with controls.

List of The Top LED Light Manufacturers In India

LED technology is also used in many small companies, due to which hundreds of companies make LED bulbs in India today. Directly and Indirectly, many people are associated with this industry, but in today’s article, we will talk about some big LED Light Manufacturers In India. We will talk about who manufactures the most LED balls in India. In the coming time, we will update this article continuously.

LED ManufacturersEstablisationCurrent CEORevenue
1. Philips Led Light1891Daniel Mazon1,953.5 crores EUR
2. SYSKA Led Light1989Rajesh Uttamchandani900 crores INR
3. Havells Led Light1958Shashi Arora9,553 crores INR
4. Bajaj Electricals Led Light1945Sanjeev Bajaj29,919 crores INR
5. Surya Led Light1973Ramanjit Singh6,000 crores INR
6. MIC Electronics Led Light1988Ramachandran Ranga50 crores INR
7. VIN Semiconductors Led Light2005Subhash Pawar50 crores INR
8. Instapower Led Light2003Satyajit Rai Vaish100 crores INR
9. Reiz Electrocontrols Led Light1988Sidharth Agarwal10 crores INR
10. Crompton Greaves Led Light1878Mathew Job4700 crores INR
11. Halonix Led Light2009Rakesh Zutshi1000 crores INR

1. Philips Led Light

Philips is a Dutch-based international electronic company that manufactures almost every type of household electronic goods. Philips is very famous for the long life of its product and quality electric equipment. Philips manufactures many types of LED bulbs in India in today’s technological world, Philips has also developed a variety of Wi-Fi lights that offer fully automatic and highly controlled and modern design LED bulbs.

Philips won the Red Dot Award in 2019, Red dot is an international designing competition company that competes in the design of equipment and various types of electric gadgets all over the world and big companies participate in this competition. Philips sells its products in more than 100 countries.

Philips Led Light

2. SYSKA Led Light

SYSKA is an Indian company started in 1989 by Shree Sant Kripa Appliances Private Limited (SSK) Group of Maharashtra. The company provides around 75% of the LED bulbs across India and is one of the most trusted and best-selling LED bulbs in India. SYSKA in India is very famous in terms of life span and quality of its product as well as design. In recent years, SYSKA has heavily advertised its LED bulbs in India which increased their revenues rapidly.

SYSKA holds more than 40 patents today. The company has a lot of experienced experts today who are keeping an eye on every single feedback of their consumers and improving its product day by day. This is the biggest reason the company has captured 75% market of the whole of India in a very short span of time.

SYSKA Led Light

3. Havells Led Light

Havells is a well-known company in India that manufactures home electronic equipment such as Light bulbs, fans, switches, appliances, water heaters, and electronic devices used in everyday life. The company was started in 1958 by Qimat Rai Gupta from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Today, the company supplies its electronic products to more than 50 countries all over the world. The company has more than 40 branches all over the world and has 13 manufacturing plants which are located in India.

According to the Brand Trust Report, the company is one of the 125th most trusted companies in India. Havells manufactures various types of LED bulbs used indoors and outdoors. In this new technology era, Havells has also manufactured many types of LED bulbs which is fully automatic.

According to the company, their LED bulbs consume very little electricity than ordinary LED bulbs and live longer than normal LED bulbs. They have expert research and development team in which they solve every smallest problem which faces their consumers and always try to make their product more efficient.

Havells Led Light

4. Bajaj Electricals Led Light

Bajaj Electric is one of the oldest electronic equipment manufacturing companies in India. The company was started in 1938 by the Bajaj Group. The company manufactures Home Appliances, LED and Outdoor Electronic Devices, and Gadgets.

According to the company, there is a turnover of about 4,900 crores per year. The company is also doing work in wind energy and solar energy and apart from this, they have introduced many illuminations and lighting products in the market. The company has more than 20 branches and more than 500 customer care all over India. Apart from this, the company also exports its electronic products outside India.

Bajaj Electricals Ltd Led Light

5. Surya Led Light

Surya Roshni is the second-largest LED manufacturing company in India after SYSKA. The company was started in 1973 by B.D Agarwal from Delhi India. Today the company manufactures Steel, Lighting, LED, Kitchen Appliances, and PVC Pipes and supplies in more than 50 countries. According to the company, the yearly turnover is more than 6,000 crores. The company is also certified with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 under international performance of safety standards.

Surya Led Light

6. MIC Electronics Led Light

7. VIN Semiconductors Led Light

8. Instapower Led Light

9. Reiz Electrocontrols Led Light

10. Crompton Greaves Led Light

FAQs on Led Light Manufacturers

Does India manufacture LED lights?

Yes, there are many such companies in India that manufacture LED bulbs like SYSKA manufactures up to 75% of LED bulbs in India and the company has more than 40 patents. Apart from this, companies like Bajaj, Surya, Havells, Philips, and others manufacture LED bulbs in India.

Which is the best-LED light company in India?

According to the report, the LED bulbs of SYSKA and Surya company are used in large quantities in India. These two companies manufacture more than 90% of the LED bulbs in India. According to the report, these two companies are highly trusted companies in India.

How many LED light companies are in India?

Hundreds of registered and non-registered companies in India manufactures LED light in India.

Who is the largest LED manufacturer?

According to the report, SYSKA is one of the largest LED manufacturers in India who capturing more than 75% of the LED light marketplace. And Surya is the second-largest LED manufacturer in India who capturing more than 15% of the market.

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