Top 10 Jute Bags Manufacturers In India Updated List 2022

Are you finding Jute Bags Manufacturers In India? Here you can see the list of top manufacturers. Also, I have answered below, some of the most asked queries on the internet.

Jute bags are eco-friendly and easy to manufacture. The government of India encourages people to avoid using plastic bags as it is very harmful to our environment. This is the main reason why the production of degradable bags and materials is increasing day by day.

After thorough research, I have listed down some of the top jute bag producers in India. If you have any kind of feedback or queries regarding this topic, then do comment below. I will always be here to answer all your questions and improve our articles through your feedback.

India is the world’s top producer of jute and jute production in India dates back 150 years. There are over 70+ jute mills, with about 60% of them located in West Bengal, India. Because it is biodegradable and continually replenished, raw jute is environmentally friendly.

As a more eco-friendly alternative to polythene, jute and its products are making a comeback. India is home to many jute bag producers who provide shipping services to countries across the world.

Indian jute bags are renowned for their excellent strength and stylish designs that are ideal for any situation.

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Jute Industry In India: Updated 2022

Jute Industry In India
Jute Industry

Jute is India’s oldest and most well-known industry. States such as West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Bihar are some of the major producers of Jute in India.

Over the past few years, jute and products made out of jute from India have seen tremendous growth in exports.

The overall amount of jute exports increased at a CAGR of 9% between 2015–16 and 2020–21. As of February and March 2022, around $49 million worth of Jute and floor coverings is exported by India.

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Top 5 Jute Bags Manufacturers In Kolkata List 2022

Jute Bags Manufacturers In Kolkata
Jute Bags Manufacturers In Kolkata

Kolkata has always been among one of the largest producers of jute in India. Kolkata is famous for its stylish and trendy jute bags.

The government of Kolkata has been promoting the use of eco-friendly and biodegradable products to support our environment.

After the ban on plastic bags, jute bags have taken over the market and are now widely used by people across the country.

Given below are some of the top jute bag manufacturers in Kolkata.

Company NameStarted InContact NoWebsite
Mohan Jute Bags198903322172479
Puspa Jute Bags199609874061535
Earthyy Bags201603322870544
Hitaishi Creative197409831701586
APCIM Global 200103340031031

10 Jute Bags Manufacturers In India List 2022

1. Krishna Jute Bag

Krishna Jute Bag Co. is one of the top best jute bag manufacturers in India that has been producing and exporting high-quality jute goods ever since it was founded.

OBC Expo Gold Card recognition for its premium goods and services was given to them.

The team of expert professionals and the latest machinery help Krishna Jute company to sustain its high production rate.

2. Nuzhat Jute Bags Factory Private Limited

With an experience of more than 12+ years, Nuzhat Jute Bags was started in 2010. Nuzhat Jute Bags are quite popular and rank among some of the top jute bag suppliers in India.

Mr. Aslam Qadri, the CEO has led the company with his vision and helped them achieve great growth and success.

Jute bags, bottle bags, and file folders are some of the top-selling products of this company.

3. Prince Bag House

This family-owned business, known as Prince Bag House was founded in Pune in 1998.

This family-owned business has expertise of more than 30 years and is one of India’s top jute bag manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and wholesalers.

The Prince Bag House offers a variety of quality bags to choose from including tiffin bags, office bags, shopping bags, and so on.

4. Jamia Jute Bags

Jamia Jute Bags was founded in 2014 and specializes in bags made of jute.

Jamia Jute Bags began its journey with the goal of being the top provider of jute-based goods in the Indian market.

Today, Jamia Jute Bags is one of the top jute bag manufacturers in India that offer a wide range of products, such as ladies’ jute handbags, jute laptop bags, and jute lunch boxes.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of the company and that’s why they focus on improving the quality of its products to promote good business relations with its customers.

5. Rays Handcrafts

The draw of the world is Indian handicrafts. Handcrafted things are those created using environmentally friendly materials, natural fibers, and creative designs and applications.

Their large design team produces the greatest visuals for eco-friendly Jute bags and other Jute items.

The company is dedicated to creating high-quality, environmentally friendly items from materials including cloth, Jutes, paper, wood, and bamboo.

Rays Handcrafts uphold the values of a Green Earth, Green Products, Pollution-Free Living, and Reusable Materials.

6. PM Jute Industries

Products made of jute have gained popularity since they are durable and accessible at low costs. PM Jute Industries was established in Satara, Maharashtra, India, in 2019.

PM Jute Industries had a specific goal when they entered the industry. The goal was to support the jute industry by being a leading jute bag supplier and manufacturer in India.

Jute Gunny Packaging Bags, Jute Gunny Brown Bags, 100 KG Jute Gunny Bags, and so on are some of the top-selling products of PM Jute Industries.

Within a very short amount of time, PM Jute Industries has established itself as one of the best jute bag manufacturers in India.

7. Bangalore Fort Farm Limited

Bangalore Fort Farm Limited was founded in Bangalore in 1966 and is famous for manufacturing jute bags of the highest quality.

Jute yarn, jute ropes, hessian, and other items are among the other goods that the firm produces.

One element that sets Bangalore Fort Farms Limited apart from other jute bag producers in India is its customized approach.

8. Raj Packaging

Raj Packaging was founded in 1997 and is a well-known manufacturer of nonwoven bags, jute bags, canvas bags, cotton bags, and other types of bags.

Raj Packaging is popular as one of the top jute bag manufacturers in India that also provide non-woven bag printing services.

Thanks to Mr. Bhavesh Shah, the mentor, and proprietor of Raj Packaging whose vision has made it possible to establish itself as a powerful competitor in the jute bag industry.

His superior managerial abilities have allowed us to serve the demands of our esteemed clients in the most effective way possible.

9. Gloster Limited

Jute manufacturing has been a focus of Gloster Limited since its founding in 1913. The business exports all of the Jute & Jute Allied Products that are produced.

Bauria in Howrah, West Bengal, is where the company’s two production facilities are situated.

The current administration has more than 64 years of experience in the jute sector, and it has also managed sizable jute manufacturing facilities that provide premium jute fabric and jute bag raw material.

10. Sun Jute Bag Manufacturers

Sun Jute Bag Manufacturers is one of the top jute bag manufacturing companies in India. This company of women entrepreneurs offers a large selection of personalized jute bags.

The company is exclusively run and managed by women.

They specialize in producing jute bags of the highest caliber. We provide personalized jute bags in a variety of shapes, patterns, colors, and more.

Final Words

As a more eco-friendly substitute for polythene, jute and its products are making a comeback.

India is home to several jute bag producers who offer shipping services to countries all over the world.

Indian jute bags are renowned for their excellent strength and stylish designs that are ideal for any situation.

I hope you find this list of the top 10 best jute bag manufacturers in India useful. For any update or query, you can comment down in the comment section.


Are jute bags cheaper than plastic bags?

The cost of a plastic bag is somewhat around 25 to 50 paisa which is comparatively cheap than a jute bag which costs around 20 rs.

But a plastic bag can only be used once. However, jute bags can be used again and over again for an extended period of time.

In short, bags made out of jute prove to be cheaper in the long run.

Is jute bag manufacturing profitable?

Jute bag usage has significantly expanded over the past few years, making it a profitable industry.

Jute bags are usable and their eco-friendly nature makes them ideal for daily usage.

After the launch of Make in India, people have started carrying these jute bags as a trend and now jute bags in India have become a style statement.

How long do jute bags last?

Jute is a highly strong and durable fiber and is 100% biodegradable making it eco-friendly.

Because of their durability, jute bags can be used again and over again for an extended period of time. Which gives it a life span of 1 to 2 years depending on the usage.

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