Top 10 Best IT Company In India [Updated 2023]

Best IT Company In India

Manifesting for an opportunity in the fastest-growing industry? The IT sector will back you up with numerous career paths and high remuneration. So, what exactly is an IT company? What is the current status? and its revolution over the past years? Let’s swiftly drift into the details to know the top “IT Company In India” and every possible aspect related.

This article consists of aspects related to some of the top IT sector companies; their history, services provided, and current status. 

IT companies are held responsible for the success of diverse businesses by keeping an eye on storing confidential data, retrieving the information, and providing technical support while making sure the operations work swiftly.

Presently, the IT industry in India accounts for 9.3% of India’s GDP and 56% of the global outsourcing market. Several recent studies indicate that India’s IT market is anticipated to grow to US$ 19.93 billion by 2025. 

If we dive a little deeper into the facts, According to Gartner estimates, Indian IT expenditure was expected to be US$ 81.89 billion in 2021 which increased to 101.8 billion in 2022, a 24.31% YoY increase.

Not just this, but the Indian IT firms are expected to propose 1.05 lakh job opportunities to fresh talents in recent years. Now, IT sectors are marking their territory across the nation, helping India to move beyond agro-based industries. 

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List of Top 10 IT Companies In India

Tata Consultancy Service (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Service is considered the Largest IT company in India helping clients to build the future. The company is an assortment of tech expertise and business intelligence to yield a change and deliver satisfactory results.

TCS is an international king in IT services, consulting, and business solutions that generally functions as a full stakeholder to businesses and partners with clients to give their businesses a great boost.

The company makes annual revenue of 1.96 lakh crores INR with 37.31% ROI. The market capitalization of TCS is 12.42 trillion INR which has been made possible by their professionals—606,331 global professionals together with 35.5% women from 153 nationalities. 

Health insurance, cafeteria, transport reimbursement, training, pediatric care, foreign trips, and education assistance are some of the facilities provided by the company to its employees.

  • Established in 1968 by Tata Sons
  • Headquartered in Mumbai
  • Chairman of the co. is Natarajan Chandrasekaran and the CEO is Rajesh Gopinathan.
  • Operates in 149 locations across 46 countries
  • Stock price: TCS (NSE) ₹3,391.80 

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Although Accenture is an Irish-American IT services company based in Dublin, it has consistently ranked as the top company for 2022 in India by LinkedIn. 

One of the best IT companies in India specializes in Information tech services and consulting, mainly focusing on the ingenuity and incredible diversity with more than 120 countries served. 

The company makes annual revenue of 5,053 crores USD (2021) with 42.92% ROI. The market capitalization of Accenture is 201.52 Billion which has been made possible by their freshly brewed talents—7,10,000 (2022) employees with an aim to achieve a gender-equality workforce by 2025.

  • Established in 1989 by Clarence Delany
  • Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland
  • CEO is Julie Sweet (2019-present).
  • Operates in 120+ countries with 200,000 innovators
  • Stock price: ACN (NSE) $318.62
  • is the original website of the co.

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Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company offering IT, outsourcing, and business consulting services—a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting.

Infosys also enables business units to deliver unparalleled execution while taking care of clients’ dignity at utmost priority via digital agility.

The company makes annual revenue of 1 lakh crore INR (2021)(2021) with 27.6% ROI. The market capitalization of Infosys is 6.69 trillion INR where the number of employees counts for 3,35,186 (2022).

  • Established in 1981 by Narayana Murthy and co-founders
  • Headquartered in Bengaluru
  • CEO is Salil Parekh (2018-present).
  • Spread across 234 locations in 50+ countries
  • Stock price: INFY (NSE) ₹1595 
  • is the original website of the co.

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Cognizant is an American multinational IT service and consulting company that delivers excellence by leading digital transformation and provides services like Cloud enablement, Application services & modernization, Data, Analytics & AI.

No matter where the company is based, it has always been ranked on the list of top IT companies in India (Chennai). US clients are majorly handled by Indian employees in Cognizant. 

Cognizant is categorized into several verticals (Insurance, Banking sector, Healthcare, etc) and horizontal units (Analytics, mobile computing, BPO, and Testing).

The company makes annual revenue of $19.7-19.9 billion (expects to increase by 6-7%). The market capitalization of Cognizant is $34.96 Billion where the number of employees counts for 3,41,000 (2022).

  • Established in 1994 by Kumar Mahadeva and Francisco D’souza
  • Headquartered in New Jersey, US
  • CEO is Brian Humphries (2019-present).
  • Stock price: CTSH (NASDAQ) $69.86 
  • is the original website of the co.

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Wipro Limited

Again, a vast IT service company providing tech support, data analytics & AI, strategic planning, digital operations & platforms, cyber security, blockchain, and consulting to various clients.

Globally identified for its encyclopedic portfolio of services, adherence to sustainability, and good corporate citizenship. 

Concurrently, one of India’s most promising technology companies is in search of new ideas and practicing every method to build a better future. Refer to the original website for more career opportunities. 

The company makes annual revenue of 75,000 crores INR with 19.01% ROI. The market capitalization of Wipro is 2.39 trillion INR where the number of employees counts for 240,000, a 20% increase from 2021.

  • Established in 1945 by M.H Hasham Premji, owned by Azim Premji
  • Headquartered in Bengaluru
  • CEO is Thierry Delaporte (2020-present).
  • Stock price: WIPRO (NSE) ₹437.25
  • is the original website of the co.

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Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra who has recently partnered with Mahindra University for research enables Enterprises, Associates, and Society to prosper through innovative, customer-centric IT experiences.

Tech Mahindra delivers end-to-end digital transformation and business solutions including technologies such as 5G, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, etc. The website runs on the dark mode which saves 16.73 kW of energy consumed.

The company makes annual revenue of 6.0USD Billion total revenue. 158,000+ professionals help them connect and foster experiences, 1262 Global customers, and operate in 90 Countries as a whole.

  • Established in 1986 by Anand Mahindra
  • Headquartered in Pune
  • CEO is C.P Gurnani (2012-present).
  • Stock price: TECHM (NSE) ₹1.007
  • is the original website of the co.

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HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is a top-performing global technology company helping businesses reinvent themselves for the digital era.

Their technology and services incorporate decades of innovation, a strong culture of invention and risk-taking, and a rigorous focus on client relationships clearly differentiates them from others in the market.

Services provided by them are IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), and Products and Platforms (P&P). 

The company makes annual revenue of US$ 11.79 BN. 211,000 ​Ideapreneur constantly working on providing services and operating in over 157 nationalities across 52 countries.

  • Established in 1991 by Shiv Nadar
  • Headquartered in Noida
  • CEO is C Vijaykumar (2016-present).
  • Stock price: HCL TECH (NSE) ₹958.75
  • is the original website of the co.

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Mphasis Ltd

Mphasis devotes itself to extracting the best of next-generation technology to help businesses grow and succeed globally. 

Critical Scale and Agility, Deep Domain Experience, and Engineering DNA are some of the advantages of the company. They specialize in Cloud services, Blockchain Technologies, and Autocode AI.

The company makes annual revenue of 9,722 crores INR. The market capitalization of Mphasis is 442.75 billion INR where the number of employees counts for 14,098 (2022).

  • Established in 1992 by Jerry Rao
  • Headquartered in Bengaluru
  • CEO is Nitin Rakesh (2017-present).
  • Stock price: MPHASIS (NSE) ₹2353.80
  • is the original website of the co.

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Mindtree Ltd

With the help of its values incorporated; Collaborative Spirit, Expert Thinking, and Unrelenting Dedication, the company has made it possible to deliver digital transformation and information technology services from ideation to implementation, enabling Global 2000 clients to outshine in the market. 

The company generated a net profit of Rs 471 crore in June 2022. It is a part of the Larsen & Toubro Group. since 1999 where the number of employees counts for 38,518 (July 2022)

  • Established in 1999 by Subroto Bagchi & co-founders
  • Headquartered in Bengaluru
  • CEO is Debashish Chatterjee (2019-present).
  • Stock price: MINDTREE (NSE) ₹3526.00
  • is the original website of the co.

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Larsen & Toubro Infotech

LTI comes under one of the best and most esteemed companies in India, a multinational company that provides information technology, consulting, and digital solutions that have helped over 360 clients establish a strong foothold in this digital world.

With a robust, customer-satisfaction strategy and a persistent pursuit of world-class quality, the co. has unmatched capabilities across Technology, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing.

The company generates revenue of 1.59 lakh crores INR (2022) with ROE over 9%. The market capitalization of the co. is $32.67 Billion where the number of employees counts for 33794 (July 2022).

  • Established in 1946 by Henning Holck-Larsen and Søren Kristian Toubro
  • Headquartered in Mumbai
  • CEO is S.N Subrahmanyan (2017-present).
  • Stock price: LT (NSE) ₹1848.20
  • is the original website of the co.

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Above are some of the best IT companies in India that have grown and helped their clients to sustain in the competition through thick and thin. 

They have some great job and career opportunities to hop on with high remuneration and without higher college degrees.

Go through each one of them and do share it with your near and dear ones, it’ll mean a lot (you know the deal and the drill).

FAQs On IT Company In India

Which is the No 1 IT company in India?

According to recent data and reports, Tata Consultancy Services is the largest IT company in India in terms of net profit generated and capital.

Which IT Companies Are Best to Join as Freshers in India?

The following are considered the best IT companies to join without having any prior experience; TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, Infosys, and Accenture.

Which IT company gives the highest salary in India?

Google comes under the internet, cloud computing, computer software and hardware, AI, and the advertising industry. Rankings have consistently favored it due to its top-notch salaries and unique practices.

Which field is best in the IT sector?

Better the salary, the higher the demand. People can join the IT sector as Digital Marketers, Data Scientists, AI professionals, Software Engineers, etc.

Which IT course is best for the future?

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program, Digital Marketing, Post Graduate Program in Data Science, and Machine Learning Certification Course are some of the best IT courses for the future.

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