Top 10 Best IT Companies In Bangalore [Updated 2022]

IT Companies In Bangalore

Bangalore is the silicon valley of India. The cool beginning up the center of India is home to of all shapes and sizes organisations, many enterprises, and a large number of individuals who come from various parts of the country with various societies. Indeed, Bangalore is as of now not simply the IT capital of India yet in addition houses aviation, auto parts, biotechnology, hardware machine apparatuses, space research, science research, safeguard science exploration, and silk industry.

In any case, what is driving the examples of overcoming adversity of IT companies in Bangalore? The rapidly growing Bangalore has probably the best organizations to work for, with a special labor force, particular organization culture, and high representative commitment. These strategies help representatives feel engaged and important, which brings about incredible work and worker bliss. So which are the top 10 best IT companies in Bangalore to work?

We should check what the top 10 IT companies in Bangalore are doing to make a culture of an extraordinary spot.

The following are the 10 best IT companies in Bangalore to work for, which has been set in the best 100 work environments by Great Places to work in 2021.

List of Top 10 IT Companies in Bangalore

IT CompaniesEstablisationCurrent CEO
1. Accenture1989Julie Sweet
2. Infosys1981Salil Parekh
3. Amazon1994Andy Jassy
4. Google1998Sundar Pichai
5. SAP Labs India Private Ltd1996Kush Desai
6. Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services1991Anish Shah
7. American Express1850Stephen Squeri
8. Oracle1977Safra Catz
9. Samsung1938Kim Hyun Suk
10. Adobe Systems India Private Ltd.1998Shantanu Narayen

1. Accenture

Accenture is one of the top IT companies in Bangalore for freshers and the best consulting organizations in the world that is settled in Ireland. It is handled by CEO David P. Rowland currently. They are one of the first MNC’s to enter Quite a while and have 20 workplaces in Bangalore.
Its workers are given some of the very essential benefits like Vacation and Paid Off, sick leave, maternity, and paternity leave

Glassdoor Rating – 3.8


2. Infosys

Perhaps the most pursued and one of the top IT companies in Bangalore 2021 in India. The organization offers advantages, for example, paternity and maternity leaves, medical care protection, and standard hands-on training validating the way that representative fulfillment and bliss are vital components for the association.

It is a worldwide data innovation organization situated in India that work in business consulting, data innovation, and re-appropriating. Bangalore is the organization’s base camp. By 2020 income gauges, Infosys is the second-biggest Indian IT firm. Its market capitalization was $71.92 billion on December 31, 2020. The business has A credit score (as indicated by Standard and Poor’s).

Glassdoor Rating – 3.7

3. Amazon

Perhaps the most adored organizations in the Bangalore IT company list. The organization’s work culture is strongly inventive and significantly centered around offering extraordinary client experiences. Along these lines, you will discover a lot of learning openings because of being a piece of superior groups.


Continually supporting variety and consideration, Amazon representatives appreciate benefits like get-away and paid time-off, medical care protection, the alternative to telecommute, and maternity and paternity leaves. The web-based business leader started in India in 2014. From that point forward, Amazon India has proceeded to catch a major portion of the overall IT industry in India.

Glassdoor Rating – 4.2

4. Google

An adaptable plan for getting work done, office to appreciate outside and indoor games, rest units, free food, health care coverage, serious pay rates or more all, huge learning and development openings are a portion of the motivations that Google offers. It is no uncertainty, then, at that point, that the main global organization, offering imaginative innovation arrangements and then some, is perhaps the best organization to work for in Bangalore.

Glassdoor Rating – 4.4

5. SAP Labs India Private Ltd

Ascending from 3.7 to 4.1 Glassdoor rating in one year, this worldwide brand is outstanding amongst other IT companies in Bangalore and has decorated an amazing improvement in worker commitment and representative joy. SAP Labs has a huge number of drives to keep workers’ inspiration high.

Drives for ladies: Women workers are qualified for twenty weeks of paid maternity leave with extra offices during and post-pregnancy.

SAP Labs

SAPlings in-house crèche: This crèche obliges 250 kids in the age gathering of nine months to six years. Under this program. kids are given day-care, Montessori education, day camps just as different exercises.

Care forever: One of the most significant drives has been an Employee Benevolent Fund called ‘Care for Life Fund’ which is a simply willful, representative subsidized and worker oversaw drive, used to offer monetary help to workers and their families in the midst of sudden and unanticipated crises.

Different exercises: SAP has 33 interest parties, each obliging explicit fun exercises like show, music, craftsmanship, dance, and so forth to help workers seek after the interest of their decision.

Glassdoor Rating – 4.1

6. Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services

Mahindra Finance, an auxiliary of Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, is one of the country’s main non-banking finance organizations (NBFC). Meeting the monetary requirements of the huge populace living in the rustic and semi-metropolitan spaces of India, the organization’s workplace draws in probably the best ability in the field of money.

With hands-on preparing programs, worker-centered drives, a yearly financial plan devoted to out-of-office exercises, serious compensation bundles, and different advantages, Mahindra Finance is another incredible organization to fabricate a vocation, in the realm of money.

Glassdoor Rating – 3.8

7. American Express

With over 90% millennials of the absolute labor force, Amex has taught a work culture of appreciation and appreciation for one another among its representatives. Yet, if you are thinking about what more has shot American Express to the second position in posting high worker commitment this year?

Then, at that point, the appropriate response is, American Express is one of those associations which have encouraged a professional workplace that is intuitive, cool, and succeeding simultaneously. Additionally, don’t be shocked if you hear Zumba music from their places of business. “Mental and actual wellbeing is where we need to accomplish more work.

American Express

We need to ensure that representatives come and talk about it. We are working out approaches to handle pressure and go past representative bliss,” says Sanjay Rishi, president, American Express South Asia.

Glassdoor Rating – 4

8. Oracle

Oracle is the largest database and software company. When it comes to income, Oracle is the third-largest software company.

Among the top 10 IT companies in Bangalore 2021, Oracle has 10 workplaces in Bangalore that are arranged in regions to be specific Marathalli, CV Raman Nagar, Bannerghatta Road, Whitefield, Outer Ring Road, and so forth.

Oracle Database

Glassdoor Rating – 3.6

9. Samsung

One of the main companies in the hardware business, Samsung India widely upholds the inventiveness and variety of its workers. A South Korean worldwide, Samsung has an immense innovative workplace in Bangalore that recruits engineers for building innovation for new items.


With a work culture that is stimulating and moving, the organization offers a few representative advantages, for example, maternity and paternity leaves, free lunch, medical care protection, hands-on learning projects and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Glassdoor Rating – 3.5

10. Adobe Systems India Private Ltd.

Individuals at this organization, which makes pervasive projects like Acrobat and Photoshop, say they gladly remain behind its intense vision to change the fate of imagination.

Indeed, Staffers acclaim Adobe’s perpetually intriguing work and its enthusiasm for human expressions, which ­is additionally one reason for the inspiration of representatives.

With the representative-driven structure, Adobe has effectively installed a culture of trust, fellowship, regard, and pride among its workers.

Which representatives would not rate their work environment high on worker commitment and representative joy, when they have some good times clubs like skiing, climbing inside their working environment?

Glassdoor Rating: 4.3


IT companies have started to rule the market now. In the coming times, they will be the major superpower because many startups are also blooming to shine in this competitive market. Hence, we all need to normalize the fact of how speedingly IT is growing all around us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the biggest IT company in Bangalore?

Infosys is considered to be the biggest IT company in Bangalore. The campus of Infosys in Bangalore has an area spread over 81 acres. Around 30000 employees are a part of its in campus.

Why is Bangalore the silicon valley of India?

Bangalore is the technology capital of India. This is so because it is core to most of the top IT companies in India and the world. Around 67000 IT companies are registered in Bangalore.

Which is the first IT company in Bangalore?

Texas Instruments is the first IT multinational company which was set up in 1985 in Sona Tower, Millers Road, Bangalore.

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