Top 10 Best Interior Designers In Bangalore [Updated 2022]

Interior Designers In Bangalore

Interior Designers In Bangalore: An aesthetic environment can be only created by a designer. The interior designing companies, specifically, help to make the indoors as beautiful as they can be! The interior designing companies collectively have witnessed exponential growth in the market.

It climbs the ladder to become one of the top industries in the global market. It is a high-paying job that also provides the designers with complete satisfaction.

With the increasing development of India, interior designers help to create promising infrastructure, thus the industry is expected to be in demand for a long long time.

Bangalore is one of the most developed cities in India owing to the commercial hubs. The designers have done a splendid job in creating aesthetically pleasing indoors for these commercial hubs and also for the residential areas which are quite appreciated.

Based on the clients, the interior designing companies create a functional and homely environment for the people along with furnishing the interiors.

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10 Interior Designers in Bangalore 2022 List


Decorpot is one of the best interior designers in Bengaluru. It offers amazing services at excellent prices. Decorpot offers a variety of innovative technologies and contemporary designs. The company also keeps up with the trends from around the world.

It has created beautiful decorations for more than 2000 residential projects. It provides end-to-end solutions from planning to alignments. Decorpot expertise in residential projects covering all aspects of a home. Decorpot puts forth the needs of its clients to create a utilitarian and functional unit.

Currently, Decorpot operates in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. Decorpot has managed to create a wealthy portfolio of villas and apartments.

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D’life Interiors

D’life Interiors is a reliable interior designing company in Bangalore that provides fully customized housing plans. It provides the best interior design packages at affordable prices. The company operates in multiple cities like Coimbatore, Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai, and Mangalore.

Modern to luxury to antique, it specializes in creating all types of interiors. It is one of the largest and best interior designing companies in Bangalore.

The company has an experience of 18 years in the design industry giving it significant knowledge and experience to work on building themselves.

Scale Inch

Scale Inch provides one-stop solutions for commercial and residential projects. It specializes in commercial projects and gratifies the look of office spaces. It helps to create a perfect workspace with functional units.

Besides office interiors, it also builds and decorates retail counters, educational institutes, banking sectors, restaurants, and many more. Scale Inch is one of the best interior designing companies in Bangalore as it provides readymade tv units, wardrobes, shoe racks, puja units, etc.

It provides services like plumbing, flooring, false ceiling, insertion of electrical and network systems, painting, polishing, and many more based on clients’ choices. The residential projects mainly focus on villas and apartments with fully-fledged interiors.

Bluesky Concepts

Bluesky Concepts is one of the best interior designing companies in Bangalore that was established in 2012. The company has a knack for creating wondrous designs ranging from vintage, neoclassical, modern, sustainable, futuristic, etc.

The company has an apt for furnishing and color combinations that would suit best for the spaces. It aims to create an appealing ambiance and radiate a homely aura.

RAV Interior Designers

RAV Interior is a team of recently established interior designers that work on residential, commercial, as well as retail projects. It provides a full design package with a mission to convert the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The company has witnessed speedy growth and extreme recognition owing to its premium projects. The company has a specialization in modular kitchens, false ceilings, bedrooms, TV units, puja units, etc.


Carafina is one of the unique interior designing companies which is majorly headed by women. The company believes that a woman’s touch can make the homes lively.

The company provides excellent craftsmanship that is planned, organized, and executed with complete transparency to the customers. Carafina has a rich portfolio consisting of home interiors. It also gives a 3-year warranty on all its craftworks.

Kuvio Studio

Kuvio Studio has a team of talented, passionate, and driven interior designers that work on building spaces suitable and comfortable for its customers.

It mainly focuses on creating residential, commercial, and workspaces. It is a recently formed organization that has received countless approvals to be listed in the top interior companies in Bangalore.

Elegant designs, creative artworks, and unique identity are some of the criteria on which the company works. Kuvio has worked on luxury apartments, residences, villas, panache, offices, and many more.

WEA Designs

WEA Designs offers unique solutions to the customers based on their requirements or definitions of home. The company was founded in 2010 in Bangalore and is led by some of the most creative designers in the city.

The artistic customizations provided by the company are top-notch. WEA designs are home to skilled carpenters, expert furniture makers, excellent interior designers, and well-experienced architects.

Transparency and premium services are the key aspects based on which the company has reached the top. It has completed over 1000 projects in Bangalore.

Artis Interiorz

Artis Interiorz was founded in 2006 in Bangalore which is a turnkey designing company that aims to create style and work. It offers a balanced combination of contemporary styles with the latest technologies, thus, creating an attractive outlook.

The company is one of the best interior designing firms in Bangalore owing to its sleek apartments. The company has an eye for building the best apartments and villas in Bangalore.


Asense is another fabulous interior designing company that creates minimalistic, modern style, traditional, contemporary, and exquisite designs based on the needs of clients.

It follows a detailed process that is passed through the client at every stage of planning, organizing, and execution. Asense focuses on maintaining professionalism and professional ethics, customer-centric planning, and providing extensive services.


The companies mentioned above have crafted some of the best interiors in Bangalore. One should consider various design companies before choosing the one that suits the needs for the perfect interior for their house.

Other than these, there are many other interior designing companies that provide the best solutions for the creative outlooks of the house.

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