Top 10 Best Green Tea In India [Updated 2022]

Best Green Tea In India

For us all in India, the day begins with a cup of their number one mix for example tea. Aside from that, it has additionally been a customary contribution to invite visitors end even as an evening custom. Times are changing, and the presentation of the wellness fleeting trend has driven numerous individuals to float off from the normal rendition of milk tea.

With a variety of flavors accessible on the lookout, it has gotten very simple for individuals to snatch their preferred kind and start on to their excursion of weight reduction, right away.

The popularity of Green Tea has made it the essentials of today’s lifestyle. Speeding up Weight loss, Slowing Insulin spikes, Protecting Heart Health, and Treating Acne are a portion of the medical advantages acquired by drinking green tea.

Pick expensive green tea and blend to get the medical advantages alongside better taste. Lamentably, a large portion of the green tea accessible in the stores is normal or less than ideal in quality. This article will give you a thought regarding the Best Green Tea in India. A large portion of the Green Tea referenced is accessible effectively on the web or in natural stores in India.

List of Top 10 Best Green Tea in India

1. Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea

The second you open the crate, you’ll notice that Lipton Honey Lemon Green tea has a relieving smell. The packet has 100 tea sacks in it. One cup of Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea will make your experience delightful and body hydrating. You can make zero-calorie tea preparations utilizing these tea sacks.

Lipton Green Tea

Drinking this tea is useful for heart wellbeing, and having it consistently can give you hydrated and sparkling skin as well. That’s why it is the best green tea brand in India.


  • Simple to-utilize
  • Vegetarian
  • Sensibly estimated


  • The flavor may feel fake.
  • The number of leaves may be less.

2. Twinings Green Tea

Another UK brand Twinings has been in the tea business since the year 1706. Like its different sorts, Twinings green tea has its flavors removed from normal organic products. Drinking green tea these days is more to do with keeping away from a hefty refreshment like milk tea or espresso. Twining specifies the dietary voting demographic of every one of its tea on the rear of its pack.

Twinnings Green Tea

Some of the green tea fascinating flavors are lemon, jasmine, Cranberry, Pomegranate, mint, and ginger. Particularly the mint flavor, because of its invigorating and light taste has been known to be quite successful on vexed stomachs.

By and large one might say that drinking a Twining green tea is a greater amount of an encounter worth savoring and henceforth the entirety of its flavors discover favor with clients. This makes Twining green tea the best tea brand in India.

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3. Natural India Tulsi Green Tea, Lemon Ginger

Natural India brings you a standout amongst other remedial tea mixes with Tulsi Green Tea, lemon, and ginger. Tulsi is known as the Queen of Herbs, and it contains a plenitude of phytonutrients and cancer prevention agents. These mixtures support your safe and cardiovascular frameworks.

The cancer prevention agents in tulsi and green tea leaves shield your body from the unsafe free extremists. To put it plainly, Organic India’s tulsi green tea is the best green tea in India and the most awesome detox drink you can think of! Their tea sacks make it a wreck and fight-free exercise.


  • Strengthening flavor
  • Can be had hot or frosted
  • Drinking post-lunch or supper may ease processing.


Might trigger acridity

4. Organic India

It is the best tea powder in India. Their proverb so far has been to furnish individuals with quality items that are equipped for giving them the greatest medical advantages.

Accessible in different flavors duke dim, lemon ginger, pomegranate, and jasmine Organic India Green Tea can be bought from any retail location and their own webshop too.

Organic India

Notwithstanding, the greater part of the flavors in this brand is mixed with a sample of Tulsi which prevents numerous individuals from making a subsequent buy.

5. MSG Organic Green Tea

Accessible in an assortment of flavors like Elaichi, Rose, Masala plunge, and Tulsi and so forth this green tea is loaded with cancer prevention agents and supplements which quiet and alleviate your body with each taste.

The presence of Epigallocatechin Gallate(EGCG) has been ending up being ready to battle an assortment of sicknesses. So far Green tea has not had the option to get a lot of acknowledgment on account of its taste as certain individuals think that it’s severe to burn-through.

MSG Organic Green Tea

MSG Organic Green Tea is 100% natural, and client surveys say that its taste is better than the rest. Promptly accessible for buy through their online shop the brand likewise scores on the simplicity of procurement consequently fits the bill to turn into the best green tea in India.

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6. Vahdams Himalayan Green Tea


  • Collected from the nursery and stuffed in Delhi Facility before conveying it to your entryway.
  • Natural and Handmade
  • Environment Neutral and Plastic Neutral Facilities.
  • Into Green Tea business for 80 years
  • Directly from tea nurseries to your Door
  • Tea Gardens are in Darjeeling, West Bengal
  • Natural USDA affirmed
Vahdams Himalayan Green Tea


  • Not accessible in corner stores.
  • Costly, cost going from 315 – 400/ – per 100 grams.

7. Typhoo Green tea

A prestigious UK brand Typhoo was gained by ApeejaySurendra Group in the year 2005. Liberated from counterfeit flavors, additives, and sugar this brand gives an abundance of involvement of taste and prosperity together. Accessible in elite flavors like Jasmine, Moroccan Mint, and Lemongrass an everyday morning portion of this tea gives its clients all the medical advantages.

Typhoo Green tea

Outfitted with a high scent Typhoo Green tea needs just 2 or 3 hints in steaming hot water to furnish you with an unimaginable taste and experience. Since it tastes so great, Typhoo Green tea can be a beverage elective for the wellness cognizant, and subsequently, it is the best green tea brand in India for weight reduction. Notwithstanding, marginally on the costly side, this tea doesn’t discover favor with the thrifty customers.

8. 24 Mantra Tulsi Green Tea

Green tea from 24 Mantra has natural tulsi removes that helps you battle pressure. This tea professes to control headaches. The sack of 24 Mantra Tulsi green tea contains 20% Krishna Tulsi, 40% green tea, 20% Rama Tulsi, and 20% Vana Tulsi natural concentrates.

This reviving tulsi green tea fabricates resistance. It additionally eases pressure and upgrades respiratory wellbeing.

24 Mantra Tulsi Green Tea


  • Deals with headache and respiratory wellbeing
  • Contains confirmed natural fixings
  • Credible and adjusted taste


  • Exceptionally solid smell
  • Probably won’t feel reviving

9. Eco Valley Natural Green Tea, Pure Green

Eco Valley Natural Green Tea brags 50-100% green tea in its item. It has no additional counterfeit flavors. This green tea comes in unbleached channel paper tea sacks. You can make a zero-calorie drink if you don’t add sugar, milk, or nectar to this unadulterated green tea.

Eco Valley Natural Green Tea, Pure Green

Green tea from Eco Valley professes to help in weight control and invulnerability and digestion improvement, all gratitude to its cancer prevention agents!


  • Has 50-100% unadulterated green tea leaves
  • Without staple tea sacks
  • Accessible in various flavors


  • Tastes strange with milk and sugar
  • Exceptionally slender tea sack material – might detach without any problem

10. Tea Monk Global Green Tea Kadha Leaves


  • Extraordinary Iterative Process guarantees great fragrance and flavor in the tea.
  • Tea is rolled skilfully by craftsmen.
  • Natural and Handmade.
  • Directly from elite tea homes.
  • Accessible in numerous assortments and flavors.
  • Sun-Dried
Tea Monk Global Green Tea Kadha Leaves


  • Not Easily Available.
  • Not straightforwardly from Tea ranches, numerous brokers are included.
  • Costly, Price goes from 390 – 450/ – per 100 grams.

How to buy the Best Green Tea?


Purchase new green tea that has been culled and handled by the tea cultivator. Pressed green tea may be low in taste and advantages. These business items go through a few dealers, merchants, and wholesalers before getting pressed and provided to you, which influences their quality.


The first color of the green tea leaves ought to be green as it doesn’t oxidize like customary tea. At the point when you brew the green tea leaves, they should give you green-hued tea. Brown or dark-hued leaves are delivered when the tea isn’t prepared effectively.

Loose Tea Leafs

Consider choosing entire or free green tea. Free green tea is more powerful and tastes more extravagant as the fundamental green tea oils stay unblemished. Then again, green tea sacks contain dust and fanning that lessen their quality and advantages.


Guarantee to check the beginning of the green tea and quality confirmation. Additionally, get it from the green tea cultivators as they keep up with certain quality guidelines and sell just authentic items.

That is our list of the best green tea brands accessible right now on the lookout.

All you need to do next is – pick your favorite(s), blend a bunch, take it easy!

Recollect the general guideline for making green tea: more modest the tea leaves, more limited the fermenting time.

Additionally, putting away the tea sacks in the correct manner has a major effect on the taste. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Try not to open the packs to air. The tea may go flat or cause it to lose its flavor.
  • Daylight can debase the tea leaves, both the shading and flavor. Store the packs or free leaves in a cool, dry, and dull spot/bottles.
  • The tea leaves promptly retain dampness, which can make the tea taste harsh when you mix it. Keeping the compartment dry is vital.

Store your tea supplies in an impenetrable compartment, away from light and dampness. This guarantees you have a steady stock of new and solid green tea.


Most likely, that Green Tea is a solid refreshment contrasted with Coffee and Aerated Drinks. Yet, Green Tea isn’t a Miracle Drink that can fix Obesity, Immunity, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and Skin Problems. You can’t accomplish your objective by tasting some green tea in the first part of the day and having some snacks in the evening. You actually need a Balanced and Sustainable Diet, Proper Hydration, Better Sleep, and Regular Exercise to fix your medical problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which green tea is best in India?

Lipton Green Tea is considered the best green tea in India and also the oldest green tea.

2. What time of the day is perfect to consume green tea?

Morning is considered the best time for green tea intake. You can take it before your meals or early at night. In case you have anemia, avoid having a green team with your meal.

3. How to stop side effects from green tea?

To avoid such side effects, don’t intake green tea on an empty stomach. Always do it after a meal. This is so because if you can acid reflux or stomach ulcers, it can increase acidity.

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