Top 10 Best Glass Companies In India [Updated 2022]

Glass Companies In India

The list given below is going to help you look out for glass companies in India. We have listed the top 10 glass companies which could be fit for you to opt for. The list given below includes glass companies manufacturing different types of glasses like ceramic, office glass, interior glass, glasses used for cars, etc.

Glass is an integral part of any industry or even a household. We are directly or indirectly always associated with it. It is used in the biggest of automobile industries to the basic Smartphone screens that we always look at! Hence, it is one of the basic demands in the world thus, it requires quality and abundant manufactures to cater to all needs.

Increasing technology has helped countries to increase their machinery and yield less manpower for the sake of glass manufacturing on large scales.

Although India is not a big name in the glass industry around the world, it has a huge market and has made a global presence. The glass industry in India is sustainable and powerful. It even supports economic growth by providing a bulk of employment opportunities. India has two types of glass industries namely, the Cottage industry and the factory industry.

The cottage industry is responsible for manufacturing lightweight glass which could be used for daily needs. This industry does not require complex machinery as the work is carried out on a small scale. On the other hand, the factory industry is responsible for manufacturing bulky and heavy-weight glass which requires heavy machinery and a lot of manpower. 

Glass Companies In India 2022 List

1. Asahi Glass

Asahi Glass, also known as AIS, is a big name in the Indian market for glass manufacturing. It was established in 1984 and today it has established itself as one of the top glass companies in India. It widely focuses on producing automotive glass like laminated and tempered glass for cars, architectural glass consisting of heat-reflective and heat-absorbing glass and consumer glass includes glass used for home or office interiors. According to market capitalization, it is one of the largest glass companies in India. AIS India Glass, Asahi Techno Glass, Ise Chemical Industries, Asahi Fiber are some of the subsidiaries of Asahi India.

2. FUSO Glass

FUSA Glass was founded in 2001 with headquarters based in Mumbai. It offers a wide variety of glass according to the needs of customers. The company has its plants located in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai to offer complete Glass solutions. It offers automotive, architectural, and specialty glass. Tempered glass, heat-strengthened, fire-rated, laminated glass, decorative glass, insulated, ceramic printed, and glasses for security purposes are provided by the FUSO Glass. It is one of the top 10 glass companies in India.

3. Saint Gobain

Saint Gobain is a world-famous company that has been operating since 1665. It is known all around the world and is actively a part of 22 countries. Saint Gobain India serves as a subsidiary of Saint Gobain France which accommodates the headquarters for the company. The company manufactures crystals, glass, gypsum plasterboards, sealers, waterproofing chemicals, pipes, and tiles. It is known for manufacturing construction materials and high-quality glass. They have been working in the glass industry with an experience of 350 years. Saint Gobain India only has one plant in Maharashtra which is ISO and IATF certified.

4. La Opala RG

La Opala RG is one of the largest players in the Opal ware market for India. Opal ware is one of the fastest-growing industries which are gaining demands from individuals and institutional consumers. It was established in 1975 and today is one of the top glass producers in India. It bagged the title of being the first exporter of Opal Glass in India. It specializes in utensils and crockery. It is an unbeatable brand for decorative glass production with its fine craftwork, exquisitely unique and premium products.

5. Borosil Glass

Borosil Glass had been set up in 1962 with a vision to be a scientific glass producer and get its recognition on international level. It has its office in 5 prime cities of India. It produces Solar Glass in India. It operates to expand Green Technology in India. Borosil Glass specializes in manufacturing glass for science and industrial products, solar glass, pharmaceutical packaging, and consumer glass products.

6. Haldyn Glass

Hadlyn Glass was incorporated in 1991 in Gujarat and was formerly known as Haldyn Glass Gujarat Limited. It is known as the largest producer of food and beverage bottle makers. Amul being one of its major clients. It creates new shapes and designs for bottles which gives cutting-edge advantages to its clients. Haldyn Glass is one of the best glass manufacturing companies in India.

7. Empire Industries

Empire industries were founded in 1963 and were initially known as Empire Dyeing. It was a company confined to just dyeing and bleaching until it was bought by the CEO of Killick Industries Limited which renamed it to Empire Industries in 1975. It expanded its market in a variety of sectors like textiles and glass. The company produces world-class glass bottles for pharmaceutical companies. 

8. Pragati Glass

Pragati Glass was set up in 1982 in Mumbai. It provides glass bottles and also manufactures bottle caps, mold fabrication, frosting, printing, and coating for bottles. It serves perfumes, candles, liquor bottles, and food and beverages industries worldwide. It is a top glass manufacturing company in India with expanding global presence.

9. Piramal Glass

Piramal Glass is another Mumbai-based glass company that was founded in 1984. It is very familiar to the Pragati Glass in terms of specialization. It provides glass for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumes, food, beverages, etc. It is also known for catering end-to-end packaging in over 50 countries with a globally recognized name. 

10. Hindustan National Glass

Hindustan National Glass is a leading and one of the best glass industries in India. It has the first automated glass manufacturing plant in India. It specializes in making glass containers and is the key industry for the same. It was established in 1946, the year of liberation. It has its headquarters in Kolkata. It is the largest and oldest company in India. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the largest glass manufacturer in India?

The largest glass manufacturer in India is Asahi India for its wide range of glass products and Hindustan National Glass for its net profit. The other top glass companies in India have been stated above.

Which company is famous for glass?

The Asahi Glass is a famous name for its glass production. Some of the other known glass companies are Hindustan National Glass, Haldyn Glass, Borosil Glass, and Pragati Glass.

Where is glass made in India?

Glass in India is made majorly in Uttar Pradesh followed by West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. These are the leading states for manufacturing glass.


We have listed down some of the trending and top glass companies in India for 2022. The top 10 companies given above have been randomly categorized based on their types and popularity. All of these specialize in different fields of the glass industry. Thus, the list given above is just a random categorization that is not based on pricing, financial contribution, a specific type, or any other factors. They are just started to outline the final decision of glass companies based on their area of specialization for you to choose for yourself!

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