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If you are finding Top Foundry In Coimbatore then you are in the right place. In everyday life, we use a lot of utensils and items made of metals which are made with their own unique design. And this is possible due to a foundry factory, whatever we extract metals from the earth crust after which these companies molt the metals and it is given the desired shape, so that we use those things.

We use a lot of metals and with time it gets rusted and they start getting spoiled. Then by this companies it is melted again and made into something else. So, that we can use it again and it is also good for our environment that we can recycle things again and again after they are damaged.

Foundry is a process, in which we first crush the metals and pour them into the mold made in the furnace. So, that it can be given high temperature and liquefied from solid. Junk and oxides of other metals are formed in any metal, they come to the top surface in liquid form and it is removed and put on the mold. So, that the metal can take the same form again and we can use it.

Foundry Industry In India

Indian foundry industry is worth about $19 billion and India exports about $3 billion of foundry to other countries every year. 67% of the companies in the foundry industry comes under the MSMEs and the industry creates a huge number of employment in India. According to the report the foundry industry is also taking growth at a very fast rate yearly. In India Gray iron casting is done more than 70 percent alone and rest are Aluminium, Zinc, and other metals.

Uses of Casting in Vehicles, Tractors, Railways, Defense, Airplane, Textile, Electric Power Generation is extensively. According to the report, more than 20 lakh people gets job in India directly and indirectly from this industry in which there are 8 to 10 lakh such people who are laborers i.e. workers get maximum work in casting sector in India. According to the growth report in the coming 10 years the number of employment will be 4.5 million.

India is one of the second largest countries in the whole world who produce the largest number of casting and export to other countries. Manufacturing industries currently contribute about 15% in Indian GDP and the manufacturing companies is completely dependent on casting industry. It meaning the casting industry indirectly adds a huge number to the Indian GDP. And according to the report, the manufacturing industry in India will grow up to 25% in the coming 10 years, which will provide employment about 100 million people.

List of The Top Foundry In Coimbatore

As I told you most of the MSMEs are involved in the Foundry industry. It means casting company is available in huge quantity in India but in today’s article we will talk about some of the biggest Foundry In Coimbatore which are produces most of the casting items. So let’s know.

1. Meghala Foundry Pvt Ltd

Meghala Foundry Pvt Ltd is casting manufaturer who produces parts for vehicles, motors and manufacturing DC motors, Water Pumps and CI Casting. The company stated in 1994 from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu by Muthuswamy Guruswamy and Sri Hari. According to the company the monthly turnover is about 20 lakh the Corporate Identification Number (CIN) no. of the company is U27310TZ1994PTC005276.

Meghala Foundry Pvt Ltd Company Details –

  • Email ID – [email protected]
  • CIN – U27310TZ1994PTC005276
  • Registration Number – 5276
  • Contact No. – 9994311119, 0422 2318200

Meghala Foundry Pvt Ltd Casting Products List –

  • Helical Geared Motor
  • Electric Gear Motors
  • Worm Geared Motor
  • AC Geared Motor
  • DC Geared Motor
  • Agricultural Pump
  • Casting
  • CI Casting

2. Sri Gnanamurugan Foundry

Sri Gnanamurugan Foundry is a non registered casting company stated in 1992 from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu by Mr. R Nanjappan. The company produces Automobile, Railways, Chemical, Construction, Marine, Petroleum and Other engineering fields metal parts and supplies all the India. According to the company the yearly turnover is about 5 crores.

Sri Gnanamurugan Foundry Company Details –

  • Address – No. 2/371, Iruqur Road, Avinashi road, Telephone Exchange Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – 641 062
  • GST No. – 33AAFPE8679Q1ZZ
  • Contact No. – 9842266608, 0422 2628173
  • Gmail – [email protected]
  • Website – http://gmfindia.com/

Sri Gnanamurugan Foundry Casting Products List –

  • Motor Manufacturers
  • Textile Machinery Manufacturers
  • Machinery Manufacturers
  • Foundry Cast Iron Manufacturers
  • Cast Iron Manufacturers
  • Casting Steel Manufacturers
  • Iron Casting Manufacturers
  • Alloy Steel Casting Manufacturers
  • Pump Casting Manufacturers
  • Power Loom Machine Manufacturers
  • Ductile Iron Casting Manufacturers
  • Motor Casting Manufacturers
  • Grey Iron Casting Manufacturers
  • Industrial Casting Manufacturers
  • Casting Valve Manufacturers
  • Pulley Casting Manufacturers
  • Pump Casting Wholesalers
  • Grey Iron Casting Wholesalers
  • Cast Steel Casting Wholesalers
  • Pulley Casting Wholesalers
  • Metal Die Casting Manufacturers
  • Casting Valve Wholesalers
  • Ductile Iron Casting Wholesalers
  • Iron Steel Casting Manufacturers
  • Alloy Steel Casting Wholesalers
  • Motor Casting Wholesalers
  • Die Casting Motor Part Manufacturers
  • Carbon Steel Casting Manufacturers
  • Malleable Iron Casting Manufacturers
  • Malleable Iron Casting Wholesalers
  • Iron Steel Casting Wholesalers
  • Cast Iron Wholesalers
  • Casting Pump Part Manufacturers
  • Metal Casting Wholesalers

3. Auto Shell Perfect Moulder Limited

Auto Shell Perfect Moulder Limited is an India based non-government company stated in 1999 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The company is certified by  ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and PED Certification. It supplies the motor part to the companies like Honda, TVS, Mahindra and other big corporates. According to the company the yearly turnover is about 50 crores.

Auto Shell Perfect Moulder Limited Company Details –

  • Address – Auto Shell Group of Companies, # 129, Private Industrial Estate, Coimbatore – 641021 Tamil Nadu India
  • Phone – +91 422 4295444
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Website – http://www.autoshell.com/

Auto Shell Perfect Moulder Limited Products List –


4. Magna Electro Castings Ltd.

Magna Electro Castings Ltd. is an India based multinational foundry company located in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu. The company manufactures the casting for Bearing Cap, Frame Head, Linear Yoke, Pedestal, Push Rod, Valves, Valve Bodies and supplies all over the India also supplies other countries like France. According to the company the total yearly revenue is about 1 Billion INR.

Magna Electro Castings Limited Company Details –

  • Address – MAGNA ELECTRO CASTINGS LIMITED, 43, Balasundaram Road, Coimbatore Tamilnadu – 641 018, INDIA.
  • Tel – +91 – 422 – 2240109 / 2246184 / 2240487
  • Fax – +91 – 422 – 2246209
  • E-mail – [email protected]
  • Web – www.magnacast.com
  • GST No. – 33AABCM4711E1Z2
  • CIN – L31103TZ1990PLC002836

Magna Electro Castings Limited Products List –

  • Bearing Cap
  • Frame Head
  • Linear Yoke,
  • Pedestal
  • Push Rod
  • Valves
  • Valve Bodie

5. Sushil Castings Pvt Ltd

Sushil Castings Pvt Ltd is a non-government registered company located in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu by Vinay Sharma. According to the company the annual revenue is about 50 lakh to 1 crore.

Sushil Castings Pvt Ltd Company Details –

  • Address – D-3, Mamta Industrial Estate, Navghar Road, Bhayandar (East) Thane Thane MH 401107 IN
  • Tel – +91 22 65828970

Sushil Castings Pvt Ltd Products List –

  • Machinery Manufacturers
  • Casting Manufacturers
  • Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers
  • Cutting Tool Manufacturers
  • Ci Casting Manufacturers
  • Mild Steel Casting Manufacturers
  • Power Tool Manufacturers
  • Blade Manufacturers
  • Impeller Manufacturers
  • Alloy Steel Casting Manufacturers
  • Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers
  • Chemical Machine Manufacturers
  • Crane Part Manufacturers
  • NI Hard Casting Manufacturers
  • Chrome Moly Steel Plate Manufacturers
  • Wheel Hub Manufacturers
  • Manganese Steel Casting Manufacturers

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List of Top Foundry Company In Coimbatore

Meghala Foundry Pvt Ltd
Sri Gnanamurugan Foundry
Auto Shell Perfect Moulder Limited
Magna Electro Castings Ltd.
Sushil Castings Pvt Ltd

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