Top 10 Best Event Management Companies In India [Updated 2022]

Event Management Companies In India

Managing is one of the most difficult and exhausting aspects of planning any event, whether on a small level or at a larger one. For a smooth flow, most businesses prefer to enlist the aid of Event Management Companies in India.

This is also done to add a professional touch to the entire management team. Managing necessitates a lot of sweat and blood from the team of specialists engaged.

Event management is one of those sectors where the company’s success is tied to the success of the event they’re in charge of. A well-managed event entails a variety of tasks, ranging from decor to how the various functions are handled. 

There are a number of event management companies in India that do a superb job of shouldering the duty and providing excellent events for their customers.

List Of Top Event Management Companies in India

Cox And King

A travel and event management company with a London headquarters. Conference planning, seminars, business meetings, and numerous exhibitions are among the company’s major offerings.

Its very effective personnel deserves all of the credit for propelling the organization to such a high position among the top event management company in India.

Percept D Mark

Percept D Mark is another top event management company in India in 2022, with a corporate office in Noida. The group of over 1000 employees ensures that their clients receive the best possible service.

The firm works in the media, communication, and entertainment industries, assisting businesses in these fields. They specialize in advertising, design, and packaging, as well as marketing and brand consulting.

Percept Entertainment, Percept Sports & Entertainment’s Strategic Business Unit, focuses on the primary areas of Event Marketing & Management. Percept Entertainment was founded with the goal of providing the entertainment business with a variety of unique, specialized, and innovative services.

360-degree entertainment products and services, as well as customized 360-degree entertainment products and services. Percept Entertainment takes pride in consistently conceptualizing and developing thoughts and ideas that demonstrate originality, out-of-the-box creativity, and strategic 360-degree products and offers that enhance the entire event experience which makes them a leading event management company in India.

DNA Entertainment Network Pvt Ltd

The company’s headquarters are in Bangalore, and its ranking in the top five reflects the type of work it does and the services it provides to its clients. The organization ensures that its consumers receive reliability, quality assurance, and other benefits. Corporate event management, sports, and music are among the company’s core services.


Wizcraft is an event management company in India with a headquarters in Mumbai and has recognition on a global level. The company’s primary activities are entertainment and communication. Its experienced team of over 300 individuals is in charge of offering vital services such as store design, television production, and exhibitions.

Have you heard of IIFA? Wizcraft’s main event is this. Wizcraft is India’s most reputable brand activation and entertainment management organization, with roots in event planning dating back to 1988.

They are unquestionably the event industry’s trend-setters.
Wizcraft has a slew of high-profile events planned, and they’re becoming better every year at demonstrating their ingenuity not just in India, but around the world.

Fountainhead Transmedia

Fountainhead Transmedia’s headquarters are located in New York. The company’s main line of business is event planning and management. The company’s services include communication, entertainment, and advertising and are said to be the emerging and leading event management company in India.

Travel Corporation (India) Ltd

It is one of the most customer-friendly and dependable organizations in the country, with headquarters in NCR, Delhi. It has a staff of over one thousand people. As a business, the organization is concerned with destination management. Meetings, exhibits, and conferences are just a few of the services it offers.


The company maintains a corporate headquarters in New Delhi, which employs around 300 people. When it comes to the business that SITA is concerned with, it is associated with travel and event management. Conference management and exhibition are two of the company’s offerings.


Tafcon is a premier event management company in India with over 100 workers who are experts in their fields and collaborate to increase customer satisfaction. The company’s services are not limited to national levels; it has also expanded to international levels by providing worldwide exhibition and conference services.

Coal beneficiation, IME, Travel tourism and hospitality expo, and other government events have all been organized by them. TAFCON has exhibited amazing event management skills in their conferences, while not being extremely active on social media as a brand.


Second is based in New Delhi and is one of the country’s most well-known corporations. The organization has a dedicated team of over 1000 people that has led it to this point of accomplishment. B2B, B2C, and digital services are among the services it offers.

E Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

In Noida, E Factor maintains a corporate office. The company employs a large number of professionals who enable the company to provide its consumers with some remarkable and satisfying event projects.

This is the first company on the list that we’ve come across that offers wedding services as well. E Factor is an excellent choice for wedding planning. The organization also offers proprietary and corporate event planning services.

FAQs On Event Management Companies in India

What is the purpose of the event management company or industry?

An event management industry or company is one that works in the field of managing events for individual needs or to meet the needs of a business in terms of event planning.

Any organization or sector that provides services to individuals in the area of event planning is welcome to apply.

What is the significance of event management? | What are the advantages of event planning?

The most important aspect of the business is event management. Especially for businesses that sell actual goods. Any company launching a new product will do everything possible to promote its brand and products to the public.

And event management is an excellent solution to this problem. Because it has the ability to show your products to thousands of people during the event and thereafter by distributing recordings on other platforms.


I may have overlooked a number of other excellent event management firms in India, as well as the name of the greatest Event Management Service Provider firm. If you believe they should be included on this list, please email me using the form below. If I find them to be the best to list, I will relist them.

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