[Top 10 In 2022] Ethanol Producing Companies In India

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You are currently viewing [Top 10 In 2022] Ethanol Producing Companies In India

Ethanol is a chemical compound used in a wide variety of products. Apart from this, it is used as medicine like antiseptic and disinfectant. Although there are many companies producing ethanol in India. But in today’s article, we are talking about some of the Top Ethanol Producing Companies In India.

As we know that we can use any chemical in many ways whether it is harmful or beneficial for our health. Because each chemical has its own characteristics and some products are made by mixing that chemical with other chemicals which can be both good and bad for us. If we mix the yeast in ethanol, it becomes a drink that is a harmful chemical for us and it also causes many diseases.

According to the report, India’s ethanol market is worth about $4.5 billion. Ethanol is also used in large quantities as a fuel. There are big companies in India that produce ethanol, these companies produce ethanol in a variety of forms, such as sugar and molasses-based ethanol, grain-based ethanol, an industrial solvent, and fuel and fuel additives. Let’s see all the companies.

Top Ethanol Producing Companies In India List

Ethanol Producing Companies In IndiaEstablisationCEO
1. India Glycols Limited1983Mr US Bhartia
2. Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Limited1931Kushagra Bajaj
3. Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd1933Gursimran Kaur Mann
4. HPCL Biofuels Limited2009D K SAXENA
5. Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd1998Mr Kuok Khoon Hong
6. Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd1932Dhruv M Sawhney
7. Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd1975Vivek Saraogi (MD)
8. Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd1933Vijay Kumar Goel (Chairman)
9. Dalmia Bharat Sugar & Industries Ltd1951Bharat Bhushan Mehta
10. Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd1932Dhruv M Sawhney

1. India Glycols Limited

India Glycols Limited is an Indian multinational chemical producing company started in 1983. The company works in the industries like Agrochemicals, Automotive Detergent, Health, and Food Processing, Mining, and Oil and Gas. It is one of the largest chemical processing companies in India with highly developed R&D centers.

It is only one and 1st company in India that set up the cellulosic alcohol technology demonstration. Due to this, the company is able to produce ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass. The company planted 63,000 trees around their factories to save our planet and to contribute greenery to nature.

2. Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Limited

Bajaj Hindustan Sugar Limited is one of the oldest Indian multinational chemical companies, which was started in 1931. Apart from this, it is also one of Asia’s No. 1 and the World’s 4th largest Integrated Sugar producer company. The market capitalization of the company is about $150 billion.

3. Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd

Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd is an India-based multinational company founded in 1933. The company works around the staples, food, beverages, home, and personal care, and agri-inputs and has various FMCG leading product brands in India or other countries. Also, it exports its products to more than 45 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

According to the distribution network of the company, it is the largest integrated agri-business and FMCG company in India. The company has set up its first and biggest distillery unit in the 1940s and become one of the largest ethanol producers in India. The company extracts and produces ethanolic products like Fuel, Neutral Alcohol, Hand Sanitizer& Disinfectants, Spirits & Liquor, and Medicines and Drugs

4. HPCL Biofuels Limited

HPCL Biofuels Limited is a chemical-producing India-based multinational company started in 2009. The company is owned by HPCL – Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. In 2007 Government of Bihar invited sugar mills owned by Bihar State Sugarcane Corporation Limited and from that time the HPCL Biofuels Limited works under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas Government of India.

Majorly the company produces fuel ethanol chemicals and that can be blended with petrol. And the ethanol is sold by the HPCL, BPCL, IOCL’s which are the sister companies of HPCL Biofuels Limited.

5. Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd

Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd is a sugar producer Indian multinational company started in 1998. It is the world’s largest sugar manufacturer and refiner company. Also, the company manufactures fuel ethanol which is used in petroleum. The company has 7 largest manufacturing plants and two port-based refineries in India. The company has 4000 tonnes/day refining capacity with 600 kilolitre/day distillery capacity. The total market capitalization of the company is about 10,000 crores and have 1500 crores dept by the of 2020.

6. Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd

Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd is an Indian multinational company started in 1932. The company works around integrated sugar manufacturing, power transmission, water & wastewater treatment solutions, and defence. It is one of the largest integrated sugar manufacturers in India with 6500+ employees. The company produces fuel ethanol used with petroleum, Extra Neutral Alcohol, and Hand Sanitizers.

7. Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd

BCML – Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd is an Indian multination sugar and ethanol producer company started in 1975. It is one of the biggest sugar producers in India with 76500 tonnes of crushing capacity and a distillery capacity of 520 KL per day. The company produces fuel ethanol used as petroleum with Zero Liquid Discharge technology.

8. Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd

Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd is an Indian multinational sugarcane processing company founded in 1933. The company produces renewable power, fuel ethanol, alcohol, extra neutral alcohol, alcohol-based chemicals, and biofertilizers. It is one of the leading Sugar and Ethanol producing companies in India. The company continues working on the new technologies and R&D on the new products to achieve the high on sugarcane processing and green energy solutions.

The company is one of the largest producers of refined sulphurless sugar in India. The total revenue of the company is about 4200+ crores and the company has the regular growth in the turnover on the yearly basis.

9. Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd

Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd is a well-known Indian multinational company founded in 1994 started in Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the fastest-growing sugar and ethanol producer companies in India. The company has a total cane crushing capacity is about 35500 TCD and has 120 MW of co-generation capacity.

10. Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd

FAQs On Ethanol Producing Companies

Who is the biggest producer of ethanol in India?

There are many types of ethanol produced by various companies according to the market demand. But one of the big companies in India that produce high ethanol which is Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Limited & Shree Renuka Sugars. It is one of the largest green fuel ethanol producers in India.

What is the current price of ethanol?

The price of ethanol is varying according to the quality and brand of the ethanol. But according to the market research, the average price of one-liter ethanol is about 45 to 60 rupees.

Does India import ethanol?

Yes, some of the companies in India that do not produce ethanol import the chemical from other countries and use it in various products.

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