Top 10 Best CSR Companies In India [Updated 2023]

CSR Companies In India

The article mentions the top companies performing CSR activities in India. It aims to highlight the CSR projects conducted by the companies.

CSR projects are large initiatives taken up by large-scale and medium-scale companies to carry out Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility is a practice through which companies contribute to the society and environment by performing activities that are beneficial to both.

A number of companies are well known for their CSR activities which are beneficial in the environment, health, and social well-being sector. The initiative to mandate corporate social responsibility has been a great success in India and 

has highly contributed to different fields of social and environmental work. The CSR project conducted by the private companies leaves a positive impact on the community as well as enhances their companies.

List Of Top 10 CSR Companies In India 2023

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services

TCS provides empowerment for people and sustainability for the environment through various measures. By implementing digital entrepreneurship it helps the rural youth from socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society.

It provides the rural youth with digital courses which provides them with better job opportunities. The initiative was a collaboration between TCS and Non-Government organizations in rural areas.

Another initiative implemented by the company was investing in IT research. Being a part of IT service, TCS heavily invests in research and innovations that could lead to positive changes.

It also contributes to the environment by using various management methods. It largely focuses on water management, waste management, and carbon and energy management. The company uses eco-efficient services to reduce carbon footprints and believes in reusing processes to maintain sustainable management of resources.


Infosys Limited

Infosys had started its CSR projects very early in its career and is today considered one of the best CSR performing companies in India. It aims at alleviating hunger, poverty, and malnutrition whereas it works towards providing education, rural development, and empowerment of women.

Besides these, it also aims at providing a sustainable environment, and to ensure the completion of the objectives, Infosys has set up a number of drives and initiatives. All the objectives are implemented with the help of non-government organizations that provide support to make a difference in societies. 

Ambuja Cement

Ambuja Cement

The corporate social responsibility of Ambuja is handled by Ambuja Foundation to promote the social and economic development of communities.

Ambuja Foundation’s objectives include water resource management, providing relief materials in disaster situations, empowering women, providing better scope for agro-based livelihood, and also providing educational and health care facilities.

Havells India

Havells India is a manufacturing unit for FMCG products. It had taken business ethics to the next level by introducing non-radioactive and energy-efficient products. During the construction of one of the plant projects, it was observed that the children in Alwar, Rajasthan were engaged in labor work instead of schooling.

It was a challenging task for families to get sufficient two meals in a day and twice as difficult for children in that region. Thus, Havells took it upon themselves to provide the children with mid-deal meals in various government schools in the district.

The initiative aimed at creating ‘zero hunger in the Alwar region. This initiative fulfilled two CSR goals: child education and malnutrition. 

Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance Industries Limited is one of the largest companies in India with an impactful position in the corporate world. The company has immensely contributed to the health sector by setting up Reliance Foundation Hospital which is active in prime states in India.

RFH is strengthened by a world-class infrastructure that is setting international benchmarks and excellent hospitality. It also provides free and subsidized treatment to the needy in-patient and out-patient.

RFH has received a number of certificates and awards for its excellence in providing services. Reliance Hospital has also contributed to providing relief materials during the pandemic times. It has set up India’s first Covid dedicated hospital.

BVC Ventures

BVC Foundation is an initiative started by BVC ventures. This initiative is aimed at bringing all CSR activities under one umbrella. The primary areas of the BVC foundation’s CSR projects revolve around healthcare, education, and the environment.

It has started an annual tree plantation drive which reached its target of planting 1000 native trees.

The other projects initiated by the BVC foundation are the DOO Initiative which works on donating to orphanages and old age homes and an annual Blood Donation Campaign wherein the employees of BVC company actively participate to massively support health awareness.

Amazon India

Amazon India is an extended hand of Amazon which is a multinational American company.

It has done a lot of CSR projects in India and globally for instance using renewable energy and setting up power plants in India, they have also helped a number of women’s self-help groups in Mumbai.

It has contributed immensely to the field of health and sanitation and water management. Thus, Amazon is considered one of the best CSR performing companies in India.

Wipro India

Wipro Consumer Care is an extended arm of Wipro India that engages in dealing with social issues like the environment, health, and safety.

The vision for the company is to expand its business in socially responsible ways. It has implemented various policies which ensure the health of employees, citizens, and the environment.

It has made its place in the top CSR companies in India due to its excellent performance in initiatives and policies.

Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres has taken up a number of initiatives to combat environmental problems. Different practices are followed by Apollo Tyres to protect the environment, reduce the negative impacts upon the environment, and be environmentally sustainable.

The initiatives aim at providing widespread solutions for better health and hygiene. It has also provided help in biodiversity conservation, providing access to purified drinking water, eco-restoration, and improving the conditions of water bodies. 

Oil and Natural Gas Company

Oil and Natural Gas Company Limited (ONGC) is a government-owned crude oil and natural gas corporation.

It has multiple CSR initiatives in different sectors of education, sanitation, environmental sustainability, and many other areas. It has also set up multi-specialty hospitals to address the needs of people.

The amount of CSR projects carried out by ONGC makes it one of the top CSR companies in India.

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FAQs On CSR Companies In India 2023

Which company has the highest CSR performance in India?

Tata Consultancy Services have the highest number of CSR activities in India.

How many CSR performing companies are there in India?

There are over more than 16000 companies in India that do CSR activities. CSR activities are expected to be done by medium scale and large scale companies, especially ones which have their production in activities that are harmful to the environment or society. 

Is CSR a successful program in India?

Yes, CSR is a successful program in India. It has been observed that companies are taking efforts in fulfilling their CSR duties and contributing more than the required target in CSR activities. 

 Conclusion Of CSR Companies In India

The CSR initiatives by various companies have achieved a number of milestones and have been working actively for the well-being and betterment of society. But on the other hand, the companies are gaining just as much or even more.

Taking up corporate social responsibility ensures that the company is committed to ethical values and would work on ensuring environmental health even on their private projects.

These projects help them gain publicity and also attract a number of stakeholders due to their trustworthy status. Nonetheless, it is beneficial to society no matter what the intentions are!


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