Top 10 Best Construction Companies In Noida [Updated 2022]

Construction Companies In Noida

Construction Companies In Noida: Noida is a fast developing city located in Uttar Pradesh. I have listed some of the biggest and best construction companies in Noida in this article.

Globally regarded as one of the top jobs across the globe as countries aim to develop the best infrastructure for their countries, construction companies are a huge market.

The construction companies solely contribute 9% of the GDP in India. It is also the second-largest employer catering to the needs of laborers, freshers in civil engineering, and qualified developers.

Construction companies have been gaining immense popularity for their lucrative business style and the number of business opportunities it offers. 

We’ve composed a list of the Best Construction Companies In Noida, a planned city and one of the cities known for its groundwork in building IT Parks, entertainment facilities, shopping malls, and commercial buildings.

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List of Top 10 Construction Companies in Noida 2022

1. Earthcon Construction Pvt Ltd

Earthcon Construction is highly limited to real estate development. It pledges to provide its customers with the best quality and services keeping in mind the need for sustainable development.

It offers residential and commercial spaces at cost-effective prices and also adapts to the use of eco-friendly practices. It is one of the Best Construction Companies In Noida and several other north Indian cities.

One of the best frameworks of Earthcon Construction is Casa Grande and Casa Royale in Noida and the City Mall in Nainital. The company aims at providing affordable apartments to keep up with the changing lifestyles and trendy outlooks. 

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2.  Svarrnim Construction Pvt Ltd

Svarrnim Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (SIPL) is a leading construction and civil engineering firm based in Noida. They aim to provide architectural design and consulting and construction services all across the country.

The company has been in the field of community building for over 33 years. It has an excellent team of contractor building engineers and consultants for every project whether large or small, new or redesigned, and they are also accustomed to professional consultants and engineers for all requirements.

Primarily, they specialize in site development work such as roads, water supply, sewage, water supply, boundary wall, parks, ponds, springs, etc. SIPL provides these construction services in line with international industry standards and uses state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the best results.

Some of the excellent features that highlight the company’s value are timely completion of work, inexpensive solutions, fast service, new and innovative designs, knowledgeable and professional team, customer satisfaction, etc. 

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3.  MMR Group

MMR Group is a Noida-based company, a rapidly growing company for its excellence in design and architecture and customer satisfaction.

The symbolic representation of the company is derived from its integrity and professionalism. They majorly contribute to construction projects like shopping malls, office spaces, and schools.

The company has had a positive track record and performance for decades. It is one of the best construction companies in Noida. 

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4.  Jaypee Group

Jaypee Group is one of the well-diversified Indian conglomerates based in Noida. It believes in transforming challenges into opportunities and sticks by that expression.

It has conquered various sectors such as expressways, engineering, construction, cement, fertilizers, hospitality, etc.

The construction team of Jaypee Group has led several hydropower projects, premium residences, golf courses, expressway, entertainment facilities, hospitality, educational facilities, and many more. 

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5.  The 3C Company

The 3C Company, also regarded as the leader of the Green Revolution in North India has witnessed rapid growth owing to its impeccable planning and excellent architects.

The company has also been felicitated by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam for its contribution to the Green Revolution. It is the only company to have received three Platinum and four Gold-rated LEED Certified Green Buildings.

The 3C Company has also made its place as one of the top-rated construction companies in Noida.

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6.  JMC Projects

JMC Projects thrives on its technical capabilities, built over the years, and strong willpower, providing value to customers. It also forms the basis for establishing a culture of participation in JMC’s credo.

The company believes that improving past knowledge and repeating these technologies would help them perform better and faster. This emphasizes that the positive pursuit of JMC is an expression of customer satisfaction.

JMC has built historic buildings across the country. JMC has built a position as one of the top construction companies in Noida through landmarks including highways, highways, bridges, flyovers, townships, tall buildings, hospitals, industrial units, power plants, etc.

Recently, the company also began to expand its vision by taking orders from its international partners. 

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7.  Dynacons Projects Pvt

Dynacon Projects Pvt. The company is one of the top construction companies in Noida, Delhi, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Lucknow, Jaipur, Faridabad, Kanpur, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and all the major cities in North India.

The company has expertise in completing many communities, structural, front, finish, MEP & internal projects for various types of projects like corporate offices and IT parks, heavy printing presses and industrial buildings/sheds, residential townships and multi-story towers, schools, and institutional buildings.

The company uses a strong quality, health, and safety system to carry out its projects and largely emphasizes on quality, timely delivery, and effective project management.

It helps to ensure that they are among the best community building companies in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Faridabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Kanpur, Haryana & Uttar Pradesh.

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8.  SHRI Group

SHRI Group has emerged as one of India’s leading and most reputable real estate companies. Many of their projects include integrated dwellings, townships, modern retail outlets, highway plazas, state-of-the-art townships, and farmhouses.

All of these projects have helped them gain a unique reputation for flawless design, quality construction, and high precision. They have contributed to magnificent infrastructures in Noida and other cities around India.

Some of the best architectures include resorts, office spaces, hotels, golf courses, parks, residential buildings, and villas.

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9.  Ascent Constructions

Ascent Constructions Private Limited is a reliable, reputable, and ever-growing organization, invested in the construction industry over the past 18 years with the sole aim of transforming the Indian state through innovative engineering projects.

The core values of the company are based on quality, technology, and methods to provide more historic business towers such as commercial, industrial, institutional, residential, hospital, and multi-storey team housing.

On the side, the company is also backed by experienced plumbers, electricians, renowned interior partners, and a few professionals on the panel to solve many disciplinary issues.

Ascent has emerged as a construction firm over the years. Their expertise in delivering each project has helped them to create their own space and gain respectable customers. 

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10.  Exotica Housing and Infrastructures Pvt Ltd

Exotica Housing and Infrastructures Pvt Ltd is one of Noida’s leading Infrastructure Companies. It has presented many projects in the past with great success.

Exotica always believes in providing the best quality and complete commitment towards its customers. They are trained to provide detailed values in order to receive maximum customer satisfaction.

Their services range from building a high-quality clubhouse to use the latest technology gadgets to maintain a high-quality security service. The company’s motto is to not only provide peace of mind but also provide a happy and exciting life for their valued customers.

Exotica Housing and Infrastructure is a professional organization that has the vision to build a beautiful building with art, the latest innovations, advanced technology & advanced materials integrated to create the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best construction company in Noida?

Some of the best construction companies in Noida are Earthcon Infrastructures and Svarnim Construction Pvt Ltd. 

Which is the best construction company for freshers?

The construction companies in Noida offer great job opportunities with internship services. Some of the known construction companies for freshers are Ascent Constructions and Svarnim Construction Pvt Ltd.


The article highlights some of the best construction companies in Noida for their real estate, commercial, entertainment, educational, and recreational development. It also mentions companies that one could seek, if they are looking for jobs!

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