Top 10 Best Construction Companies In Mumbai [Updated 2022]

Construction Companies In Mumbai

Construction Companies in Mumbai: There are numerous construction companies, but which one is ideal for you?

Are you looking for a firm to assist you with the construction of your dream home? Perhaps you want assistance in renovating an older property.

When it comes to selecting the best construction business, there are several factors to consider.

You must assess not just their pricing and specialization, but also how professional they appear and if they will be able to give all of the services you want.

After all, they will be working in your house, so you want them to be trustworthy. So, to make things easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 construction companies in Mumbai.

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List of Top Construction Companies In Mumbai In 2022

Lodha Group

The Lodha Group is one of Mumbai’s most well-known construction firms.

They are a family-owned business that has been in operation for over 50 years and has completed over 200 projects.

The Lodha Group is noted for its creative and high-quality home complexes.

They have created some of India’s most renowned landmarks and have a floor space of 2 million square feet.

Lodha Group also prioritizes ecological projects and long-term growth, making it one of Mumbai’s most dependable businesses.

Site – Lodha Group

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K Raheja Corporation

The K Raheja Corporation is a major real estate and infrastructure developer.

They are one of Mumbai’s most reputable construction firms, serving clients in a variety of industries, including commercial, residential, and retail.

K Raheja Corp is said to be among the top construction companies in Mumbai that provides high-quality structures through a collaborative approach with architects, engineers, designers, and consultants, and has over four decades of expertise in developing projects that have characterized Mumbai’s skyline.

They are dedicated to long-term growth through environmental preservation, energy conservation, and water resource protection.

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Hiranandani Developers

One of the most prominent brands in the construction sector is Hiranandani Developers.

It has been operational for more than 40 years and specializes in low-cost housing. Its headquarter is in Mumbai.

The organization has a large network of locations throughout India that give excellent service to its clients.

Two of their main areas of expertise are infrastructure and commercial buildings.

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Oberoi Realty

Oberoi Realty is a one-stop solution for building and development services.

They provide a comprehensive range of services to meet all of your home, business, and industrial needs, with over 40 years of experience.

Oberoi Realty provides the appropriate solutions for you, whether you’re seeking inexpensive home alternatives in Mumbai, commercial spaces in Pune, or industrial spaces in Navi Mumbai.

They will oversee your project from start to finish, ensuring that you receive exactly what you want at the best available pricing.

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Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties is a well-known Indian real estate developer noted for its high-quality residences and world-class facilities. Godrej Properties has been one of the top construction companies in Mumbai for decades.

It has expanded fast over the last decade, and now provides a wide range of services, including houses, business spaces, offices, and more.

Godrej Properties is dedicated to providing attractive, low-maintenance, and cost-effective houses.

Godrej Properties can assist you if you’re seeking a reliable construction firm in Mumbai.

They create structures that give an aesthetic answer to your space requirements.

Godrej Properties has been constructing unique places in Mumbai and throughout India since 1990 and has an excellent portfolio of finished projects.

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MICL has been providing building and property development services in Mumbai for over fifty years.

The firm provides a one-stop solution for all real estate and construction needs, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

MICL offers quality services with an emphasis on quality and accountability.

The organization believes in using ethical business methods that respect its customers and staff.

MICL’s staff is dedicated to providing consistent, high-quality outcomes while adhering to ethical guidelines.

They are dedicated to creating an engaging working atmosphere that encourages employees to return every day.

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Pranav Infra

Pranav Infra is one of Mumbai’s prominent construction firms and ranks among the top 10 construction companies in Mumbai. To suit the demands of its customers, it has completed various residential flats, office spaces, and stores.

Pranav Infra takes pleasure in producing high-quality structures that will survive for decades. For all of your building needs, the firm offers a comprehensive choice of Building Materials and Services.

Pranav Infra tries to provide building services that exceed clients’ expectations and meet their demands. Their crew has done an amazing job on each project and offered exceptional customer service throughout the process.

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Sabari Group

In Mumbai, there are several building firms. The Sabari Group, however, is the greatest of them all.

It provides a comprehensive service that includes building, interior design, and project management. They’ve been meeting the demands of their customers for years.

They also consistently deliver excellent service at reasonable costs. They’ve never compromised on quality, and their structures are testaments to their dedication to excellence and client happiness.

Sabari Group is the place to go if you’re seeking a dependable construction firm that offers a wide range of services.

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Bharat Infra

Bharat Infra is one of Mumbai’s biggest construction firms. Residential, commercial, and infrastructural projects are all available through the organization.

They are well-known for their designs, which emphasize sustainability and tradition. Bharat Infra has won multiple honors for its work in creating sustainable communities, including the UN Foundation’s Global Sustainability Award.

New technology, materials, and procedures are continually being introduced to the construction sector. That is why it is critical to select a construction firm that will keep up with technological and architectural developments.

Bharat Infra is a frontrunner in today’s building business because of its top-notch staff of architects and engineers.

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DB Realty

DB Realty is well-known in the construction industry for its exceptional knowledge.

It provides a wide range of construction services, including building design, planning, and construction, as well as roads, railroads, and other infrastructure.

DB Realty began operations in 2007. The firm has completed over 40 projects in India, including those in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai.

We endeavor to deliver high-quality services at reasonable pricing while providing excellent customer service. Their team of experts can assist you with any building needs you may have.

We have what it takes to accomplish your project on time and on budget, whether it’s a home or commercial construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things you should consider before choosing a builder or construction company?

The first thing you must evaluate is the sort of construction job you want.
Do you wish to modify your current home or buy a new one? After that, you may start looking at prices to see which firm would provide you with the greatest bargain.

You should also consider what services they provide and whether or not they provide them in your area.

Finally, because they will be working in your house, they must be trustworthy and reliable.

Which is the top builder in Mumbai?

Builders such as Hiranandani, Godrej Properties, Dosti Group, and Oberoi Realty are some of the top construction companies in Mumbai as per the recent market analysis reports.

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