Top 10 Best Construction Companies In Lucknow [Updated 2022]

Construction Companies In Lucknow

Construction Companies In Lucknow: Construction companies around the world have a significant role to play. Construction is a primary element of development. The article focuses on some of the best and top-rated construction companies in Lucknow. 

Lucknow, a city in Uttar Pradesh, is known for its heritage, beautiful gardens, and architectural designs. The city has a number of structures famous for its vintage architecture. 

The construction companies have provided the city with rich infrastructures which are praised across the country. Some of the teams behind these infrastructures have been stated below!

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List of Top 10 Construction Companies in Lucknow 2022

Shri Balaji Construction Co.

Shri Balaji Construction Co. has ten years of expertise and is one of the leading pioneers in infrastructure development in Lucknow. The company has been providing solutions for the completion of residential and commercial projects. 

Their team specializes in building construction, provides assistance in a variety of needs, and supports customers in every way. With their integrated construction services for luxury and affordable space, they meet the needs of modern consumers.

BCC offers you an amazing opportunity to integrate a modern lifestyle with premium services and reasonable prices.

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Shalimar Corp Limited

Shalimar Corp Limited is a real estate developer and one of the top construction companies in Lucknow. The Shalimar group was formed back in 1985.

They are also known as architects. It mainly focuses on quality, luxury, style, modernity, and simplicity. Their goal is to enrich lives and improve the quality of life of society as a whole.

Shalimar Group offers a quality lifestyle and service. Over the years, they have built a variety of apartments, living quarters, modern offices, exhibition rooms, and high-rise buildings with many floors.

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Rishita Developers

Rishita Developers Pvt Ltd has been delivering special properties with a unique combination of traditional and modern designs.

The company aims to build dream homes that fit the package and design spaces. They have a passion for creating healthy and sustainable communities.

The RDPL aims to build not only housing but a valuable heritage. The Company is known to deliver projects with perfect design, quality construction, and excellent specification.

The construction company is working with new technology, bright design, and precise engineering to build historic residential townships.

Sivanssh Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd.

SIDPL is a commercial development firm that aims to deliver on its promises. It is managed by a highly trained Community Engineer with extensive experience and technical / management experience in the construction industry, which includes the construction of industrial, institutional, commercial, and residential projects of high magnitude.

For more than 20 years, by working with in-house technology, the firm has helped its clients with the construction process to turn their vision into reality.

They work as a team with a commitment to building quality and value-added properties.

Nirmaad Constructions

NIRMAAD’s vision is to be the provider of the highest number of construction services in the world with its technical expertise.

The strategy is driven by a core vision, of building desirable communities and amazing residences through new and high-quality projects that enhance the quality of life.

It is one of the best construction companies in Lucknow. The company offers assurance that its design teams and engineers will deliver the concrete solution that best suits the customer’s needs.

The company aims at managing all its projects with utmost dedication and providing maximum effectiveness in its contracts.

It also manages costs, schedules, and quality throughout the phase of the project.

M.G. Builders and Developers

MG Builder & Developers, Lucknow’s leading real estate firm with a wide range of properties for sale including plots and farmhouses in Lucknow by analyzing the growing demand for buildings in the city.

With a focus on better planning, and attention to the luxury of buildings with the latest technology, MG Builder & Developers aims to redesign the real estate system.

The firm is known for providing efficient housing solutions at the best budget rates including residential and commercial plots.

Naimish Builders Pvt. Ltd.

Naimish Builders Pvt. Ltd. serves both clients in the public and private sectors and is made up of many well-organized, high-quality teams located across the country.

It is one of the best building builders known for infrastructure projects including residential flats, apartments, suites, villas, and commercial office spaces.

Unusual among major contractors, Naimish Builders Pvt. Ltd is equally successful in creating large and small projects through its two operational categories, from small domain development to large projects.

MI Group

MI Group is one of Lucknow’s most knowledgeable and trusted names in the real estate and infra development sector.

The company has added more than a dozen residential projects to the Lucknow skyline.

The MI team has also been a pioneer in Business Development through projects such as lifestyle stores, restaurants, and hotels.

This is why it brings its customers a comprehensive combination of magnificent architecture, high-quality living, and stunning visuals of its endless growth in the real estate market.

T.S. Nirman Group

The TS Nirman Group is a leading player in the construction and real estate market in Lucknow and today, it has become a single solution for the construction work.

In recent decades, the company has shifted from being a small contractor to a company that has been involved in several projects in more than 10 cities.

The TS Nirman Group has a portfolio of a wide range of fields including building construction, architecture, interior and renovation work, building management facilities, and hospitality.

The team has undertaken some challenging projects with accumulated skills, knowledge, and experience in designing and building solutions, project management services, real estate marketing, and related engineering services.

Creating project management resources to coordinate exclusive government and private client trading.

Khwaja Developers

Khwaja Developers was founded in 1986 and has made its position as one of the best construction companies in Lucknow over the years with the development of buildings as its main focus.

Today, the group is one of the most popular products on the market.

The company operated in many other states and cities besides Lucknow. Khwaja Developers have a diverse portfolio of multiple domains including property development, land management, and property marketing.

The company is one of the fastest-growing companies in the real estate sector with a difference that offers affordable comfort, excellent customer care quality, the highest customer satisfaction index, and the highest standards one can imagine for the well-being of its employees, and the community, and the environment.

After succeeding in the residential sector, in 2004 the company again expanded into the commercial sector. The company has a unique business model with profits from development and leasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the top construction company in Lucknow?

Shri Balaji Construction is considered the best construction company in Lucknow. However, there are many other top-rated construction companies in Lucknow like Rishita Developers, Khwaja Developers, and Shalimar Corp.

Do construction companies require advance payment?

Yes, the construction companies in Lucknow as well as any other city would require some amount of advance deposit for ensuring.


Thus, the above-listed Top 10 Construction Companies In Lucknow might be helpful if one is looking for construction companies for applying as a fresher or a highly qualified civil engineer. It may also help the clients in getting a gist about the construction company they want to opt for!

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