Top 10 Best Construction Companies in India

Construction Companies in India

The construction sector accounts for 8% of the GDP. It has witnessed significant growth over the past few decades. Owing to the emergence of the industrial sector and infrastructural development, construction companies have bloomed in recent years.

Nearly half of the laborers in India are employed in construction sites. Also, these construction projects provide employment for civil engineers. With the growing rate of unemployed youths, civil engineers provide job opportunities for the youth.

Few of these companies have also been listed in the Indian stock market. Some of the top companies have shown great potential for future success.

According to Statistics, it is considered as the largest industry sector and the second largest employment-providing job. The construction projects are usually powered by private and government sectors.

Construction companies have been developing gradually and in no time would become the biggest industrial market. As of now, there are a few construction companies that are dominating the market with excellent infrastructures in the development and real estate sector.

The article will help you look for the best construction companies in India that provide the best employment opportunities and also give an overview of the company.

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List of Top 10 Construction Companies in India 2022

Reliance Infrastructure Ltd

Reliance Infrastructure Ltd

Established in 1929, Reliance Infrastructure is known for constructing the best Metros all over India. It is one of the largest infrastructure companies with the best construction projects.

The company is an extended arm of Reliance Group, one of the most successful companies in India. Reliance Infrastructure is known for its services in the utility sector where it contributes towards the generation, transmission, distribution, and trading of energy.

Besides its contribution to the utility sector, Reliance also believes in constructing better roads, expanding metros, extending airports, and building subsidiaries in the defense sector. Mumbai metro is one of the infrastructural projects completed by Reliance Infrastructure.

The company has also taken up projects for the development of Maharashtra by constructing airports in remote districts of Maharashtra.

Larsen and Toubro Ltd

Larsen and Toubro Ltd

Larsen and Toubro Ltd is a well-known construction company that has been operating since 1946 with its headquarters in Mumbai. Like Reliance Infrastructure, Larsen and Toubro also engage in the production of energy and infrastructural developments for airports and metros.
The company promotes a friendly environment and a workspace which allows employees to thrive at work. The company has constructed excellent infrastructure for airports in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

Other projects include the construction of bridges, factories, hospitals, housing sectors, and many more. Larsen and Toubro Construction have an enormous and wealthy portfolio of completed infrastructures.

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Hindustan Construction Company (HCC)

Hindustan Construction Company

Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) is a construction company established in 1926 in Mumbai. It has built a whopping 60% of power capacity for nuclear energy and 26% for the installment of hydropower capacity.

HCC is committed to providing a sustainable environment in its projects and immediate workspace. It has an extensive portfolio consisting of residential and commercial infrastructures, water supply facilities, transportation sector consisting of building dams, bridges, railways, and ports.

The spread-out business has made HCC one of the biggest construction companies. It has been a significant player in constructing well-known highways across India.

Tata Projects Ltd

Tata Projects Ltd is a subsidiary group of Tata Group. It was formed in 1979 and is considered as a rapidly growing company owing to infrastructural developments that have gained recognition.

It offers engineering and construction facilities to sectors such as transportation, power, industrial and urban sectors. Some of the unique sectors include water, minerals, oil, and gas.

The company has a tremendous amount of ongoing projects such as nine metro construction packages in Maharashtra.

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GMR Projects

GMR Group focuses on managing, operating, and constructing airports. It majorly contributes towards the development of airport infrastructures.

Remotely, it also focuses on constructing special economic zones and taking up transportation projects such as roads, railways, highways, and Metros.

The company was established in 1978 as a jute mill company and over the past three decades, it has fought its way to become one of the best construction companies in India.

Afcons Infrastructure

Afcons is considerably one of the best infrastructure companies in India. It has contributed to the construction of industrial, urban, transport, and oil infrastructures and facilities. It has also built underground tunnels such as the Rohtang tunnel.

It has won significant awards for its contribution to construction facilities. It began as a civil engineering company and moved towards extending its business on an international scale as well.

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Macrotech Developers

Macrotech Developers also known as the Lodha Group is a real estate company that specializes in the construction market as well.

It has built beautiful urban infrastructures like residential, recreational, and commercial buildings. It has also constructed some of the finest infrastructures in London.

The landmarks created by the company have set international benchmarks in terms of infrastructure.

Punj Lloyd Ltd

Punj Lloyd has collaborated with the government for various government projects like the construction of a robust Defence base. It is an international conglomerate that aims to serve the Indian Armed forces by creating industrial bases for them.

It has a successful track record for its projects and also provides global upliftment for employment. The company has stressed on the social and environmental concerns in all of its projects.

It was established as a pipeline company in 1982 and over the years, it has transformed into an international EPCGroup.

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Simplex Infrastructures

Simplex Infrastructure was formed in 1924 which has taken up diversified projects in the sector of transport, marine, ridges, highways, roads, and power. It is one of the leading construction companies in India which has maintained consistency since its inception.

It had contributed highly to the construction of railways and metros in metropolitan cities.
Commercial buildings like hospitals, malls, and IT buildings have also been constructed by Simplex.

Projects undertaken by Simplex Infrastructures have produced one of the finest works in India.

Gammon Infrastructures

Gammon Infrastructures is a civil engineering and construction company. Gammon India was founded in 1992 and has its headquarters based in Mumbai.

The parent group, Gammon India Ltd is majorly a civil engineering company. Gammon Infrastructure was promoted by the parent group in 2001 which solely takes up infrastructural projects in the field of transport, roads, ports, airports, bridges, and railways.

It claims to have constructed the maximum number of bridges in India. Owing to the successes in these sectors, it has made its place as one of the top construction companies in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best construction company in India?

Considerably, Reliance Infrastructures and Larsen and Toubro are in a tough competition to bag their place as the construction company.

Which is the rapidly-growing construction company in India?

Tata Projects has accounted for a speedy growth ever since its inception. Even today, it has ongoing projects that promise them successful future endeavors.

Which construction company provides the best employment opportunities?

Afcons Infrastructure recruits newcomers and gives them a space to grow. It is considered best for civil engineers who want to start their careers in the construction industry.


Thus, it’s clear that these construction companies have done incredible jobs in uplifting the infrastructure of India as to what it is today.

Undoubtedly, construction companies have a bright and blooming future that would be beneficial not only for employment seekers, laborers, and the development of India.

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