Top 10 Best Construction Companies In Bangalore [Updated 2022]

Construction Companies In Bangalore

The list given below is going to help you look out for the top 10 construction companies in Bangalore, India. We have compiled a list of the best construction companies in Bangalore which could be fit for you to opt for. It includes construction companies in Bangalore that are engaged in house building and commercial building.

Bengaluru, the capital state of Karnataka, also known as Bangalore is famous for its IT hubs in India as well as across the world. These hubs have refined infrastructure with international benchmarks. The industrial sector attracts a number of builders and construction companies in Bangalore.

Although the construction companies are not just limited to constructing infrastructural buildings for the IT hubs, they also engage in constructing residential buildings, retails, malls, hotels, and parks in and around Bangalore.

Along with construction companies, the growing industrial sector in Bangalore also attracts architectural companies, textile companies, interior designing companies, etc. Thus, the growth is not specific to one particular industry.

The growing industrial sector gives rise to a bunch of civil engineers and unemployed people working in the non-commercial sector. Thus, the city has opened floodgates for skilled and unskilled employment-seeking individuals.

List of Top Construction Companies in Bangalore 2022

1. L&W Construction

L&W Construction Private Limited had started its business in 2006 in Bangalore. It is one of the top construction companies in Bangalore. It majorly focuses on projects concerning residential buildings, IT parks, townships, commercial buildings, industrial complexes, shopping malls, and hotels. L&W Construction is a subsidiary of Lee Kim Tah and Woh Hup Pte limited.

The companies are a joint venture of two of the oldest construction companies in Singapore. The company is committed to providing complete client satisfaction and offering innovative and value-added solutions for construction work. It also provides additional services in interiors, civil contracts, property development, and landscapes.

2. GR Construction

GR construction private limited is a renowned construction company that was established in 1997 in Bangalore but has its headquarters in Mumbai. It provides cutting-edge developments in infrastructure projects that include residential and commercial buildings. The implementation of the latest technology backed by skillfully designed buildings has provided the clients with premium quality products.

The company stands out with its urban residential projects which are built on the grounds of an environment-friendly approach. It strongly believes in providing holistic livelihood while being in touch with the natural elements.

3. Gopalan Enterprises

Gopalan Enterprises was founded in 1984 in Bengaluru. Ever since it has been supplying premium residential buildings in the city. During the past 3 decades, it also established itself as one of the top real estate developers in the city.

The company is highly engaged in providing services in residential and commercial properties, special economic zones, shopping malls, software technology parks, biotech parks, organic farms, educational institutions, cinemas, hotels, and aerospace. The company is known for providing the finest residential structures with an experience of 30 years.

4. Mantri Developers

Mantri Developers Private Limited is a company running since 1999. It is the pioneering force behind emerging skylines in South India. It is known for its contribution to the residential projects, retail, hospitality sector, and educational sector. In a span of fewer than two decades, the company has set its benchmark for quality products, robust engineering, uncompromising business ethics, and excellent services.

These qualities have made the company most favorable in terms of top construction companies in and around Bangalore. Under residential properties, Mantri Developers offer a wide range of varieties like super luxury, semi-luxury, and luxury apartments, villas, and row houses.

5. Hombale Constructions

Hombale Constructions and Estates Private Limited has been operating in Bangalore since 1994. It is a leading construction company that provides high-quality construction services.

It focuses on highway and roadway construction services, irrigation canal services, and contract-based services. It extends its business to commercial and residential complexes as well. Thud, providing a wide range of portfolios.

6. Adithya Constructions

Adithya Construction was started in 2007 in Bangalore. It had built its name in the emerging real estate development firms in Bangalore. Its prime projects include residential houses and complexes.

It is one of the best housing construction companies in Bangalore. Some of the classic features of the company are intricate detailing, elegant finishing, exclusive designing, and comfortable housings.

7. MFAR Constructions

MFAR Constructions was incorporated in 1996 in Bangalore. It is a multi-sectoral conglomerate that has taken up diverse projects and expertise in various sectors.

The company has a wide range of satisfied clients for services like hospitality, real estate, construction, and manufacturing keeping in mind the quality, health, safety, and environment. The construction portfolio of MFAR includes IT parks, malls, commercial buildings, high-rise residential buildings, institutions, etc.

8. HM Constructions

HM Constructions is said to be one of the largest real estate companies in context to revenue, earnings, and market share. It was established in the year 1991 as a private company indulging in residential and commercial development in Bangalore.

Ever since its inception, the company has been expanding rapidly with sustainable growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation. HM Constructions largely focus on the commercial and residential building sector but that business has been expanded in various other prime cities of India.

9. AR Constructions

AR Constructions is a recent construction company that was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Bangalore. Within a span of 10 years, AR construction has become one of the best companies in North Bangalore due to the trust that the company has built and also the steadfast services they provide to its clients.

AR Constructions has built a number of infrastructures such as apartments, government structures, lodging areas, healing facilities, sanctuaries, schools, and many other significant structures.

10. MEIL

Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) was set up in the year 1989 as a fabrication unit with its headquarters in Hyderabad. Over the course of time, it has become one of the best names in the manufacturing and engineering sector.

It emerged in the list of top construction companies in Bangalore based on its effective services and excellent infrastructure. The company recruits a variety of engineers for its civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company is best for construction?

MFAR Constructions is considered one of the best companies for construction in Bangalore because the company provides a wide range of services like hospitality, real estate, construction, and manufacturing keeping in mind the quality, health, safety, and environment for its clients.

Which company is best for civil engineering in Bangalore?

Civil engineering employees are needed in most construction companies. The above-presented list highlights some of the best companies for civil engineering.

Which is the No. 1 construction company in Bangalore?

AR Constructions is considered the No.1 construction company in North Bangalore. It has contributed to infrastructures such as apartments, government structures, lodging areas, healing facilities, sanctuaries, schools, and many other significant structures.


All the companies mentioned above are top-rated and best companies in terms of constructing buildings. The list given above is just a random categorization that is not based on pricing, market share, or revenue. The data for top construction companies in Bangalore has been gathered from various sources and the article above aims at highlighting these companies’ performances based on their current reach and effectiveness.

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