Top 5 Best Cement Companies In India [Updated 2022]

Cement Companies In India

Cement is one of the most essential substance to build our homes and building. In India there are hundreds of brands who manufacture cement. But there are some brand who lead the market and capture 60% to 70% of consumers.

Best Cement Companies In India List

Cement CompaniesEstablisationCEO
1. Ambuja Cements1983Neeraj Akhoury
2. Shree Cement1979Hari Mohan Bangur
3. UltraTech Cement1983Ashish Dwivedi
4. India Cements1946S. N. N. Sankaralinga Iyer
5. Birla Corporation1910Arvind Pathak

1. Ambuja Cements

Ambuja Cement is one of leading cement manufacturer in the world. According to the report Ambuja Cements Limited second largest cement brand in the world started in 1983 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. In the starting the name of this brand was Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited and now changes to Ambuja Cement.

The Holcim owns 61.62% shares in this brand which is a French-Swiss multinational company. Holcim is one of the biggest company in the world who builds dams, big building, roads and works on mins.

In the 20 February 2020 Ambuja Cements hired new MD and CEO of the group Neeraj Akhoury.

  • Headquarter – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Establishment – 1983
  • Owner – LafargeHolcim
  • Current CEO – Neeraj Akhoury
  • Revenue – 27,684 crore
  • Website –

2. Shree Cement

Shree Cement is one of the number one selling cement companies in North India, it was started in Beawar, Rajasthan in 1979 and now its headquarter is in Kolkata West Bengal. Shree Cement is one of the second largest cement companies in India by market cap. Shree Cement is known for its quality and low rate cement manufacturer. Its cement is used extensively to build big buildings and mega pools.

Apart from this, this company also supplies power with the name of Captive Power Plant and Shree Mega Power. Shree Power Plant is considered to be the largest company in India to generate power from waste material. In Which the company generates power approx. 265 MW to 300 MW current.

  • Headquarter – Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  • Establishment – 1979
  • Owner – P D Bangur
  • Current CEO – Rajesh Ghurka
  • Revenue – 13,142 crore
  • Website –

3. UltraTech Cement

UltraTech Cement Limited is a Mumbai based brand which is one of the largest cement making companies in India. It is the only cement making company in the whole world which has a plant with a capacity of hundred million tonnes. The company have 23 plants in India.

Aditya Birla Group owns UltraTech Cement Limited. The company was started on 1983, now the company manufactures all types of cement, out of which it is one of the largest gray cement manufacturing companies in India, which is used for making big buildings. Apart from this, the company also manufactures white and mix cement and also supplies its cement internationally.

  • Headquarter – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Establishment – 1983
  • Owner – Aditya Birla Group
  • Current CEO – K.C.Jhanwar
  • Revenue – 42,772.60 crore
  • Website –

4. India Cements

Indian Cement Limited was established in 1946. It was started by the Chairman of International Cricket Council N Srinivasan. The first plant was installed in Chennai Tamil Nadu India in 1949. Now the company have 7 plants in India which has the capacity of 15.5 million tonnes per annum. Apart from this, Brands like Sankar Cement, Coramandel Cement and Raasi Gold own Indian Cement Limited.

According to the report, Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited now owns the Indian Cement Limited.

  • Headquarter – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Establishment – 1946
  • Owner – Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd
  • Current CEO – Suresh Krishnamurthy
  • Revenue – 52.28 billion
  • Website –

5. Birla Corporation

Birla Group of Corporation which is an Indian based company which was started in 1910s by MP Birla Group of Companies, whose founder was Mr. Ghanshyam Das Birla. The company provides products related to Cement, Textile, Agriculture Business, Telecom and Finance. Which is supplied all over India.

  • Headquarter – Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  • Establishment – 1910
  • Owner – M.P Birla Group
  • Current CEO – Arvind Pathak
  • Revenue – 6,915.69 crores
  • Website –

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