Top 10 Best Biotechnology companies in Bangalore

Biotechnology companies in Bangalore

Biotechnology, as a term, refers to the development of technology that is based on biological systems and biology. Biology, in this process, is used as a tool for forming the technology. The biotechnology industry has developed tremendously in recent years. Overall development of the country has contributed to the development of biotech as a field.

It is resourceful as it helps to eradicate and find solutions for numerous issues like rare diseases, hunger, and tackle global problems. The industry offers a stable job and a plethora of job opportunities for qualified individuals. Biochemistry and Biomedical engineering are high in demand and offer a range of opportunities in India.

India has witnessed a significant jump of 14% in a year. It is said to offer a better quality of life and it helps to improve the status of medicines in India by offering other treatment methods.

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An Overview of the Biotechnology Industry in Bangalore

The Biotechnology industry blooms in most metropolitan cities due to the availability of advanced equipment and resources. Bangalore offers the best education in terms of biotechnology studies. The colleges are considered top-notch in providing education and facilities.

Biotechnology is still a growing industry in Bangalore with about 50 biotech companies established solely in Bangalore. Karnataka, a state that is home to cities like Bangalore is a hub for biotech companies. It contributes by providing space for 60% of biotechnology companies in India.

The article enlists the top 10 biotechnology companies in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. It mentions the history of the company and where it stands in the market.

List of Top 10 Biotechnology companies in Bangalore

Biocon Limited

Biocon Ltd
Biocon Ltd

Biocon Limited is the best biotechnology company in Bangalore. It has also been in the biotechnology field for decades. It was established in 1978 with its headquarters in Bangalore.

Biocon Limited manufactures and distributes generic medicines and pharmaceutical ingredients in about 120 countries across the world. It is a fully integrated company that invests in the manufacture of biosimilars, novel biologics, generics, and branded formulations.

The company offers medical solutions for chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. Besides biotechnological contribution the company also engages in the pipeline and its production business.

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Credora Life Science

Credora Life Science is a Bangalore-based biotechnology company that revolves around the aim to revolutionize biotechnological technologies in India. It provides Molecular biology services wherein they provide us with analysis and sequencing for various samples.

Paternity tests, DNA cloning, forensic DNA testing, and prenatal screening are some of the services that Credora Life Science offers. The company provides products like DNA ladder and isolation kits, RNA isolation kits, and teaching kits which guarantee the quality and accuracy of products.

Credora Life Science is well-equipped with the best infrastructure, scientists, and services. The highly qualified scientists also guide and train freshers through training programs. The company offers advantageous job opportunities for students in training.

Novozymes South Asia

Novozymes South Asia
Novozymes South Asia

Novozymes South Asia is a globally renowned biotechnology company that operates with its headquarters in Denmark. Novozymes South Asia started its journey in Bangalore in 2011. The company is a world leader in bio-innovation and providing biological solutions.

It aims to improve industrial performance in biotechnology while building a sustainable environment for all. Another goal that it focuses on is improving the quality of life which is achieved by supplying more than 700 biotechnological products all over the world.

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CellKraft Biotech

CellKraft Biotech was founded in 2018 and in the span of a few years it has become one of the top biotechnology companies in Bangalore. The services provided by the company are extensive and give assurance of its quality. Drug and toxicology testing, medicinal chemistry, and assay biology are some of the many services CellKraft Biotech provides.

The multidisciplinary organization has built its name in the industry with its high-quality DNA isolation kits, RNA isolation kits, antibiotic solutions, etc. It also manufactured Covid-19 sample kits which helped diagnose the disease without hassle.

Sangene Biotech

Sangene Biotech is a biotechnological company that is headquartered in Bangalore. It was established in 2004 that specializes in molecular biology, microbiology, phytochemistry, etc. It has been training students in its research lab for about 16 years.

For its outstanding work, Sangene Biotech has been awarded various awards and gained multiple recognitions in the field of biotechnology. It is one of the best companies for students aiming to specialize in any field of biotechnology as it has an extensive list of specializations that it offers along with training for them.

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Genei Laboratories

Genei Laboratories is a Bangalore-based biotechnology company that specializes in Molecular Biology. It majorly focuses on providing research kits, molecular diagnostics, and providing educational aids.

The products and services catered by the company consist of high quality and complete assurance of its accountability. The products that are supplied are divided into genomic, proteomic, educational products, and technical equipment. It is one of the top biotechnology companies in Bangalore as it manufactures affordable medicines and a variety of customized solutions in the field of biotechnology.


Bione is a biotechnology company in Bangalore that specializes in DNA testing. It is the first microbiome and genetic testing company in Asia. The company is headquartered in Bangalore. It has gained recognition in just two years as it was established in 2019.

It is a private company that has its centers in 3 cities spread across India. It provides services like a diagnosis of various diseases and also offers prevention in the form of customized diet plans, and suggested therapies for the same. It supplies supplements such as antioxidants, vitamin and calcium bottles, flaxseed oils, etc.

It is a patient-centric institution that gives its priority to creating quality medicines and therapies for its patients. The key to becoming the best biotechnology company is to gain the trust of patients.

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Stellixir Biotech

Stellixir Biotech is a research and development company that provides services in the field of biotechnology. Some of the services provided by Stellixir Biotech include biomarker analysis, stem cell screening and anti-cancer screening, predictive toxicology, 3D Spheroid culture, and in Vitro cell-based drug discovery.

The company conducts numerous workshops in the basic animal cell structure and stem cell field and also training programs for the same are conducted which are open to all. Stellixir Biotech has made quite an advancement in the field of biotechnology. Thus, contributing highly to the industry with its products and literature reviews.

AstraZeneca India

AstraZeneca India
AstraZeneca India

AstraZeneca is a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company that is based in Bangalore. It was established in 1979 as a multinational company that has extended its business to other cities as well.

It engages in manufacturing, sales, and marketing activities for biotechnological products and services. It also provides therapies for Oncology, Cardiovascular, Renal, Metabolism, and Respiratory diseases. The company has played a major role in providing relief materials for Covid 19.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is enlisted as a biotechnology company in Bangalore as it engages in providing medical equipment, reagents, and analytic instruments. It provides analysis in research, diagnostics, and laboratories.

The company provides specialization in flow cytometry, synthetic biology, and cellular analysis. Thermo Fisher Scientific engages in the production of marketed drugs and pipeline drugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which is the best biotechnology company in Bangalore?

Biocon Limited is the best biotechnology company in Bangalore. It provides medical solutions for chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.

2) What field in biotechnology has the most scope?

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology have the most scope in the Biotechnology industry. It provides immense career options and training programs for freshers and people seeking jobs in the pertinent field.

3) How does Biotechnology contribute to the world?

It provides solutions in many sections of society such as human, environmental, industrial, plant, and animal.

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The article sums up some of the best biotechnology companies functioning in Bangalore wherein some also provide medicinal solutions for international standards. Biotechnology is one of the emerging fields which needs more support and encouragement from the government and scientists.

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