Top 10 Best Water Pump Companies In India Updated List 2022

Best Water Pump Companies In India – In most Indian households, a water pump is now a need. It’s also required in every industry, and it’s used for n number of applications.

After reviewing 35+ water pumps manually. I have shortlisted some of the high-class and well-performed water pump companies in India for various works.

Water pumps are used in India for a number of purposes, including cooling air, pumping water into overhead water tanks, and distributing water in industrial operations.

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Choosing the proper water pump for your needs is difficult and time-consuming. Especially with so many brands and types on the market today. It becomes quite tough for us since we are unfamiliar with the mechanics of many types of water pumps.

Even if you have no technical experience, we will strive to provide you with some fundamental knowledge and facts that will assist you in selecting a water pump from the Best Water Pump Brands In India.

Choosing from the top 10 water motors in terms of sales is a terrific method to acquire a water pump. This list of the best water motor company in India is updated and includes just the most recent water pumps.

That means you’ll only obtain the most recent and updated water pumps, as well as ones that have previously been tested and tried by a large number of Indians.

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Honda Water Pump Price List In India 2022

Honda India Power Products Limited is India’s largest power products manufacturing company. Also, it is the 1st company who manufactured portable water pumps. The portable small water pumps are very useful when for farming, home construction, and other short-time water usages.

The company operates in more than 35 countries in 4000+ locations all over the world. In India, the HIPP company has 17+ offices and 600+ dealers. The company contributed exceptional technology to our Indian agriculture, domestic and commercial industries. Let’s see the Honda Water Pump Price List in the table.

Honda PumpsAvg. PricePowerFuel Type
Honda WB30XD30,900/-3.6 KWPetrol
Honda WB20XD27,700/-3.6 KWPetrol
Honda WB15X23,800/-1.5 KWPetrol
Honda WS20X23,400/-1.5 KWPetrol
Honda WV30D36,900/-4 KWDiesel

Solar Pump Manufacturers In India 2022 List

Solar Energy is one of the best power sources for us. It is unlimited and very eco-friendly, but in all the power generation methods there are some pros and cons. We can’t produce solar energy in bad weather or in the night. We need power storage equipment like batteries.

But there are various domestic, agricultural, and commercial works where we can use solar energy efficiently. We need power only in daylight. Also, all the futuristic equipment is shifting towards fule-less technologies.

It is the main reason why Solar Power equipment manufacturing increases day by day. Let’s see some of the Best Solar Pump Manufacturers In India.

CompanyStarted InProductsContact No.
1. Shakti Pumps1982Here+91 7292410500
2. Lubi Solar1965Here+91 9099933445
3. Falcon Pumps1994Here+91 9099900730
4. Aquatex Solar Pumps1956Here+91 4222642484
5. Waaree Solar Pump1989Here+91 18002121321

Submersible Pump Manufacturers In India 2022 List

Submersible Pump is the upgraded technology of water motor pumps. Generally, we use water motors in our houses and agricultural water requirements. The motor manufacturers use copper wire and electromagnet to build water pumps. If the motor coil will interact with water the motor will be damaged and fail to perform well.

The water pumps are always in contact with water, and due to this, the risk of damage to the pump through water is high. To prevent this damage, companies have built Submersible, which works inside the water.

There are some main advantages of submersibles, which is they can pump more water in less time. It produces zero noise and due to the stainless steel cover, it is always protected from water damage. Let’s see some of the Best Submersible Pump Manufacturers In India.

Submersible BrandStarted InProductsContact No.
1. Shakti Pumps1982Here+917292410500
2. Vira Pumps2006Here+912312671213
3. Lubi Industries1985Here+917961700100
4. Crompton2016Here+912261678499
5. Mascot Pump1994Here+918048984432

Best Water Pump Companies In India List 2022

Water Company NameFounded InBuy Water Pump
1. Kirloskar1888Buy Now
2. Crompton1878Buy Now
3. C.R.I. Pumps Pvt. Ltd.1961Buy Now
4. Havells Pump1958Buy Now
5. Apex Pumps1988Buy Now
6. Texmo1956Buy Now
7. Shakti Pumps1982Buy Now
8. KSB1871Buy Now
9. Oswal Pumps2000Buy Now
10. Lakshmi1990Buy Now

1. Kirloskar (Largest Water Pump Supplier In India)

Kirloskar Pumps

When it comes to power generation and water pumps, Kirloskar is a well-known Indian company. The firm was formed in 1888, and its headquarters are now located in Pune. Kirloskar makes Submersible Pumps for residential users as well as exporting them to more than 70 countries.

Kirloskar Brother Limited is the largest Pump and Valve manufacturer and supplier in India. The total market capitalization of the Kirloskar Group is $2.1 Billion. The company majorly operates in Pump manufacturing for various uses like Agriculture, Domestic, Industrial, and other mega projects, power generation, and irrigation.

The company holds hundreds of awards and certifications for the Best Pump Company In India. According to the company, they have a big R and D center where they check and approve their products in all Security, Safety, High performance, and Cost-effective parameters.

Kirloskar Details –

  • The Company Founded In – 1888
  • Current CEO – Mr. Sanjay Kirloskar
  • Share Status – Listed
  • Total Market Valuation – $2.1 Billon
  • Official Website –
  • Contact Number – 1800-123-4443
  • Kirloskar group Owner – Mr. Sanjay Kirloskar
  • Headquarters: Pune
  • Number of employees: 3,707 (2022)

2. Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

Crompton Pumps

Cropton is a well-known brand in India for Kitchen or household products manufacturers. Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited is an India-based electronic product manufacturing company, that was founded in 1937. The company manufactures Fans, Pumps, Lighting, and various Appliances for the home and kitchens.

Crompton has total revenue as of march 31, 2022, is about 53.73 Billion. The company has more than 16,000 product varieties and thousands of dealers in India.

Crompton motors are ideal for domestic, commercial, and agricultural water use. In addition, it manufactures highly efficient solar water pumps. The company takes care of the build quality of the motors to give a longer life span of performance and quality of work.

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Crompton Details –

  • The Company Founded In – 1937
  • Current CEO – Mathew Job
  • Share Status – Listed
  • Total Revenue – 53.73 Billion
  • Official Website –
  • Contact Number – 1800419050
  • Crompton Owner – R. E. B. Crompton James Greaves
  • Headquarters – Mumbai, India
  • Number of employees – 2000+

3. CRI

CRI Pump
CRI Pump

CRI’s biggest feature is its extensive sales and service network. As a result, if you purchase a submersible pump from CRI, you will have access to the company’s 1500 service facilities.

Furthermore, the water company in India has a global presence and distributes items to over 120 countries. Agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, and solar pumps are all manufactured by the firm. When looking for a Pump from CRI, the product selection is vast, so you have a lot of alternatives to pick from.

4. Havells Pump

Havells Pumps
Havells Pump

Havells Pump water company in India is dedicated to providing full innovative pump services for the agricultural, municipal, residential, petroleum, and industrial-commercial industries. For entire subterranean water pumping systems, it provides both horizontal and vertical pumps.

Havells Pump has introduced a wide selection of water pumps and motors, including submersible pumps, submersible motors, bare shaft pumps, end suction pumps, and Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps, all of which are made using cutting-edge technology, dependable resources, and creative solutions.

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5. Apex Pumps

Apex Pump
Apex Pump

Apex Pump’s success is built on the abilities of its employees. This water motor company in India has been making high-performance centrifugal pumps since 1988, and thousands of them are in use in the UK and across the world on installations where efficiency and dependability are critical.

They’ve acquired an excellent reputation for the quality and durability of their products. They develop and manufacture all of our pumps at our Bristol facility, and they are really pleased to be British-made.

Apex Pumps designs and manufactures centrifugal pumps for a variety of applications including industrial, building services, aquaculture, petrochemical plants, and many more.

6. Texmo

Texmo Pumps
Texmo Pumps

Texmo is another submersible pump industry leader in India. The firm was founded in 1956 and has been providing the public with technology, quality, and service ever since. These are the three main features of Texmo’s goods.

The firm not only makes submersible pumps, but also a variety of other pumps for the general public. If you’re searching for a pump that’s simple to maintain and has a low weight-to-power ratio, Texmo is the brand to go with. It’s worth noting that some Texmo pumps are also sold under the Taro brand name.

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7. Shakti Pumps

Shakti Pumps
Shakti Pumps

The Patidar family of Rau (Indore) founded Shakti Pumps in 1982 to produce submersible pumps and electric control panels. The business went public in 1995 with a Rs 500 lakh offering. Later in 1996, the firm added stainless steel submersible pumps and motors to its product line.

In the same year, Shakti Pumps began exporting its products. This water motor company in India was awarded the designation of the one-star export house in 2006. The firm also opened offices in Australia and Turkey in the same year.

8. KSB

KSB Logo

The next brand on our list isn’t from India; it’s from Germany, and German engineering is famed for its dependability, durability, and inventiveness. This is also something that you can anticipate from KSB pumps.

These pumps are readily accessible on the market, and you may select from the company’s extensive product range. Pumps are available for any sort of demand, giving you a wide range of options. In the agricultural and manufacturing industries, KSB pumps are frequently employed.

KSB Details –

  • The Company Founded In – 1871
  • Current CEO – Stephan Timmermann
  • Share Status – Listed
  • Total Revenue – 225 crores EUR
  • Official Website –
  • Contact Number – +91 2027101000
  • Owner – Imran Ghani
  • Headquarters – Germany
  • Number of employees – 16,000+

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9. Oswal Pumps

Oswal Pumps

Since its inception in the year 2000, Oswal Pumps Limited has grown to become India’s first and only integrated plant with a world-class manufacturing facility of its own, backed by seasoned engineers and technicians.

resulting in the fastest-growing company in the field of submersible pumps, monoblock pumps, pressure pumps, sewage pumps, electric motors, submersible winding wires and cables, and electric panels for the domestic, agricultural, and industrial markets.

Oswal Details –

  • The Company Founded In – 2003
  • Current CEO – RAJEV GUPTA
  • Share Status – Listed
  • Total Revenue – 100 cr – 500 cr
  • Official Website –
  • Contact Number – +91-98962 66691
  • Owner – RAJEV GUPTA
  • Headquarters – Delhi, India
  • Number of employees – 100+

10. Lakshmi

Lakshmi  Water Pump is the next name on our list of the finest water motor company in India. The company is recognized for producing high-quality, lightweight pumps that are simple to use and maintain. One of the most appealing features of the pumps is their low cost.

The pump is mostly used for residential reasons and is quite successful in meeting all of the users’ various demands. The motor’s operation is dependent on its 0.5HP motor, which guarantees that the motor operates efficiently in all situations. Its operation necessitates a voltage range of 180-240V.

Lakshmi Details –

  • The Company Founded In – 1990
  • Current CEO – Sandip Mehta
  • Share Status – Listed
  • Total Revenue – 100 Cr
  • Official Website –
  • Contact Number – +9199433 23493
  • Owner – Sandip Mehta
  • Headquarters – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Number of employees – 1000+

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FAQs On Best Water Pump Companies in India

Which pump is best for usage at home?

In the Indian market, you may discover a variety of pumps. Some are designed for industrial usage, while others may be used for a variety of purposes. Among the many types of water pumps available, the majority are designed for home usage.

A water pump can ensure that all of your home demands are addressed to your satisfaction. As a result, it’s critical to pick it carefully to prevent making any blunders.

However, many individuals are unaware of how to choose a proper water pump for their house.

What factors should I consider while purchasing a water pump?

Choosing an appropriate and efficient water pump, on the other hand, is no easy task. To make important and significant characteristics.

Are you familiar with the numerous things to consider when purchasing a water pump? If not, then you are at the right place. We’re going through the best selection, you’ll need some serious and reliable information about some of the most h some of the most important factors to consider while choosing the proper water pump:

How much power is required for a water pump?

Water pumps use a significant amount of energy compared to other home appliances. As you may know, the water pump’s function is to transfer water from the inlet to the outlet, so once it is turned on, it begins using electricity. Water pumps are used in practically every industry in the modern world, including construction, agriculture, manufacturing, residences, and many more.


We would like to propose Kirloskar Pumps as one of the top water pumps in India among the numerous brands listed.

The pump is ideal for residential usage and is recognized for its efficient and trouble-free operation. It has a slew of features and benefits, including an overload protector, to provide the greatest performance for the user’s requirements. It is a popular option among consumers since it provides excellent value for money.

Still, have reservations about which water pump to choose? So, please leave a remark below with all of your problems, and we will provide you with the best possible assistance and knowledge.

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