Top 7 Best Travel Nurse Companies In The USA [Updated 2023]

Travel Nurse Companies In The USA

Best Travel Nurse Companies in the USA: Travel nursing offers enlisted medical attendants (RNs) transient working open doors in a wide assortment of medical care claims to fame and settings, both across the U.S. what’s more, globally. Medical attendants looking for travel tasks are regularly the individuals who discover new difficulties and investigation engaging, rehearsing medical care in various conditions while finding another region.

To begin functioning as a travel nurse, work searchers ordinarily examine their earlier clinical experience, flow qualifications, and arrangement wants with a staffing organization scout, rather than a solitary medical clinic framework. The spotter will think about the attendant’s related knowledge and forte while searching out possible tasks.

In light of accessibility, the medical caretaker might be given a chance for travel inside their forte specialty. In any case, it is feasible to get over into various settings, contingent upon the position prerequisites and eagerness to drive to the agreement site.

For instance, non-particular tasks in regions, for example, clinical careful nursing might be accessible to a medical caretaker who has a claim to fame qualifications in an alternate region, however non-specific tasks ordinarily come at a lower pay rate than those looking for particular ranges of abilities or accreditations.

Regardless of whether you’re simply beginning in school and settling on your future or a prepared medical services veteran searching for the subsequent stage, travel nursing is an extraordinary field of a decision in case you’re somebody hoping to carry on with the itinerant way of life!

Best travel nurse companies in the USA appreciate astounding compensation and advantages, the capacity to visit puts all around the United States at their recreation, contract-to-contract, and basically none of the travel costs. The best travel nursing companies in the USA guarantee that the matches are made given you, that the cycle is improved, and that the medical attendant’s fulfillment starts things out. To speed up your choice, we’ve agreed on the best around for you to scrutinize and push ahead with.

List of the Top 7 Best Travel Nurse Companies in the USA

 Republic Health Resources

Republic Health Resources is an attendant claimed this travel nurse company made for voyaging medical care experts, with the site principally offering positions for travel nurses and interval specialists. With their Interactive Experience Map, you can undoubtedly peruse the positions accessible in the spaces in which you’re thinking about voyaging.

Republic Health Resources - Best Travel Nursing Companies

To guarantee usability, Republic Health Resources additionally incorporates a FAQ area, assets for voyagers, the fundamental structures and documentation you’ll probably require, licensure, and reference structures.

Axis Medical Staffing

Axis’s client audits stay the most noteworthy on this rundown. Framed in Seattle, Washington, in 2003, Axis promotes a few pined-for benefits including the installment of paid customized lodging choices (with pet store costs covered by the organization), just as prompt vesting in its organization coordinated 401(k) plan.

This office routinely includes another Traveler of the Month nurture on its blog. Furthermore, Axis’ site has a page committed to Ask an Axis Travel Nurse, which includes a simple accommodation structure where an attendant can respond to every one of your inquiries.

Axis Medical Staffing - Best Travel Nursing Companies

This empowering method of associating can furnish beginner or even prepared voyagers with a confided in source, a nursing peer who has gone with this particular office a few times, rather than facilitating a generic message load up. Pivot likewise offers a live visit include that is effectively available on the landing page.

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Trustaff, presently praising their fifteenth-year inactivity, attempts to “foster fates, convey openings, and fabricate connections that last.” Traveling with Trustaff ensures the most elevated paces of pay to a horde of areas around the United States, where you can peruse their online quest for new employment before doing whatever else.

Trustaff - Best Travel Nursing Companies

Like others who have made our rundown, Trustaff has discovered that genuineness and straightforwardness are vital to their and their situations’ achievement. Voyager benefits offered by Trustaff incorporate week after week pay, lodging and travel help, taken care of time, protection alternatives, 401k with business match, 401k with boss match, and rewards.

Century Health Services

Century Health Services gives both short and long-haul tasks through a routine set of expenses and authoritative situations for travel nurses, analysts, authorized clinical social laborers, enrolled dental associates, dental specialists, therapists, and licensed mental technologists. CHS claims that workers can anticipate the most elevated conceivable compensation, lodging, and repayment of travel costs.

Century Health Services - Best Travel Nursing Companies

Also, CHS has acquired the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval and records their positions on the web, using their pursuit of employment highlight, for you to peruse before making any further moves.

Advantis Medical

Established in 2018 as an auxiliary of Advantis Global, Advantis Medical procured a spot on Bluepipes’ 2020 list of Best Travel Nursing Company. 3 Its client audits are restricted in number, however, they’re gleaming in regards to individuals’ encounters with the organization.

Advantis Medical volunteers travel attendants and spot them in top establishments across the United States. The office offers customer associations with medical clinics, outpatient facilities, same-day mobile careful focuses, just as talented nursing offices.

Advantis Medical’s specialization openings remember positions for divisions like Medical-Surgical (M/S), Emergency Department (ED), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Labor and Delivery (L&D), and that’s just the beginning. Its advantages incorporate profoundly cutthroat pay bundles, direct store accessible from the very beginning, help with lodging alternatives, health care coverage (clinical, dental, vision), and a 401(k) choice.

The office likewise has installment motivators for references. To make the cycle as consistent as could really be expected, Advantis Medical has a one-minute application structure that couldn’t be any simpler, particularly for a voyaging attendant who is consistently in a hurry.

FlexCare Medical Staffing alludes to FlexCare Medical Staffing as the “most enlivened travel nursing office ever,” with over 1727 surveys revealed. This is one of the best paying travel nurse companies that acquired a gold completion on Travel Nursing Central’s 2019 list of the best travel nursing companies and has reliably positioned since 2014. FlexCare has likewise been on the Highway Hypodermics list since 2011.

FlexCare’s site promotes its Premier Traveler Access program, offering imminent travel nurture the chance to open and view pay ranges for a wide assortment of open positions, notwithstanding customized cautions using text and email. This office discloses its central goal to help explorers by giving a solitary selection representative who can address each issue (named “S1NGLEPOINT” on the site) and assist with working on the whole interaction.

This one resource can advocate for the explorer, help with looking for occupations and lodging, give a straightforward and serious compensation rate, just as guarantee convenient installment.

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Quest Group Staffing

Quest Group Staffing is custom-fitted explicitly to travel and routine set of expenses nursing openings and holds the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval since 2006. Their organization esteems rotate around the viability of collaboration and predictable improvement of both the organization and their travel nurses.

Quest Staffing - Best Travel Nursing Companies

While no online pursuit of employment is offered without the accommodation of your application, Quest makes a special effort to guarantee that their candidates are content with the positions they’ve been matched with and will work with you to guarantee your requirements are met.

Choosing the Best Travel Nurse Company

By and large, most Best Travel Nurse Companies in the USA are normally around 13 weeks long (barring emergency tasks, which can be a lot more limited however can require sped up on location appearance, some just 48 hours).4 Some tasks may later offer a choice to re-sign toward the finish of a current agreement in case it’s commonly advantageous and the clinical staffing need stays pervasive.

As indicated by a few sites, California ordinarily offers the absolute most significant compensation rates for travel nurses. As indicated by the 2020 posting by Zip Recruiter, urban communities in Colorado, New York, Washington, and Massachusetts were all highest level in both hourly and salaried nursing positions; Arkansas, Florida, and New Mexico were among the lowest.5 It is essential to take note that the average cost for basic items and objections with beneficial environments can impact pay rates.

At last, it is consistently dependent upon the imminent voyager to choose whether or not to focus on any movement task or agreement. Nonetheless, some adaptability might be valuable in this nursing specialty, like tasks in a particular claim to fame and mentioned city may not generally be accessible, contingent upon the requirements of certain medical services frameworks effectively hoping to enlist voyaging attendants around then.

This rundown was made utilizing an inner quality control survey measure, utilizing a large number of exploration implies by weighing fluctuated data accessible through a few recognized destinations and sources to predominant best-paying travel nursing companies in the USA. Also, effectively authorized and nurture current travel tasks were talked with, giving important and unknown information.


We hope this list of the Top 7 Best Travel Nurse Companies in the USA helped you get a better idea before you consult a travel nurse company. So take your decision wisely before signing up for the best travel nursing company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What destinations does your agency serve?

It is important to discover a travel company that serves the city or urban areas you need to venture out to. A few offices guarantee they have contracts cross country, notwithstanding, that may not be the situation.

If you are aware of a particular clinic that you might want to go to because it looks great on your resume or a particular city you need to investigate, then, at that point, ensure your potential office has an agreement at that point that area. This is particularly significant assuming you need to go to spots like Hawaii and Alaska.

What benefits can travel nurses receive through Best Travel Nursing Companies?

Honestly, it relies upon which office you’re utilizing. Travel nurture frequently gets immediate storage, health care coverage (clinical, dental, vision), reference rewards, lodging payment, rewards, and additional time pay. There is normally a 401(k) choice travel nurse also.

Can travel nurses choose where they work?

Indeed. That is, by and large, an advantage to the work. A few offices work to appoint competitors all through the United States, while others place travel nurture universally. Before choosing to work with an organization, it’s a good idea to discover where they place travel medical attendants if you have a particular situation area as a primary concern.

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