Top 8 Best Solar Companies In India [Updated 2022]

Solar Companies In India

Best Solar Companies In India: Solar power is a 100% perfect, sustainable power source. It diminishes reliance on oil, coal, and gaseous petrol for power creation. These petroleum derivatives produce hurtful emanations that influence the nature of air, water, and soil, and are liable for an Earth-wide temperature boost. Interestingly, solar power creates no contamination. The solar force industry is one of the quickest-creating enterprises in India.

The public authority has taken different drives for the development of this area. There is a tremendous interest in solar power in India due to country regions where power isn’t accessible. There is an immense significance of solar organizations in the present situation. The top 8 best solar companies in India are recorded beneath:

List of the Top 8 Best Solar Companies In India

Best Solar Companies In IndiaEstablisationCurrent CEO
1. Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.2018Amol Anand
2. Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd1989Ashish Khanna
3. Waaree Solar Pvt Ltd2008Hitesh Chimanlal Doshi
4. Azure Power India Pvt Ltd2008Ranjit Gupta
5. Vikram Solar2006Mr Saibaba Vutukuri
6. Websol Energy System Ltd1990Sohan Lal Agarwal
7. RenewSys India Pvt Ltd1961Avinash Hiranandani
8. Citizen Solar1930T S Jain

1. Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of Solar Panels and lithium batteries based out of Faridabad, Haryana having a manufacturing capacity of 250 MW.
The company started in 2018 and claims to be India’s No. 1 Solar company as it has Installed solar systems powered by Lithium-ion batteries with mobile monitoring in 50,000 homes across India.

It makes solar panels from 10 watts to 550 Watts in Mono perc and Bi-facial technology, Similarly, The Lithium battery range is from 6 Ah (75 Wh) to 100 Ah (5kWh).
The company is reachable at

2. Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd

Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd, a main Indian solar organization settled in Mumbai. It is among India’s greatest coordinated solar organizations making some imaginative solar items. The organization expects to empower the spread of solar all over.

Tata Power Solar is one of the biggest solar housetop EPC major parts in India. The primary vision of this driving Indian Solar organization is to empower solar all over the place. The organization makes solar cells, solar modules, and other solar items, and gives EPC administrations to solar force projects.

To fabricate completely incorporated and customized projects in solar force plants Tata Power Solar has the experience and skill. As the best solar companies in India, they can deal with solar energy tasks of any estimate and work inside the constraints of administrative strategies and huge geological boundaries with much-required skills.

The expansion in fossil fuel byproducts and the fast exhaustion of non-sustainable energy needs quick regard to fulfill the rising needs for power. Upheld by a cultivated group and initiative, they prepare for spotless, plausible, monetarily effective, and inventive energy arrangements.

More than 17 solar tasks in 13 states have been started in India by Tata Power Solar. The force creation of these plants was higher than the arranged sum, surpassing assumptions for power age and easy upkeep.

Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd Company Details

HeadquarterSector 4, Noida,
Uttar Pradesh, India
Revenue32,468+ crores INR
Current CEOAshish Khanna
Net Profit(Rs.)INR 500 cr
Net Sales(Rs.)32,468+
Debt to Equity1.85
Parent CompanyTata Group
FoundersTata Power, BP Solar
ProductsSolar products

3. Waaree Solar Pvt Ltd

Waaree Solar is viewed as one of the biggest solar PV module producers in India, with a functioning presence in more than 280 areas broadly and 68 nations universally.

Waaree Energies has its essence in over 350 urban communities in India and 68 nations globally. In 2013, Waaree Energies won the SME Excellence Award for “Greatness in Technology and Innovation”. Waaree Energies Ltd is one of the best 10 organizations in India. With Fundoodata paid plans, you can get more data about the organization like the number of representatives, turnover, chiefs subtleties, and then some.

Top Solar Companies in India - List of Solar Energy Companies in India

They imagine giving top caliber, savvy, environmentally friendly power arrangements in all areas, to limit carbon impression and to prepare for reasonable energy, accordingly upgrading the nature of human existence today and later on.

The organization has plants in Surat and Umbergaon in Gujarat and as of now, its creation limit is 1.5 GW. Also, they have provided 1.7 GW worth of solar modules worldwide just over 5000 siphon, telecom, and roof projects. What’s more, they additionally have projects worth over 500 MW that is on commission.

4. Azure Power India Pvt Ltd

Azure Power sells solar force in long haul fixed value agreements to focal and state government utilities, and business and mechanical clients.

Azure Power India Pvt Ltd was established by Mr. Inderpreet Wadhwa in the year 2008. The organization is settled in New Delhi, India. The organization offers energy to government utilities, and free modern and business clients in India. Azure Power has an absolute limit of more than 7 GW across and is perhaps the biggest designer and administrator of utility-scale solar resources in India. They mean to be the one to offer minimal expense solar force arrangements at high effectiveness yields.

5. Vikram Solar 

Vikram Solar is a world-known solar power company. Suppliers of energy arrangements had some expertise in assembling elite PV modules, EPC choices, and itemized ones. With a worldwide impression spreading over 5 landmasses, they contribute effectively to the forming of the solar transformation. Conveying the rich inheritance forward and the definite improvement experience of the 

The Vikram Solar Group has been running since 2006. Expanding on an example of overcoming adversity extending back forty years. 

Vikram Solar is the second-biggest solar energy company in India as far as income in the solar power industry of India. The company was set up in 2006 by Gyanesh Chaudhary at Kolkata, India. The company joined forces with Powertech Africa, an African wholesaler of energy innovation, consequently entering 14 new business sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa to give a venturing stone to a solid eventual fate of solar power energy in India. 

Top Solar Companies in India - List of Solar Energy Companies in India

This solar company’s yearly creation limit with regards to PV modules remains at 1.2 GW and the company has dispatched over 2.4 GW of PV modules worldwide to date. The solar energy company is a PVEL LLC Top Performer, and its modules in Europe, North America, and Asia are appropriate for brutal conditions. 

This solar company in India has a demonstrated record of taking care of utility-scale projects with an EPC arrangement of 1055 MW (dispatched + under execution) creative activities (India’s first gliding solar power) and Rooo PC in Mandsaur-Madhya Pradesh Repeat orders from customers, for example, India’s Airports Authority (Calicut, Kolkata, Dibrugarh, Gaya, Gondia, and Kochi) and ISRO are a demonstration of the commitment of Vikram Solar to the development of the solar upheaval in India. 

6. Websol Energy System Ltd 

Websol Energy System Ltd is another best solar company in India. Websol was established in 1994 in Kolkata, India, and has a cutting-edge coordinated creation office at Falta SEZ, Sector II, Falta, West Bengal, India. Websol has gotten many honors and awards notwithstanding worldwide certification.

ns making it one of a handful of the mechanically autonomous solar power energy companies in India of solar cells and modules. 

7. RenewSys India Pvt Ltd 

RenewSys India Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2011 and is settled in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is a piece of the Enpee Group of companies. It is the main coordinated maker of Solar PV Modules and its key segments are – Encapsulants (EVA and POE), Backsheets, and Solar PV Cells.

The company offers a wide scope of items – Solar Modules DESERV, DCR Modules, Galactic Ulta, POE Encapsulant, and so forth The company has a worldwide presence with workplaces in India, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, UAE, delegates in Europe, USA, Mexico, and Brazil, and an advancing wholesaler company. It has two assembly offices in India, at Bengaluru and Hyderabad. RenewSys got the extraordinary Solar PV Module Manufacturer Award at the EQ Award function in 2019. It is one of the best Solar Companies in India.

8. Citizen Solar

Citizen Solar private restricted has a place with an ISO 9001-14001 and SMERA confirmed organization, a 27-year-old group, one of India’s driving makers of solar boards in India that arrangement with mechanically modern and bleeding-edge modern and business arrangements. Its central command is situated in Ahmedabad, with a-list hardware and industry-driving framework.

Citizen Solar is important for the Citizen Group, which centers around the creation and creation of different excellent products with a rich history. Under the umbrella of Citizen bunch, Citizen Solar Private Limited has designated numerous ventures with a presence in PAN India across different areas.

With a solid accentuation on the way that solar power and wind energy are the most plentiful energy sources on our mom earth, we have fabricated 2 cutting-edge solar PV module-producing offices.

The cutting-edge producing office of Citizen Solar is arranged in the Chhatral mechanical space of Gujarat, spread over a colossal 45,000 square feet, prepared to do reliably create 60 MW of energy each year with up to 180 MW versatility.

In three regions: designing, development, and obtaining, a rising solar organization like our own has incredible potential. We furnish the client with the best quietness: trust. solar EPC organizations like Citizen Solar, move regularly and quickly, so we can remain in a state of harmony with the furthest down-the-line news to have the option to satisfy our clients’ requirements, which are always showing signs of change.

FAQs On Solar Companies In India

Which solar company is best in India?

In the market, there are hundreds of companies that manufacture Solar panels. But according to the popularity and total sells units Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd is one of the Best Solar Company In India.

What are the 2 main disadvantages of solar systems?

Sun availability and Space consumption are the 2 main disadvantages of the solar system or panels.

Do solar panels work at night?

In the solar panel, silicon is used to generate electricity. And the Sun is one of the most important sources generating electricity from silicon. So the solar panels don’t work at night.


We hope this list of the top 8 best solar companies in India would have helped you get an insight into this.

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