Top 7 Best Paint Companies In India [Updated 2022]

Paint Companies In India

Paints have become an indispensable piece of the infrastructural world. Painting and shading upgrade the visual appearance of the home and environmental elements.

Applying the Best Paint Companies in India shrouds primary blemishes and blemishes as well as secures and shields the existence of the surface that has been painted.

With inventive paint items, the paint business has taken the vibes of a structure, an indent up.

The Indian paint industry has shown huge development in the course of recent years. Subsequently, the Indian paint industry has become Asia Pacific’s quickest developing paint market.

The homegrown paint industry is assessed to be a Rs 50,000 Crores industry with the improving paint classification establishing practically 75% of this market. The brightening paint market incorporates different classes relying upon the idea of the surface like outside divider paints, inside divider paints, wood completes, lacquers just as auxiliary items like preliminaries, putties, etc.

The modern paint class establishes the equilibrium 25% of the paint market and incorporates an expansive exhibit of portions like car coatings, marine coatings, bundling coatings, powder coatings, defensive coatings, and other general mechanical coatings.

List of Top 7 Best Paint Companies in India

1. Berger Paints India Limited

Settled in Kolkata, Berger paints one of India’s best paint companies with a global presence specifically in four nations – Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland, and Russia. It is one of the quickest developing organizations in the business, with a gigantic worker base and wide circulation chain of more than 25,000 vendors.

Berger Paints - Wikipedia
Berger Paints India Limited

Recently named Hadfield’s India Limited, it had one processing plant in Howrah, West Bengal. It was until 1947, after which it was gained by British Paint UK, and made its quality in India. Berger Paint is the lone provider of Protective Coating for thermal energy stations.

Advantages of Berger Paints India Limited

  • Pool of items
  • Brand Recognition
  • Worldwide Presence
  • Skillful Leadership
  • Great Quality
  • Dedication to Consumers
  • Outstanding Growth

Disadvantages of Berger Paints India Limited

  • Reliance on Decorative Segment
  • Absence of Premium Alternative
  • Limited Pricing Power

2. Indigo Paints

Begun in the year 2000, Indigo Paints had an unobtrusive start. It began with the assembling of lower-end Cement paints and continuously extended its reach to cover most fragments of water-based paints like Exterior Emulsions, Interior Emulsions, Distempers, Primers, etc.

Since the beginning, the Company spread its impressions the nation over, with the quick development of its range across India. Today the Company stands apart as perhaps the most grounded competitor in the Indian paint industry, being appraised as a creative paint producer, which continues to come out with novel items at no other time offered in the country.

IPO Review: Indigo Paints
Indigo Paints

Over the long run, the Company discovered its specialty in the paint business through advancement. It continued producing splendid novel thoughts for painting arrangements, with disturbing routineness. Progressively, the business started viewing the Company as an advanced scholar and a storage facility of new item improvement.

With changing times and patterns, Indigo Paints patched up its personality exhibiting another influx of speculation by the Company. A couple of years prior it clubbed all its numerous brands for various item classifications into a solitary umbrella brand “INDIGO”. It is the best paint company in India.

3. Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd makes the second biggest name in the Industrial Paint Coating Sector. It is an auxiliary of Kansai Nerolac Paints which started in 1920, in Japan. It has established a connection with the country through its wide scope of paints.

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd | Q1 results | Manufacturing Magazine
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd

It is an easy decision, that Shah Rukh Khan is the brand representative of this organization. Having set up a restriction with GNPL, for the production of Cathodic Electrodeposition Primer and a few other extravagant coatings it turned into the first nation to get this innovation Quite a while.

Advantages of Indigo Paints

  • Market pioneer in Industrial Coating
  • Innovative Edge
  • Proficient Supply Chain
  • Superstar Brand Ambassadors

4. Asian Paints

Starting in 1942, with its corporate office situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Asian Paints makes the main modern and improving paint-producing organization. It comprises 27 manufacturing plants spread to more than 22 nations.

The Decorative Segment incorporates outside divider completes, inside divider and wood completes, and lacquers. Its promoting technique prompted the organization’s monstrous development, arising as the market chief in 1967. By 1985, the turnover of Asian Paints expanded to 100 crores and procured Berger worldwide paints in 2001.

Asian Paints Deploys Sight Machine for Digital Transformation of  Manufacturing
Asian Paints

With consistent endeavors of presenting premium and creative items in the market to set up new stores the country over, Asian Paints made it to the Forbes50 at a beautiful beginning phase.

Advantages of Asian Paints

  • Takes into account all fragments
  • Various scope of items
  • Holds more than half of the Market Share
  • Worldwide Presence
  • Solid Financials
  • Effective Technology

Disadvantages of Asian Paints

  • Danger of progress in shopper taste in Decorative Segment
  • Less hold in Industrial Segment
  • Development in Competition

5. Shalimar Paints

Set up in 1942 in Howrah, West Bengal, Shalimar Paints has more than three assembling units and more than 54 branches the nation over. It is fundamentally associated with compositional, enriching, and modern fragments. It is amongst the top best paint companies in India.

Shalimar Paints | Rang Desh Ka - YouTube
Shalimar Paints

It has been associated with projects including Rashtrapati Bhavan Delhi, Salt Lake arena Kolkata, Vidyasagar Setu Kolkata, Malankara Orthodox Church, Kerala, and so forth Accessing very good quality innovation, it set foot in flying, covering marine paints and warm plants painting.

Advantages of Shalimar Paints

  • Hold in both Decorative and Industrial Segment
  • Offers paint to organizations in all value section
  • Wide scope of items
  • Fast advancement
  • Skillet India presence with a set up network

Disadvantages of Shalimar Paints

  • In spite of having first mover advantage, lingers behind organizations like Asian Paint and Berger Paint

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6. British Paints

Having a global presence, British Paint set its foot in India in 1947, with its corporate office in Delhi, India. It is the best paint company in India.

The immense range of brightening items offered by the organization incorporate inside emulsion, lacquers, outside emulsion, sicknesses, surfaces, clay, concrete paints, preliminaries, wood completes, and waterproofing compounds.

Advantages in British Paints

  • Restrictive brightening arrangement
  • Huge scope of items
  • Dish India organization

7. Jenson and Nicholson (India) Ltd

Jenson and Nicholson (India) Ltd is the second most seasoned paint producer in India. The organization was set up in London in 1821.

Afterward, it was worked as an organization by John Jenson and Wilfred Nicholson.

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Jenson and Nicholson (India) Ltd

In 1922, Jenson and Nicholson started activities in India. Since 1973, Jenson and Nicholson (India) Ltd started working as an autonomous organization.

It is one of the top best paint companies in India. It is giving top-notch items arranged by utilizing the most recent innovation.


Whether or not you are embellishing your home, repainting a vehicle, fostering an office, or building a plant, paint is an inevitable piece of life. India’s paint industry employs a huge number of individuals.

Supplies of Indian paint plants have been giving exceptional yields to financial backers, which says a lot of their prospering exchange.

There are an expected 50,000 paint stores worked by the vast majority of the prestigious producers in India, which numerous industry specialists accept, positions as most elevated on the planet.

The paint business is additionally assuming a significant part in the ‘Make in India’ drive dispatched by the Indian government. Indian paints are popular in the unfamiliar market as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the largest paint company in India?

Asian Paints Ltd is known to be the Largest Paint Company in India.

Which is the No 1 paint company in India?

Sales Asian Paints Ltd is the No 1 Paint Company in India. It has a total sales of Rs. 20,468 Cr and a Market share of ~ 40%.

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