Top 10 Best Medical Device Companies In USA [Updated 2023]

Medical Device Companies In USA

Medical Device Companies in USA work in the innovation, creation, and creation of medical devices that can be utilized in a wide range of various medical services settings. The medical device company is developing at a quick speed that doesn’t appear as though it will back off at any point shortly. The development inside this industry has primarily happened due to the expanding measure of the maturing populace throughout the planet who have persistent sicknesses. These sicknesses require new therapies that can be utilized to alleviate side effects and backing the influenced people.

This industry is significant to patients and people for a heap of reasons. All innovations that have been made for medical care settings are made by medical device companies. The essential recipients of late innovative headways incorporate patients who require heart checking and cerebrum observing. In light of how significant the Medtech business has become, an ever-increasing number of organizations are getting the business together with each spending day.

For the top MedTech organizations with enough assets, the components that add to their progressions remember arising patterns for distributed computing, IoT, AI-based advances, and blockchain.

This article gives point by point takes a gander at the top 10 best medical device companies in USA that are standing out for 2021.

List of Top 10 Best Medical Device Companies in USA

Medical Device CompaniesEstablisationCurrent CEO
Cardinal Health, Inc.1971Mike Kaufmann
Becton, Dickinson, and Company1897Thomas Polen
Johnson and Johnson1886Alex Gorsky
Abbott Laboratories1888Robert Ford
Baxter1931José E. Almeida
3M Company1902Mike Roman
NOVARTIS AG (NYSE: NVS)1996Vasant Narasimhan
Becton Dickinson1897Thomas Polen
General Electric1892H. Lawrence Culp Jr.
Instinctive Surgical1888Caleb Frankel

Cardinal Health, Inc.

Cardinal Health, Inc. is among the biggest medical device companies in USA and has a spot on the Fortune Global 500. They have a worldwide presence with central command in both Dublin, OH, and Dublin, Ireland. Right now, Cardinal Health is the biggest producer of careful items and medical devices in the country, which is shown by them giving supplies to over 75% of the emergency clinics in the U.S.

The Top 15 Medical Device Companies in the World in 2020 | GetReskilled
Cardinal Health, Inc.

Their items incorporate everything from solid medical gear to cutting-edge patient observing frameworks. Having made almost $16 billion in income in 2018, they are ready to keep being an innovator in the business.

Becton, Dickinson, and Company

Becton, Dickinson, and Company is an American organization that offers medical devices, reagents, and instrument frameworks. They intend to achieve another time of medical services by conveying clinical arrangements and items to each edge of the world. It is the best medical device company in USA.

Their incomes of $16 billion out of 2018 position them as a main organization in the medical device companies. Their organization is separated into a biosciences unit, a daily existence sciences portion, and a clinical fragment, which permits them to make devices for each area of the medical device company.

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson (J&J) may create a huge part of its deals through drugs – just as purchaser wellbeing items like those under its notorious Johnson’s child image – however, the New Jersey-based firm fabricates a wide scope of medical devices as well.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine is 85% Effective Against Severe COVID-19
Johnson and Johnson

Indeed, not exclusively is it as of now the top medical device company in USA and internationally, in 2021, by some edge, however, the Financial Times has likewise assessed that J&J was the world’s tenth greatest traded on an open market organization by market cap in the principal half of the year.

It at present flaunts an all-out income of near $82bn, utilizes 132,200 individuals, and, in 2019, spent more than $11bn on innovative work – a large portion of any medical device firm on the planet.

The top-selling medical devices made by J&J fall under are muscular health, medical procedure, and ophthalmology.

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories is a huge medical care company based out of Chicago that has practical experience in sustenance, drugs, indicative therapies, and medical devices. The demonstrative gear and medical devices that they make are utilized by numerous research centers, clinics, and other medical services settings everywhere.

The Top 15 Medical Device Companies in the World in 2020 | GetReskilled
Abbott Laboratories

They are among the main organizations in the medical device company because their gear and gadgets have demonstrated to be profoundly successful at diagnosing infections and giving constant observing. The medical device part of their organization had the option to produce upwards of $19 billion of income in 2018 alone.


Illinois-based medical services goliath Baxter brags an all-out income of $11.1bn and utilizes 50,000 individuals universally. It is amongst the best medical device companies in USA.

Its medical devices are isolated into the classes of basic consideration, medical clinic care, careful consideration, and renal consideration – and its ebb and flow leader items incorporate the Amia dialysis framework, which is utilized to treat end-stage renal sickness patients at home, and the Spectrum IQ mixture siphon.

The Top 15 Medical Device Companies in the World in 2020 | GetReskilled

In 2009, Baxter likewise became one of a modest bunch of organizations to get EU leeway for an H1N1 flu antibody applicant during the worldwide pig influenza pandemic.

3M Company

The 3M Company works in a wide scope of various fields. It is the best medical device company. In 2018, their incomes bested $6 billion for the year, which permitted them to have a market cap of around $111 billion.

11 Leading Medical Device Companies in 2020

While the medical devices that they create and fabricate profoundly fluctuate, their most mainstream contributions incorporate wellbeing data frameworks and patient checking gadgets. Their stethoscopes are utilized by a large number of medical care experts throughout the planet. Their proceeded progressions have permitted them to get a spot in the medical device industry.


  • Complete Revenue: $49.49B USD
  • Market Cap: $199.09B USD
  • Research and development Spend: USD 8.1B
  • Worker Size: 103,941

Novartis International AG is a Swiss global drug organization situated in Basel, Switzerland. It is one of the biggest drug organizations by both market capitalization and deals, and it is the third-biggest Swiss organization by income.

The organization’s few divisions configuration, assembling, and sell medical devices across a wide scope of utilizations, yet the organization may be most popular for its Alcon vision, which centers around eye-care items for waterfalls, glaucoma, and refractive medical procedure and on dispensable vision-remedial items.

Becton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson (BD) is presently the world’s biggest maker of needles– and furnished the UK government with 65 million of these infusion gadgets in July as a feature of the country’s groundwork for an effective Covid-19 immunization being endorsed and carried out.

The New Jersey-based medical device firm additionally works in a medical procedure, sub-atomic diagnostics, diabetes the board, and implantation, and offers incorporated examination arrangements and lab robotization to assist with the medical care work process too.

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) | Supplier and Product Information |  Biosave
Becton Dickinson

Its absolute income in 2019 was barely short of $17.3bn, and it utilizes more than 70,000 individuals across 50 nations around the world.

Recently, BD dispatched its Veritor Plus System – a versatile, simple to-utilize Covid-19 antigen testing pack fit for creating brings about 15 minutes, which acquired a EUA from the FDA in July and got a CE mark for European use in September.

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General Electric

The US fabricating heavyweight General Electric has created a complete income of more than $95bn and utilizes around 200,000 individuals universally – and conducts its business in the medical device area through Illinois-based auxiliary GE Healthcare.

File:General-Electric.png - Wikimedia Commons
General Electric

GE Healthcare produces innovations utilized across the business, from clinical imaging and patient observing gadgets to ventilators, diagnostics, and medication conveyance frameworks.

Close to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, in March, the organization collaborated with Ford to use the plan of an FDA-cleared, outsider ventilator – permitting the vehicle maker to increase its creation of these basic consideration machines all the more rapidly.

Instinctive Surgical

In contrast to most organizations on this medical device companies list, Intuitive Surgical – notwithstanding giving a scope of medical services-related items – is most popular for one unmistakable clinical innovation it makes.

Its Da Vinci automated medical procedure framework can be constrained by a specialist utilizing a control center and, as indicated by the organization, has been utilized over 6,000,000 negligibly obtrusive systems to date – including prostatectomies, heart valve fixes, and gynecologic activities like hysterectomies.


Hope this list of the top 10 best medical device companies in USA has helped you give an insight about them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many medical device companies are in the US?

There are more than 6,500 medical device companies in USA. They are usually small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Where are most medical device companies located?

California, Minnesota, and Massachusetts in USA have the most medical device companies.

How do medical device companies make money?

Huge medical device companies are reliably beneficial and ordinarily have net revenues of 20% to 30 percent. Medical care pays for clinical gadgets by implication by repaying suppliers when they use gadgets over the span of conveying care to recipients.

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