Top 10 Best Interior Designers In India [Updated 2022]

Best Interior Designers In India

Are you looking for the Best Interior Designers In India In 2022?

Then you are at the right place. In this article, after doing a lot of detailed research, we have listed some of the famous interior designers in India.

Everybody requires the perfect infrastructure for their houses, flats, or apartment complexes. This competition to have the best decor is not just limited to indoors but also towards any other form of indoors such as gyms, arcade rooms, malls, offices, etc. Interior Designing has grown progressively in the past years. Some of the perks of this job are massive pay, wide job opportunities, and creative liberty, also the business is in growing demand all-round year. The best infrastructural facilities in India were built by Britishers. Over the years, Indians have adapted the designing style, added a desi touch to it, and created a form that is appreciated all around the world. 

The designing industry in India demands, on average, 3 to 7 lakh depending on the size of the room or house. The price increases as the area expand. The best interior designing companies provide the clients with furniture and installation as well. Besides designing from scratch, the interior designers also help the clients to renovate their places. Some of the best interior designers in India providing premium services are listed below.

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List of Top 10 Interior Designing Companies in India

Morph Design Co.

Morph Design Corporation is an architectural institute that is based in Bangalore. The design and execution of projects are well handled by the team of architects and interior designers. Morph Design is one of the best interior designing companies in India due to its turnkey projects, contemporary designs and style, comfortable environment, and detailed structures. The company is led by Anjum Jung, a self-taught interior designer who is considered the best in the industry. The excellent craftsmanship led by Morph Design is in the fields of hospitality, residential, and commercial infrastructure covering all aspects of these structures. It has constructed villas, clubhouses, hotels, spas, restaurants, row houses, and furnishing amenities. 

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Another Bangalore-based interior designing company is KariGhars.the company has a history of creating original and unique designs as required by the clients. The spaces designed are constructed with premium qualities. Another feature of the company is its deadline, they provide timely projects keeping in mind the clients’ expectations. One can expect complete satisfaction with the KariGhars designs. For years, the company has worked towards transforming houses into homely environments with pleasant ambiance. KariGhars, as the name suggests, also gives importance to the designers and workers associated with the firm. It pledges to provide its clients with planning stages, color choosing, arrangements, and specifications. 

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Designqube Architects

Designqube is a widespread company that provides turnkey solutions not only for interior designing projects but also for landscape projects, architectural projects, civil construction, etc. Designqube believes in the process rather than the result. The company is spread across various cities including Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Jaipur. Currently, the company plans to expand its business in various other cities. Designqube aims to provide premium services to all its clients and also partners up with the client to create exquisite infrastructures. It has expertise in building shopping malls, offices, villas, apartments, retail interiors, restaurant interiors including food trucks, etc. The widespread popularity of the company has made it to be one of the top interior designing companies in India. 

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De Panache

The uniqueness of De Panache made it one of the top companies in designs. Every design is created differently to suit the client’s requirements. It produces all types of apartment designs including bathrooms, kid’s rooms, drawing rooms, study rooms, home offices, and many more. The designs are all luxurious in style and aesthetic in form. The motto for the company lies in excellent craftsmanship, work ethics, and attention to minute details. The company has also received amazing and appreciative feedback from its clients for their projects. De panache has been working in the interior designing industry for the past 10 years but their work is limited to Bangalore. 

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Carafina is a Bangalore-based interior designing company that aims to bring world-class infrastructures to Indian homes. It is styled in a contemporary way that is well suited to the developed city in India. Carafina is one of the best interior designing companies in Bangalore and India. The company is a definite go-to because the team is led by excellent young women. The company promotes the growth of such interior designers making it an approachable company. Carafina also provides a 3-year warranty on all its designs expressing the reliability of the company. It excels in creating apartments and villas. 

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Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts

The firm is led by a husband and wife duo who made it to the list of top interior designing companies with sheer commitment to work. The company has created spaces with bold interiors that are considered splendid in terms of delivery. The company has also won awards for its outstanding craftsmanship, unique design, and contemporary outlook. The Bangalore-based company has constructed plans in the residential sector.

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Regalias Interio

Regalias Interio is a company based in Hyderabad which has been operating since 2004. It is considered one of the best interior designing companies in India with expertise in building modular kitchens. It has successfully designed more than 700 infrastructures in Hyderabad. The company has been dedicated to providing full-service interiors within the budget limits of the client. It has received enormous amounts of rewards for its interior design capabilities. 

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Asense is also a Bangalore-based interior designing company that has been operating for 8 years. It has a clientele base of more than 850 customers. Asense provides an impeccable warranty period of 10 years. It is a one-stop-shop that caters to all the needs of clients and these people do not need to look any further. It also gives customized designs with a 3D visual plan. Some of the features of Asense are end-to-end solutions, material transparency, reasonable price, and assured quality. All these factors make the company one of the top interior design companies in India.

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