Top 10 Best Ice Cream Brands In India [Updated 2022]

Ice Cream Brands In India

It becomes intense to endure blistering summer. There are numerous approaches to partake in the mid-year at the best level. One of them is to relish chilled Ice cream.

Ice Cream is the most renowned delicacy everywhere. Individuals of any age love ice cream and oftentimes appreciate it.

This mid-year, you can relax with some heavenly scoop of your number one kind of ice cream. You can partake in your number one cut or flavor by purchasing the best ice cream through online stores.

This article is about the top 10 best ice cream brands in India. These are recorded according to the taste and inclinations of the purchaser.

List of the Top 10 Best Ice Cream Brands in India

Ice Cream BrandsEstablisationCurrent CEO
Amul1946R.S. Sodhi
Mother Dairy1974Sangram Chaudhary
Baskin Robbins1945David Hoffmann
Vadilal1907Rajesh R Gandhi
Kwality Walls1956Sanjay Dhingra
Havmor1944Komal Anand
Cream Bell2003Nitin Arora
Dinshaw1932Jimmy Rana
Haagen-Dazs1960Olivier Faujour.


Amul is the brand overseen and promoted by the Indian dairy agreeable – Gujarat Co-employable Milk Marketing Federation Limited.

It was founded in 1948 by Tribhuvandal Patel with the vision of setting off India’s White Revolution, today Amul is a brand known and confided in each edge of the country.

Dr. Verghese Kurien, the maker of the brand, goes along with him after only a couple of years and is viewed as the Father of the White Revolution.

Today Amul is the biggest food brand in India and among its exceptionally huge arrangement of milk-based items is their delightful scope of ice creams.

Gladly announcing their ice creams to be made with new milk, Amul absolutely holds a major benefit over numerous different brands that make what is in fact known as a ‘frozen treat’.

The scope of flavors traverses natural products, nuts, chocolate, and so forth, Amul ice cream is accessible on sticks, in cones, cups, squares, and different structures.

Mother Dairy

Begun in 1974, Mother Dairy is the auxiliary organization of the National Dairy Development Board, frequently abridged as NDDB, as a drive under activity flood. The organization is known for its broad scope of milk items and milk and is perhaps the most famous brand in India.

Since the most recent couple of years, the organization has extended and enhanced in their items and is presently additionally selling items like food oil, vegetables, products of the soil edibles through their stores and outlets.

Baskin Robbins

Another of the renowned Ice creams brands in India is Baskin Robbins. They entered India in 1993 through a joint endeavor with the Ghai Group.

The organization professes to have the world’s biggest ice cream chain with around 7000 store areas around the world. Baskin-Robbins sells ice cream in almost 50 nations.

Baskin-Robbins is an American organization. Its parent organization is Dunkin’ Brands.

Robbins and Baskin thought that people ought to have the option to test flavors at no expense until they discovered one they needed to purchase.

The business has presented over 1,300 preferences since 1945, including the 2019 expansion of veggie lover and non-dairy flavors.

The brand is known for coordinating sentiments and giving solid items.

The organization offers absolutely vegan ice cream. All the ice cream items are made by using unadulterated cow milk.


One more recorded among the best Ice cream brands in India is Vadilal Corporation.

It is a prestigious organization in the Indian subcontinent for its tasty seasoned Ice creams and frozen desserts. Significant milk and dairy item providers in India.

Vadilal ice cream maker offers a wide scope of ice creams of occasional flavors in the nation and is one of the best ice cream brands. Vadilal Industries has an exceptionally solid dissemination network in India and is an exporter of frozen vegetables prepared to eat snacks.

It began with a basic hand-turned machine. In 1997 Vadilal was changed over from the private restricted organization into public restricted.

Vadilal incorporates 200 varying sorts of confections, cones, cups, gathering and family packs, and mass packs. Today the organization sends out around 175 items all around the globe.

Vadilal bunch intends to spread joy with its gigantic kind of treats at pocket-accommodating rates. The organization has one of the biggest virus chain networks in the country.

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Kwality Walls

One of the best ice cream brand industry Kwality Walls is the organization shaped as a Joint Venture of British Walls and Kwality and is promoted as Kwality Walls across India. The brand is quite possibly the most well-known Ice Cream brand in India.

The shoppers of the organization are extremely faithful attributable to the nature of their items. The absolute most mainstream ones are Cornetto, Cassata, and Sandwich and are appreciated by the two children and their more established relatives the same. Their Magnum Brand of Ice cream is their exceptional item sold at different outlets.


Which began as a side business to expand the family pays for Satish Chona in Karachi in 1944 is today an easily recognized name among ice cream in India.

Havmor is presently situated in Ahmedabad and offers an assortment of items sold through a wide organization of Havfunn parlors, and at staple shops and grocery stores.

The organization was begun as a low maintenance adventure by the organization’s originator and was subsequently Incorporated into an undeniable plan of action. Havmor is probably the best ice cream brand in India and opponents are among the greatest monsters in India like Amul and Vadilal.

The organization deals with its basic beliefs of esteeming goodness, honesty, and tidiness, and attempted to fuse these qualities into their center hard-working attitude, items, and advancement.

Havmor offers a colossal scope of ice cream items including sugar-free ice cream, kulfi, ice cream cake, roll cuts, parfaits, and numerous different variations in a dazzling assortment of flavors.


Hangyo is the best Ice cream brand in India. The organization is driving makes and Milk Products in Karnataka.

It is a well-known brand of ice cream accessible across different pieces of India. The brand is made by an eponymous auxiliary of Karnataka-based dairy items, otherwise called SMMP (Srikrishna Milk and Milk Products).

Hangyo initially began as a minuscule unit in the Yellapur region of Karnataka and has reliably extended its activities the whole way across the state from that point forward.

Fabulous milk quality including particular flavors is currently a well-known brand of ice cream in Karnataka.

Cream Bell

Cream ringer is a joint coordinated effort between RJ organization, an Indian organization, and Candida, a French dairy king, and in the year 2003, the organization came to India as its continued looking for new business sectors.

The organization offers an extraordinary scope of Ice creams to browse and has satisfied the cravings of numerous individuals the country over. The organization is known for its extraordinary accentuation on quality items.

The organization has influenced the hearts of individuals and has characterized a specific specialty for themselves. The organization offers colorful pastries as Ice Cream cakes and Ice cream sandwiches and has had the option to fulfill the longings and taste buds of everybody.

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Dinshaws ice cream was brought into the world in 1933 when Nagpurians came to know the velvety, hand-stirred delicacy. It started as a dairy organization in Gittikhadan, Nagpur.

Their enthusiasm for growing the business caused the introduction of “Dinshaw’s Ice-cream”. Whenever opportunity thumped, then, at that point the organization battle producing frozen sweet.

Today the brand turns into the best ice cream brand in India with an enthusiasm for quality, taste, and trust.

An outsider idea frozen yogurt projecting was viewed as an extravagance, which must be enjoyed, on uncommon days. Dinshaw’s ice creams are accessible all over India.

Their dairy items are circulated in Central India. The stores give a broad scope of ice creams from Dinshaw with exemplary flavors like Vanilla and Chocolate.


Moderately a lesser-known name in the Indian Ice cream industry, Haagen-Dazs is an American Ice cream organization that has before long spread its underlying foundations in the Indian food culture. The organization is perhaps the greatest in India.

You can discover just some chose stores and outlets that really sell Haagen-Dazs ice cream attributable to its lesser prevalence among different organizations yet it’s not to say that the organization doesn’t give great quality ice cream. The organization is an auxiliary of two brands, Nestlé and General Mills, and manages items like ice cream and gelato.


Aside from these recorded and famous brands, India has seen a flood in other lesser-referred brands too, both homegrown and global. The Indian ice cream industry is going through an advancement interaction and will unquestionably be perhaps the best market on the planet.

These brands are reliably discovering new ways and new items by accepting groundbreaking thoughts and improving reliably over the new requests of the purchaser to improve their items.

Aside from the given insights, there is a gigantic and bigger disrupted area in India as Micro Small, and Medium ventures that structure a huge lump of India’s economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive ice cream in the world?

The most expensive dessert ice cream is the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream Its cost is $25,000 (£12,000). It is on the menu of the Serendipity 3 restaurant, New York, USA. It was added to the menu on 7 November 2007. It is a blend of 28 cocoas out of which 14 are the world’s most expensive.

Why is Haagen-Dazs so expensive?

Haagen-Dazs is the most expensive and luxurious ice cream because of its weight and ingredients. It contains at least 14 percent butterfat and has a very smooth taste.

What brands are real ice cream?

Some other all-natural real ice cream brands include All-Natural Turkey Hill Ice Cream, Three Twins Ice Cream, and Harris Teeter Natural Ice Cream.

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