Best Cycle Brands In India: Top 25+ Updated List 2022

Cycle Brands In India

Are you looking for the Best Cycle Brands In India? Here, I have listed some of the high rated and most used cycle list with brand.

In this modern era where people aspire to stay fit and healthy all the time, a bicycle has proven to be the best buddy to a lot of fitness enthusiasts.

A cycle is not limited to only fitness. It proves to be the best supporting partner in varied environmental issues as it also caters to the need of being eco-friendly.

Takes no fuel to run and saves our planet to a considerable degree. It is considered the best vehicle in times of major traffic or short-distance traveling.

People also adopt cycling as one of their hobbies. Many explorers and traveling fanatics have set records for cycling over days through mountains or hills.

India is the second-largest manufacturer of cycles in the world. The popularity of the cycle has leaped all of a sudden as the growing generation. It has been a need in every Indian household for children.

That’s why we have come up with the top 10 best cycle brands in India which will help you choose your best partner. Check out the list of best cycle brands and welcome home your best supporting friend for life.

List of Top 10 Best Cycle Brands in India

Best Cycle BrandsFounded InCurrent CEO
Firefox2004Sukanta Das
Atlas1950Narendra Pal Singh
Hercules1910Prakash Subramaniam
Hero1984Pawan Kant Munjal
Btwin Cycles1999Dinesh Relwani
Frog Cycle2013Sachin Chopra
Avon1886Angela Cretu
Montra Cycles2011Pravin Patil
La Sovereign2015Rohit Kalra
Road Master1936Gyan Singh

1. Firefox Cycle

Firefox Cycles

Firefox comes in the top 10 best cycle brands in India, as this brand was set up in India by Shiv Inder Singh and Pradeep Mehrotra in 2004. It is one of the leading names in the cycling industry.

In a span of one year, they introduced 30 bike models in India. And with the vision to expand, they brought in bicycles which were promoted by conducting track events like Firefox MTB Challenge, Road and Track Nationals, and BMX Competitions.

Firefox cycle brands don’t think twice about the nature of the cycle as they give first-rate quality, even though it is somewhat costly compared to other cycle brands.

Each result of Firefox comes in one-of-a-kind plans and with various highlights. The cycle ranges offered by Firefox Cycles vary and cater to various types like mountain cycles, bicycles for kids, city and off-road bicycles, etc.

Firefox is an organization that never thinks twice about its item quality. Firefox Torreto 27.5D is a trail-blazing bicycle that has a combination hard tail outline.

Firefox Cycle

  • Also, it accompanies a Shimano Tourney 21-speed gear framework which is appended to Shimano EF500 shifters.
  • The Firefox Torreto 27.5D has a combination suspension fork for a smooth and happy riding experience.

Additionally, this cycle accompanies a couple of Wanda 27.5″ x 2.1″ tires appended to two-fold divider combination edges.

Advantages of Firefox cycle

  • Disc brakes
  • 21 Shimano speed gears
  • Front suspension
  • Alloy hardtail outline
  • Ideal for all sorts of city streets

Disadvantages of Firefox cycle

  • No curved guard
  • No water bottle holder

2. Atlas Cycle

Atlas Cycles

Atlas fabricates cycles for all age groups. Their bikes are available in stores across India. you’ll have the option to conjointly arrange their bikes on the web. Atlas includes a wide choice inside the kids’ cycle class.

One of their favored cycles for young people in the Atlas Smashes lBC 20T.

The Atlas Smash lbs 20T includes aback. It conjointly has mentor wheels that make it direct for the child to discover sports. This cycle has caliper brakes and it’s a steel outline. The map book is among the top cycle brands in India.

The cycles by Atlas are strong because the organization makes no trade-off with the norm of the bikes that they produce. Essentially take into thought the financial plan and along these lines the choices that you basically wish and pick the cycle subsequently.

Also, they are the pioneers of racing bicycles in India which were introduced as early as in 1978. Atlas is one of the best sports cycle brands in India.

Advantages of Atlas cycle

  • Light in weight
  • Affordable in cost
  • Movable handle bar
  • Aluminum combination wheels
  • Greatest 200 kg client weight limit

Disadvantages of Atlas cycle

  • No pinion wheels
  • Doesn’t accompany extra frill like curved guard and water bottle holder

3. Hercules CycleHercules

Hercules Cycles

Hercules is perceived to produce strong and safe cycles. It is one of the best cycle brands in India. They need a decent difference of fine quality cycles. Assuming you wish for a cycle for regular use, you may see some specific models in Hercules cycles.

In any case, the cycle changes of Hercules aren’t limited to just bikes for customary use. Assuming you’re attempting to discover sports and execution bikes, Hercules is one name that you essentially should consider.

They need some of the least difficult games bikes. One of the premier in-style models is Ryder Contour 21 Speed Bicycle. Hercules is one of the best cycle brands in India under 10,000 INR.

The Ryder Contour 21 Speed Bicycle is a fashioner combination hard tail outline. It accompanies Shimano pinion wheels and V brakes.

This is regularly one among the least difficult promoting bikes of Hercules entirely and this gives an arrangement concerning the norm and choices of this bike.

If you wish exclusively the least difficult quality vigorous bike which can keep going for an extended time frame and may uphold you in hearty territories then you need to consider Hercules entirely, which has some of the most straightforward exhibition bikes. It is one of the best gear cycle brands in India ensuring durability and quality.

Advantages of Hercules cycle

  • Front and back circle brake
  • 21 speed gears
  • Front suspension
  • Rider max weight up to 150kg
  • One year guarantee

Disadvantages of Hercules cycle

  • No curved guard
  • No jug holder
  • Doesn’t accompanies stand

4. Hero Cycle

Hero Cycles

Hero cycle brand is one of the biggest assembling organizations of Indian cycles, creating 19000 cycles each day. It is the best cycle brand in India. Brijmohan Lal Munjal set up Hero cycle in 1956 and has its central command in Punjab, India.

In 1986 it held a Guinness world record of Hero Cycles as the biggest bike maker on the planet. We can generally include the legend brand in the main 10 bicycle brands.

Our first recommendable alternative is the Hero cycle on account of its gigantic altruism and 60+ long periods of involvement as a bike producer in India.

This cycle is ideal for grown-ups with a base rider tallness of 5.5 feet to the greatest rider statue of 5.11 feet as it has a tire size of 18 inches and an edge size of 18 inches. It also produces one of the best exercise cycles in India.

It gives you a quick and agreeable ride in all landscapes with its 21-speed gear framework and is viewed as the best stuff cycle under 15000 INR. Additionally, it has front and back Caliper brakes for controlling your bicycle while speeding or riding in the city streets.

Advantages of Hero cycle

  • Front circle brake
  • Light in weight
  • Fast delivery customizable seat
  • Front suspension
  • 21 Shimano gears
  • Prudent in cost

Disadvantages of Hero cycle

  • No curved guard
  • No container holder

5. Btwin Cycles

Btwin Cycles

Btwin is a cycling brand claimed by the French organization Decathlon. I’m certain, every one of the game’s energetic group would unquestionably know what Decathlon is. If not, examine their India site (Link given underneath the picture).

The Decathlon cycles division was created in 1976. It was later formally renamed Btwin in the year 2006.

Btwin Cycles are best known for their affordable prices and might be considered as one of the best cycle brands in India under 10,000 INR.

Affordability is just one of the factors, attractive design, aluminum wheels to keep away from rusting, the warranty is given, and light-weight are some of the features that make Btwin a part of the top cycling brands in India.

The decathlon organization was framed to make athletic gear more moderate for everybody across the globe. Their cycling image Btwin has a similar target.

They make extraordinary quality bicycles at moderate costs. In case you are searching for some incentive for cash you pay, go for these bicycles.

Advantages of Btwin cycle

  • Conservative in cost
  • Light weight
  • Agreeable seat
  • Strong and shock retaining outline
  • Plastic chain watch in front wrench

Disadvantages of Btwin cycle

  • No cog wheels
  • Comes without curved guard and container holder

6. Frog Cycle

Frog Cycles

Frog cycle is a UK-based cycle producer. Frog is definitely not a renowned cycle brand in India as they have recently entered the Indian market although it works in kid cycles matured 1 to 14.

It is the go-to cycling brand for children’s cycles. Besides that, they also provide a wide range of cycles like mountain bikes, electric bicycles, and folding bikes.

Frog cycle brand keeps up with a significantly decent nature of cycle with reasonable cost. Frog’s alpha city bicycles make driving issue-free and planned in a work of art and in vogue for metropolitan riders.

Additionally, its 26″ X 19″ hello there ten steel outline with a solid unbending fork and Shimano 7-speed moving with ‘V’ brake switches help you ride your cycle easily and securely out and about. The frog cycle makes driving fun, advantageous, and safe.

Furthermore, 26″ X 1.95″ Wanda tires are the ideal size for a grown-up to ride this cycle. One of the additional highlights remembered for your buy is the great water-slide decals and container sipper, which help you convey water while riding for a significant distance.

Advantages of Frog cycle

  • Sturdy
  • Light in weight
  • Shimano cog wheels and shifter

Disadvantages of Frog cycle

  • Comes in seven speed gears

7. Avon Cycle

Avon Cycles

At the point when we are talking concerning the least complex Cycle brands in Asian countries then Avon must be a locale of that rundown.

The most level-headed of this organization was to make sensible cycles for the normal individual of India. Nowadays it’s probably the most noteworthy brand in India.

They are known to be the largest cycle manufacturers in Ludhiana, a city in Punjab. Another reason for its popular name could be the use of excellent marketing strategies and advertisements.

The company has produced more than 200 different models of cycles in a wide range. It has also extended its hand in the fitness cycles. It is one of the best gym cycle brands in India.

A significant reason to be noted is that Avon is one organization that sells the main assortment of cycles in Asian nations and this gives a straightforward arrangement concerning its quality.

It’s a decent fluctuation of models. This entire is offered in a large portion of the stores across Asian nations and you’ll have the option to conjointly submit the request on the web.

Perhaps the most straightforward model of Avon cycles is the Neowave. This is regularly a popular cycle for certainly reasonable alternatives. It’s solid and at an indistinguishable time.

The alternatives embrace a suspension outline, the compound edge that is twofold walled. The V brakes have compound switches. The seat has comfortable froth padding.

Advantages of Avon cycle

  • Appealing looks
  • Single divider compound edge
  • Efficient in cost
  • Accompanies side stand

Disadvantages of Avon cycle

  • Single speed gears
  • Ideal for age bunch 5-8yrs

8. Montra Cycles

Montra Cycles

This is one of the top best cycle brands in India and it’s in style for its wonderful change of half-breed cycles. This entire has a place with the TI patterns of Asian nations.

They need models that are best for urban communities. They even have off-road bicycles. Montra jointly has RTB models and their bicycles are uniquely intended for streets and mountains.

TI cycles had dispatched the country’s first metallic component bicycle. Montra was the essential entity in India that had carbon outline bicycles.

This entire has numerous models that go with assurance. They even have some wonderful extras that will increase their cycle. The company also provides excellent features of additional cycle necessaries which is in demand currently.

Montra Cycles is known for providing its high-end services at a very reasonable and affordable price.

The top trailblazing bicycles of Montra will be Montra Madrock, Montra Rock, and Montra beat. In some of the off-road bicycle models of Montra, you may coincidentally find numerous varieties.

They need models that have straight handlebars and upstanding seating positions. One UN office loves mountain cycles and wants to look for one that should take into consideration the Montra entirety.

Advantages of Montra cycle

  • Six cog wheels cycle
  • Best cycle for fat tire sweethearts

Disadvantages of Montra cycle

  • Ideal for age bunch 5 to 8 years

9. La Sovereign Cycle

La Sovereign Cycles

This is an endeavor between associations essentially situated in Thailand related to an Indian organization. The joint venture between Thailand and India is bounded by the La Sovereign Cycles.

The Indian partner is a Sovereign organization and it’s basically situated in Ludhiana. This organization has been creating and promoting cycles for as far back as forty years.

This entirely has a few cycle models for small children and subsequently the youthful age. Their child’s bikes, MTB bikes, BMX bikes are exceptionally discussed. Their favored model is the La Sovereign town Bicycle.

This single-speed bike model is best for individuals who wish to move on the bike inside the town. La Sovereign has made its name in the Indian cycling market behest for its innovative style, vision for anti-pollution cycles, and an urge to keep up with the trends and latest styles.

One of the preeminent vital choices of the Los Angeles Sovereign Town Bicycle is the tough steel edge of the cycle.

One of the premier creative alternatives of this cycle is that it doesn’t have the standard V or caliper brakes. This model has plate slows down which is one of its particular choices.

10. Road Master Cycle

Road Master Cycles

This best cycle brand in India has more than sixty models of cycles. They need cycle models for all-age groups. They’re conjointly notable for their game cycles.

This entire thing has unfurled the nation. They need 156 stores across India. This is frequently a premium and quickest developing cycle in the entire country.

It began its Indian market journey in 2015 and in no time the Roadmaster became one of the fastest-growing cycling companies in India.

Road Master is perceived for its sensible cycles and it’s for sure one among the chief solid brands of Asian countries that are perceived to supply a certification on its cycles.

Some of the least difficult choices of the cycles of this organization embrace pleasant style, strength and thus the brake in the greater part of the models is dependable. It produces one of the best mountain biking cycles in India.

It is currently owned by Pacific Cycles who reactivated bicycle production for low-end and middle-end uses. It was shut down in the US in 1999 when it faced a great loss from its major divisions being sold.

But after its comeback, it strongly works on achieving its goal of producing premium cycles with cutting-edge services and catering to the needs of all age groups.


The data for top cycling brands has been gathered from various sources and the article above aims at highlighting these companies’ performances based on their current reach in and across India. This list prepared above contains a varied type of best cycle brands in India.

You can select the most premium cycle from the list according to your desired specifications. We hope this article on the top 10 best cycle brands in India helps you get the best fit cycle for yourself. Own a cycle to live a happy and healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a better cycle brand out of Firefox and BTwin?

Firefox cycles are mainly for all-terrain cycling and are quite expensive. Btwin cycles have a moderate price. They are promoted by decathlon retailers in India.
Newbies can ride these bicycles on city streets as well as use them for adventure sports. After using Btwin, it’s better to advance to Firefox.

Which is a better cycle, geared or non-geared?

If you wish to ride as a devotee and wish to go on longer (and quicker) rides with climbs and drops, and wish to have a really captivating ride, then, at that point, you can lean toward purchasing a gear cycle. In any case, assuming you need enjoyable and agreeable rides for little drives and end of the week rides with insignificant support and administration prerequisites, or then again if your essential objective is weight reduction, you can lean toward riding single speed gear cycle.

Which is the best gear cycle in India?

Hero cycles, Btwin, Giant, Hercules, Atlas, and BMX, are the well-known geared-bicycles. Firefox is one of the high-end geared bicycles.

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