Top 4 Best Agriculture Company In India [Updated 2022]

Agriculture Company In India

Agriculture is a very old technology by which we grow our food and from that we live our life. In today’s modern life, many big machines have been invented by which have advanced a lot in the world of Agriculture. The land on which we could grow very little crop and farmers took a lot of time to grow that crop, on the same place we can extract maximum crops in the least time and in the least effort. In this article we have listed some of the Top Agriculture Company In India.

In the world of science and chemistry, we have made a lot of innovations and developments. Under which we can Hybridize and Fertilize the plants. So that the fruits, vegetables and flower grows very high and fast.

About 58 percent of the population in India is making their living due to agriculture. Agriculture is the most important part of any country, which maintains a quality food supply chain in that country. If any country is unable to make progress in this field. The country has to buy many types of food from other countries, which sometimes becomes a big loss for it.

Agriculture Industry In India

India’s agriculture industry is a market capitalization of about more than US$32 billion. According to the report India is number one country in the world who have the highest net cropped area. Due to the agriculture in India employed more than 50% of peoples.

India comes in the seventh position in the whole world. Who exports the most agricultural food, India supplies food to more than 120 countries, in which Japan, South Asia, United States, European countries comes. Indian agriculture contributes around 17% to 18% to GDP.

List of Schemes for Farmers In India

Agriculture Company In IndiaEstablisationCurrent CEO
Bombay Burmah Trading1863Ness Wadia
Nath Bio-Genes (I) Ltd1979Satish Kagliwal
Goodricke Group Limited1977Atul Asthana
JK Agri Genetics Ltd.1989Gyanendra shukla

To promote the Indian farmers and to help them, the Indian government has taken many initiatives. Out of which under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayi Yojana (PMKSY-PDMC), Rs 4,000 crore have been allocated to Indian farmers.

List of The Top Agriculture Company In India

In India there are hundreds of agriculture companies. But we have listed some of the Big Agriculture Companies In India according to there market capitalization. So let’s us start the list.

Bombay Burmah Trading

Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited i.e. BBTCL is and Indian company, which was started in 1960s. The company is one of the second oldest companies in India, which was started by the Wallace Brothers of Scotland. The company started its business from Tea.

Now, the company is working in sectors like Auto Electrical Components, Dental Products, Horticulture Activities, Weighing Products and Real-estate. According to the company, they are grown tea in about 2,822 hectares in the hill side of South India and this company export tea and coffee all over the world.

Nath Bio-Genes (I) Ltd

Nath Bio Genes Limited is an India based agricultural research company that helps farmers to improve farming in India. Nath Bio Genes has more than 1000 acres of research area and almost 30 testing labs all over India. More than 5 lakh farmers working with the company and increase there farming productivity.

This company was started by 1997 by Nath Group. It is a biotechnology research company which researches in the seeds of plant so that they can maximum farming. Besides they have many such agricultural products like seeds, chemical and other products that use in farming. They sell many products to the farmers. According to the company, they wants to improve the quality of the seeds even more, without using any harmful chemicals.

Nath Bio Genes also sells its products outside India in UK and European countries. This company keeps on doing various innovations. And during this, it has achieved greatness in finding hybrids of many seeds. According to them, hybrids of many such seeds have been discovered. In which we can grow more than three to four times the normal crop in higher quality.

Goodricke Group Limited

Goodricke Group Limited is an Indian agricultural company based in West Bengal. This company was started by UK based company Camellia Plc. It is one of the largest tea producing companies in the world. There are four companies registered under this company, which are Goodricke Group Limited, Stewart Holl (India) Limited, Amgoorie India Limited and Koomber Tea Co. Pvt. Limited. The company has 30 gardens and 27 factories located in Darjeeling, Dooars, Assam and Cachar.

JK Agri Genetics Ltd.

JK Agri Genetics Ltd. is an Indian agricultural company stated in 1990s. The company works in the field of production, processing and marketing of the hybrid seeds. With the help of innovations and research they produces high quality hybrid seeds that grows fast and give high crop. The company produces the seeds of Bajra (Pearl Millet), Jowa (Sorghum), Rice(Paddy), Cotton, Maize (Corn), Vegetables, etc. and Plant Nutrients products.

Is Agriculture A Good Career?

In today’s era, many types of farming are done and marketing in today’s internet age also costs very little. Due to the increasing population, there are many companies and factories that makes different- different types of pesticides and using it in cropping in huge quantity. But they are also harmful due to chemicals for our body.

If you learn new ways of cropping and grow the crop without using any chemical and pesticide. Then you can market it very well you can also take it as your career. There are many such people who have made their career only in the agricultural sector. There are also people working abroad and have done there studies from big universities like IITs and NITs. And they are making very good income from the agricultural sector.

FAQs On Agriculture Company

What is the biggest agricultural company?

UPL Ltd. and Bombay Burmah Trading Ltd are the largest agricultural companies in India according to the market cap.

List of Agriculture stocks in India

1. Bombay Burmah
2. Kaveri Seed
3. Nath Bio-Genes
4. Goodricke Group
5. Harrisons Malay
6. JK Agri Genetic
7. Dhunseri Tea
8. ShreeGanesh Bio
9. Neelamalai Agro
10. Raghuvansh Agro
11. Mangalam Seeds
12. Joonktollee Tea
13. Agri-Tech
14. Diana Tea
15. Indo US Bio-Tec
16. Transchem
17. Nagarjuna Ag
18. Kanel Ind
19. Beeyu Overseas

Who is the richest farmer?

Pramod Gautam is one of the richest farmer in India

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