Accenture Business Profile | History | Subsidiaries | Revenue | Employees In 2022

Accenture Business Profile

Its excellent approach in taking the tradition of supporting its immensely talented employees ahead and giving a chance to others as well has made Accenture rank into the top 10 Best Companies to Work For in 2022 on the Fortune list.


Accenture is an Irish-American IT professional services company headquartered in Dublin that provides info tech and consultancy services to its clients. 

A genuine and proficient IT company driving innovation and showcasing astonishing diversity with 120+ countries catered since 1989 with the intention to achieve a gender-equality workforce by 2025.

What makes them unique?

Their Values! It is a key component of their organizational culture and illustrates the character of their organization. It’s their core values for them that build the foundation and decide how one should act. 

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How Accenture Started

In 1951, the thought of investing in emerging technology sprang to the mind of Joseph Glickauf, a manager in the Administrative Services division.

The company expanded outside the U.S—in Mexico and parts of England (London, Oslo, Paris, Milan, Brussels) in 1955-57. In 1969 Administrative Services established its first comprehensive set of practices in systems development. Fin-Pac was discovered in 1970.

To pursue a systematic environment—fully planned, designed, and installed, the METHOD/1 structure was launched in 1979. With annual revenue of $250 Million, the Administrative Services got renamed as “Management Information Consulting Division.”

In 1994, Strategic Technology centers in Palo Alto, California, and Sophia Antipolis, France, opened, nowadays known as the Accenture Technology Labs. 

In 2000, Avanade, a joint venture, was launched by Accenture and Microsoft. Won many recognitions in 2002-05. With revenue of $50.5 Billion in 2022, the firm focuses on the metaverse continuum business group.

About Accenture Founder and Their Team 

Accenture was founded by Clarence DeLany in 1989. The executive leadership team averages 24 years of experience with the company. Following is the list of their board of directors and other team members.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

(Julie Sweet) 

Independent Lead Director

(Gilles C. Pélisson​)

Group Chief Executive – Strategy & Consulting

(Jack Azagury)

Lead – Diamond Client Leadership Council

(Arjun Bedi)

Advisor to the Chair & CEO

(Fabio Benasso)

Chief Transformation Officer, Business Enablement

(Richard Clark)

Lead – Delivery and Transformation, Operations

(Arundhati Chakraborty)

Group Chief Executive – Technology & Chief Technology Officer

(Paul Daugherty)

Lead – CFO & Enterprise Value

(Jason Dess)

CEO – North America

(Jimmy Etheredge)

Chief Strategy Officer

Bhaskar Ghosh

Lead – Office of the Chair & CEO

(Laura Gurski)

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

(Jill Kramer)

Lead – Accenture Cloud First

(Karthik Narain)

Group Chief Executive – Accenture Operations

(Yusuf Tayob)

Accenture Work Culture and Employees 

The company operates in 120+ countries, managed by 710,000 Accenture leaders globally.

Accenture’s multi-functional areas ensure innovation, ingenuity, and teamwork. A comfortable, welcoming, sustainable and productive work environment has been designed considering employees’ viewpoints.

Accenture has always aimed at converting an ordinary workplace into a dream destination where it’s more than just a 9-5 work abode. As a result, Accenture clients and visitors now gather here to consort, connect, engage, comprehend and create.

Accenture Revenue and Products 

In 2021, the company’s revenue was $50.53 billion. Now, Accenture anticipates a fourth-quarter revenue of $15.0 billion to $15.5 billion (the fiscal year 2022), with 20% to 24% growth in local currency.

Accenture provides 50+ Commercial software products,

2,000+ Clients live on Accenture software solutions and platforms (including Cloud solutions) that allow businesses to foster to their fullest as it’s needed to retain and enrich their competitive edge in today’s cutthroat competition.


  • Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP)
  • Comms & Media
  • Accenture Cloud for Consumer Goods
  • Accenture NewsPage for Consumer Goods
  • Public Service
  • Life Sciences – INTIENT
  • ai.Retail


  • Human Capital Management
  • Billing and payments
  • Customer Engagement
  • Future Talent Platform
  • Application Security
  • Digital platform organization

All Subsidiaries of Accenture Updated 2022

Below are the major subsidiaries of Accenture enlisted latest by 2022:

  • AFD Tech
  • Alfa Consulting.
  • Cloud MSP and IT consulting firm Sentia.
  • GreenFish
  • Solvera Solutions for ServiceNow, Microsoft, and SAP expertise.
  • The Stable for digital commerce expertise.
  • Silicon design services company XtremeEDA.
  •  Advocate Networks.
  •  Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH (ARZ)
  • Sustainability consultancy akzente.
  • Big data and analytics firm Ergo.
  • Sustainability consulting company Avieco.
  • Transcom ITS.

All Types Of Jobs Opportunities In Accenture

Who wouldn’t seek a career with Accenture? I mean everyone does, right? Especially after their graduation. The company itself looks for fresh talents across the globe—while working with advanced technologies, data, and AI to create 360° value for their clients, people, and communities.

To join them, visit their official website, find suitable job openings, follow the procedure, and voila, you’re done! Some of the major careers they offer are:


FAQs On Accenture

Is Accenture an MNC company?

Yes, Accenture is a multinational professional technology services company that provides IT and operational consulting services to clients in 200+ cities across 120 countries.

Is Accenture better than TCS?

If you’re looking for a good salary as a fresher, opt for Accenture, and if job security is your priority, TCS tops it. Overall, both are incredible.

Does Accenture give laptops?

Yes, employees do get laptops, but chances are higher when working from home or at a higher level.

Is food free in Accenture?

No, they do not serve free meals.

What is the dress code in Accenture?

Employees at Accenture do not really have any dress code, they can wear anything they desire, formal or casual.

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